BetterSub 12×15 Combo 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

bettersub heat press reviewsThe pain of spending your money on hefty heat-pressing machines for each type of substrate is something every crafter and hobbyist can relate to.

The real question here is why make yourself miserable and drain your bank account when you can get 5 different pressing functions in the gleaming body of the BetterSub Heat Press.

Along with offering a wide variety of presses, this heat pressing machine also has durability, convenience, and many other perks incorporated in its single body.

Here comes the best part, getting your hands on the benefits of this nifty machine will not punch a hole through your wallet.

From the information that I have gathered, this model is like a blessing in disguise for every user out there. After thorough research, I have added myself to its long list of admirers.

However, I know from experience that you will not be able to truly appreciate this masterpiece till you know it inside out. So, instead of wasting any more time, let’s discuss what the buzz is all about.


What Sets BetterSub Heat Press Apart?

The BetterSub Heat Press comes laden with many features that give it a nudge towards the higher ranks. The variety of presses included in the package is the first highlighting feature.

Moreover, the presence of the swing-away feature and the LCD control box that offers precise settings is another thing that makes it unique. I have saved the best for the last, the manufacturers have added 8 heating tubes into the design of this model, and that alone is enough to put this model in the category of the best.

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BetterSub Heat Press Review

bettersub heat pressThere are many manufacturers in the market, yet BetterSub has its own special spot. Their products are nothing short of a miracle, which is why they rule the market singlehandedly. The case of the BetterSub Heat Press is no different from its predecessors.

This heat pressing machine comes with a body that has been crafted to last a long time. It comes with the construction of the finest materials that give it a durable exterior as well as a neat finish.

This robust body houses many handy perks inside. The presence of a flat base at the bottom of this machine will keep the platens upright all the time. There will be no fear of the machine toppling over.

The 12 inches x 15 inches size of the platen is another great perk as this mid-range size can be used for many different projects.

Furthermore, the upper platen has been blessed with a generous coating of Teflon. It makes the platen resistant to scratches, and that is not even the best part.

It ensures that the garment, as well as the transfer sheet, never stick to the exposed surface of the top platen. The two layers of silicone and cotton stacked on top of the other at the bottom platen fill the body of this model with more benefits.

These two layers ensure the heat is even all across the lower surface, so the transfer is even. Moreover, with these two covering the entire lower surface, there will be no nightmare of the project getting stuck to the lower platen.

The long list of perks does not end here, there is still so much more to this nifty machine. It comes with the perk of a swing-away feature, and multiple heating tubes incorporated into its body.

The precision the LCD control box offers is truly unmatched. Not to mention, this machine has a 5 in 1 design, so in a single body, the user will be getting so much more. The addition of two handles on the platen makes it easier to move the upper platen out of the way. Moreover, the contoured design in the shape of fingers offers a better grip over the arm handle.


Comes With Multiple Presses

The abundance of pressing options this machine offers is truly unparalleled. It comes with a platen press, 1 mug press, a hat press, and two plate presses of different diameters. So, the user will be able to press everything from a shirt to a ceramic plate with this single model.


Swing-Away Design

This may seem like a small feature but wait till you hear about its many benefits. The swing-away feature of this model paves way for the upper platen to be moved a whole 360 degrees. So, when the user is adding or removing their project, they can move the heated platen away. This feature fills the machine with convenience, as well as safety.


Multiple Heating Tubes

The heating tubes of a heat press are without a doubt, the most critical feature of all. They are responsible for how swiftly the machine reaches its optimum level of heat and how high the temperature goes.

Lucky for you, this model comes with not a single or dual but 8 heating tubes. This single feature alone enhances the performance of the heat press tenfold.


Precise Settings With The LCD Box

The small box on the right side of the machine holds more power than one might think. It controls the entire operation of the heat press. This box contains an LCD screen with buttons which helps the user stay in command of the time and the temperature of their machine.

Moreover, the glaring red button on the side is the power button which is basically responsible for bringing the machine to life.



  • Swing-away design
  • 12 x 15 platen size
  • Teflon coating on platen
  • Dual insulation layer
  • Wide range of heating tubes
  • 5 in 1 design
  • Solid and sturdy base
  • Precise settings control


  • Pressure distribution is not even
  • Handle lacks comfort
  • No alarm indicator system


Why Do You Need To Buy BetterSub Heat Press?

The multitude of pressing options included in the package is the biggest incentive that can convince anyone to spend their money on this machine. When you add durability to the mix, along with an easy-to-use design, this model becomes an irresistible deal.

Everything from the swing-away feature and the insulation pads to the multiple heating tubes boosts the performance of the machine and makes it worth the bucks.


The BetterSub Heat Press is the type of model that you do not come across very often. The sturdiness of this machine is unmatched. Moreover, its design is full of perks that make its usage easier, and its performance more enhanced. Read the article above to find out more about this nifty machine.