Can You Heat Press On Wood

A printed slab of wood hanging on the wall is catchy enough to make every onlooker pause and give it a second and longer glance. What if I tell you, you can easily heat press wood at home.

If you have got a heat press machine at home, then take it out, place your wood slabs between the two platens, and create alluring designs.

However, you just need to make sure that you are following the below-stated guidelines, as they ensure perfect results every time.

Can You Heat Press On Wood

Yes, you can heat press wooden slabs very easily, if you follow a couple of conditions keenly.

Selecting The Appropriate Temperature

When it comes to a heat press, the temperature of the machine is of the essence. As it uses high heat to transfer designs, you need to set the temperature level very carefully. Make sure you set the temperature between 310°F to 320°F. A lower temperature will fail to transfer the vinyl design and a higher temperature may scorch your entire project.

Setting The Right Time And Pressure

Similar to the temperature of the heat press, the time of each press for wood is also important. You need to make sure not to set the time for longer than 15 seconds. This timespan will make sure that the vinyl transfer sticks to the wood surface without damaging your project. Lastly, the pressure of the heat press is another critical detail that requires careful consideration. For other items, such as garments, the pressure may not hold as much importance as it does for wood. For wood, you need to do a couple of test batches before the final project to fix and adjust the pressure.

Selecting The Right Sized Wood

Even though the length and width of the wooden slab are not of any importance, its thickness is really important. If you place a thick wooden slab between the two platens of the heat press, it will not allow the machine to shut properly. If the top platen is not shut, then the heat press will not transfer the design. Therefore, if you want to get amazing results, it is of utmost importance that you place a thin slab of wood in the heat press.

Cold Peel

Vinyl on wood is a cold peel, unlike many types of garments. A cold peel means peeling the carrier sheet of the vinyl transfer after it has cooled down. Many surfaces do not require being cooled down before peeling the carrier sheet. But that is not the case for wood. It needs to cool down perfectly before you peel off the transfer sheet from the vinyl. Peeling the sheet immediately may result in the vinyl transfer also lifting from the surface of the wood. Therefore, let your project sit for a few minutes, then start peeling carefully.

Protective Sheet

This goes without saying that a protective sheet is very important. You can not place anything in the heta press, without covering it with a layer of any protective sheet. The same goes for wood too. After placing the transfer design on the wood, make sure to cover it with a sheet of parchment paper, or Teflon to keep your project safe from burn marks.


As fun as heat pressing wood is, if you are not being too careful, the end result may be charred. Follow the guidelines that I have shared above to get stunning results every time you place wood slabs in your heat press.