Bosstop 9×9 Portable Heat Press Review – 2023 Updated

bosstop heat press reviewsAs a novice, the real pain is not struggling to finish a project with the newly purchased machine. But, the challenge starts the moment you decide to heat-press, which gives birth to the struggle of finding a suitable machine. In such scenes, a nifty model such as the Bosstop Heat Press is pretty ideal for beginners.

The abundance of models in the market is enough to make a first-time user feel flabbergasted. However, the simplicity of the Bosstop Heat Press will completely dissipate the overwhelming feeling.

It has such a sturdy body which comes loaded with nifty features, the top of the list is its easy-to-use design.

Along with that, this model also comes with many other amazing specifications incorporated in its highly lightweight body. To give the proper and deserving appreciation to this machine, you will need to take some time out and read its detailed review below.


What Makes Bosstop Heat Press Unique?

There are tons of features in the sturdy body of this heat press that is successful in putting it apart from its competition. The digital display for time and temperature control of the machine is at the top of the list.

Moreover, with the dual heating tubes, silicone mat, and Teflon sheet, the results of this masterpiece will always be spectacular. Not to mention, it comes with a highly lightweight body; therefore, the machine is easily portable.

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Bosstop Heat Press Review

bosstop heat pressThe name of O Bosstop will always be at the top of the list of the best manufacturers of heat pressing machines. Their keen attention to detail makes them one of the best. Therefore, when I heard about the Bosstop Heat Press, I had to check it out myself. Safe to say, I am pretty impressed with this machine.

It comes with a lightweight body which can be carried around with ease. A lightweight design does not entail that the manufacturing of this machine has any loopholes. It has been built with high-grade metal that gives the nifty features on the inside a robust exterior.

The 9 inches x 9 inches size of this machine is quite easy to handle. It can help the user transfer designs onto T-shirts, mousepads and other small surfaces. The machine comes with a couple of items, including a silicone mat, a Teflon sheet and a separate base.

The silicone mat makes it easier to use the machine anywhere, anytime. You do not need a special setup, simply lay down the mat and heat press to your heart’s content.

With the Teflon sheet, a protective layer is present between the heated platen and your project. Moreover, this model also comes at a highly affordable cost, so that is like a cherry on top.

The further addition of an alarm system in the body of this machine adds more stars to its design. This feature makes it possible to know when the time of the press is over; hence pushing the heat press further up the ladder of the best models.

In addition to that, this model also comes bearing an automatic power-off feature. Last but not least, the manufacturers have added a solid and thick handle at the top of the machine. The placement and the design of this grip handle further ease portability as well as the usage of the machine.


Sturdy Base

This amazing design heat press comes with a separate base. Let me shed some light on why this is a perk. The presence of the base makes it easier to operate the machine anywhere, as you will not be searching for a place to set it down.

After each press, you can tuck the heat press into the solid base and there will be no struggle of finding a safe spot for the heated platen. This perk also decreases the chances of coming in contact with the heated design of the platen.


Digital Time And Temperature Control

The ease that the Bosstop Heat Press is so famous for comes from the presence of the digital display present at the top of the machine. It includes a total of 6 push buttons, 3 on both sides of the screen.

They are labelled as temperature, timer and power on the left, plus, minus, and count down on the right. The screen shows the settings accurately, therefore, it becomes easier to operate the heat press.


Double Heating Tubes

This is a technical feature, which also happens to be one of the best perks of this model. With the double heating tube, it becomes possible for the platen to heat up more swiftly and evenly. This design of the heating tubes ensures that the whole 9×9 size of the platen is heated up evenly, and the temperature is same throughout.


Automatic Power-Off Feature

Another handy perk of this heat press is the presence of an automatic power-off feature. In case the machine is left idle for a longer duration, it will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of staying idle. So, it will keep the heat press safe and secure and ensure the user’s safety.



  • Highly portable design
  • Comes with base
  • Affordable cost
  • Includes silicone mat and Teflon sheet
  • Double heating tube
  • Highly light in weight
  • Digital time and temperature control
  • Alarm system
  • Automatic power off


  • Requires manual pressure
  • Suitable for smaller-scale projects only
  • Platen takes a bit longer to heat up


Why Should You Buy Bosstop Heat Press?

The highly lightweight yet sturdy design of this machine ensures portability as well as keeps this nifty model around for a longer period. Moreover, the entire operating design of this model is not complex in any way, hence making it easier for a novice to use this machine.

The presence of a silicone mat and Teflon sheet ensure that the user can work on any project in any place. Furthermore, the automatic power-off feature with the alarm system is the smallest detail that makes this machine more ideal for beginners.


Every beginner out there needs to check the Bosstop Heat Press. This model is one of the finest pieces of technology that I have laid my eyes on. It comes with a compact and lightweight body, but that does not hinder its functionality in any way. The article above will give you proper details about this heat press.