Aonesy (15×15 Inch) 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

A few years ago, imprinting the design on your T-shirt was something that only industries used to do. Although now you have portable and powerful heat press machines that can work that for you yet you still have to look for the right machine that is efficient enough.

Finding a really good heat press machine is becoming harder and harder with each passing day. With the features, inventions, and updated models now it is no less than a “task” to seek out the one best brand that is worthy to rely on.

Also, a heat press that is liable to imprint on T-shirts and ceramics with the same energy is somewhat complex; however not impossible. Therefore we have done a deep search and sifted multiple heat press machines for you.

After testing dozens of heat press machines, we finally came up with this demanding heat press that looks solid and has shown the smoothest results for imprinting the design. So if you are planning to make your T-shirt visuals more appealing by imprinting a one-of-its-kind design and pattern on it that you have ever wanted!

What Makes Aonesy Heat Press Outstand Others?

If you want to instantly and uniquely make your clothing style noticeable, this machine by Aonesy would be the right choice. Its manufacturing style and the loaded with feature approach are one of the points that can grab anyone’s attention. But two of the very popular features that make it stand out from others are the LCD screen and the multi-functional performance.

The LCD control panel makes this machine the right choice for competing standards and you get instant notification for temperature in both Degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius which you can set.

Furthermore, it comes with a satisfying platen size that lets you work on multiple materials without any restrictions. You can imprint designs on t-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates, and other flat surfaced stuff that you want!

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Aonesy Heat Press Review

aonesy heat pressIf you are purchasing from a reliable brand name the guarantee of its material and build becomes ensured. Similarly, this Aonesy heat press has been tested for its performance and the brand values you’re buying. Aonesy always stood out for its user-friendly design and vigorous quality that backs up the longevity factor.

Talking about this Aonesy heat press machine it comes with the even heating and the proper pressure performance that imprint the design/graphics without overlooking any single corner.

It features a total of 15 x 15 sizing platen and that makes it a standard choice for making designs on fabric or ceramics with equal performance. Furthermore, its advanced quality feature and the digital time and temperature control feature are there.

The time ranges from 0 – 999 seconds whereas the temperature has been kept ranging from 200-400 degrees F; however, you can convert the temperature.

In the deep insight and the specification, this Aonesy heat press machine would consume a total power of 1400 Watt and a Voltage of 110 Voltage. As a whole, it weighs about 52.8lb and that is enough when you want a heavy-duty machine.

Also, it features the 5-in-1 functional design with the1 x fully-assembled machine with a platen press; 1 x Hat press 5.5″x 3″(Flat), 1 x Mug press 3″-3.5″ diameter(11oz); Plate Press 1: 5″ Max Diameter; Plate Press 2: 6″ Max Diameter and that surely makes it right specification to be kept in use.

Through its advanced design and the reliable Teflon coating, you further have it for all the right reasons. The Teflon coating heating plate is efficient enough to transfer colorful pictures and characters on many materials such as on glasses and textiles such as cotton, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, etc.


Swing-Away Design

One of its most interesting and ergonomic parts that adds to this heat press is the 360-degree swing-away design. It lets you easily move the upper platen and hence you get the imprinting design with hence easy and ergonomic highlights.

On its 15 x 15 imprinting area, the swing-away design is completely rotatable and it works with the exactness of the imprinting material. This Aonesy heating machine makes sure the heating elements are safe to move and keeps away the danger for sure.

Adjustable Pressure Knob

Adjustable knobs and features that let you set the functionality as per the material are all about the user’s ease. This heat press by Aonesy is readily reliable in that regard. Its pressure adjustable knob and thick silicone pad with sponge padding keep the pressure even and smooth. These features instantly make it an advanced quality heat press machine.

Dual-layer thermal insulation cotton

Heat press machines can never go wrong with their precise heating and pressure adjustment. Likewise, it should offer you the reliable and thick platen that endures the coming heat and pressure.

This heat press by Aonesy comes with the dual-layer thermal insulation cotton plus the non-stick surface is there. Through the silicon padding, you get fewer slipping incidents hence there are fewer chances that your design turns out a mess.



  • Easy to grip with handle
  • Timer and beeping alert function
  • Features 360-degree rotating swing-away design
  • Aluminum heat plate for industrial strength
  • It is digital and easy to read the time and temperature



  • The timer button needs improvement
  • The temperature may fluctuate at times
  •  No warranty comes along


Why Should You Buy Aonesy Heat Press?

With the user’s manual, you surely get its user-friendly usage even if you are new to a heat press machine. You can imprint multiple stuff and things such as -shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates, and other flat surfaced items.

Also, it works the best when it comes to imprinting things like photos, words on cotton, fiber, metal, ceramic, glass, and so on.

Buying this machine would be a sheer pleasure with quality output. To be honest, there are still many more features that this machine is offering you but for that, you need to buy and experience its performance in real-time!


This machine has no apparent con that would prevent you from purchasing it except the fact it can be a little heavy to move; however, that is not something that affects the performance.

All-inclusive, this heat press machine is reliable and is quite efficient enough to imprint design that visuals make your garments and cutlery more appealing and elastically demanding. We suggest its performance and certainly there are many more features that you need to explore.