Can You Heat Press Permanent Vinyl

Can You Heat Press Permanent VinylAs a printing business owner, you have to keep presenting a variety of imprinting ideas every often but it has its own limitations.

And we have the exact new imprinting idea for you;

The permanent vinyl! But can you heat press permanent vinyl to turn it into a business stream?

Of course, you certainly can!

This got the best result when used on the prime and compatible objects to which the permanent vinyl was created for ensuring lasting results.

The permanent vinyl is common around, none can deny they might have not seen it in real life but that is part of everyday life.

They have been extensively used on the commercial level.

What is Permanent Vinyl Made of?

Permanent vinyl is the business-savior solution. If you offer heat pressing the permanent vinyl,

This may literally get you busy fulfilling large batches of orders and may result in winning a long-term contract.

It is commonly made with ORACAL 651 (alternatively named permanent vinyl for easy sounding) backed by the permanent adhesive and the mix to stick on the various surfaces to go as the permanent use.

What is Permanent Vinyl Used for?

They go in the form of stickers, logos, and signs to stick onto jars, car windows, bumpers, water bottles, computer cases, and outdoor applications made of wood, glass, plastic, and metal.

Make sure the surface is evenly flat to put the permanent vinyl over for a great outcome.

How Long the Permanent Vinyl Lasts?

Up to 8 years which is more than enough to last for anything to live this far because of its heat-resistant build.

Benefits of Using Permanent Vinyl

  • They are water-resistant as well as UV-resistant; you can produce a banner to hang it into direct sunlight
  • Does not wash off making it capable to withstand dishwashing and wash by hand
  • Used at the commercial level due to its permanent sticking i.e. on the jars as food labels and more
  • Best for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Withstands moisture and the humidity
  • Durable construction, would not tear off easily
  • The write up would not fade any time soon

Can You Heat Press Permanent Vinyl?

That is a yes! — heat pressing the permanent vinyl on wood, ceramic, or metal objects is simple to heat press.

But the notable factor here is, this takes a larger duration to actually let the vinyl sit on the objects.

And then giving it extra time to let the glue cool down.

It is not like you just take it off from the heat press machine and start using the object the next moment.

Doing the permanent vinyl on mugs and steel; wait for 48 to 72 hours to allow the vinyl to stick on.

On the wood, wait for up to 24 to 48 hours.

So, do not rush to use the objects right away.

Permanent Vinyl is Hard to Come Off

Due to the adhesive glue and the nature of objects, the permanent vinyl will never come off that easily without tearing and leaving the residue.

You might have already experienced peeling the water/soda bottles, the stickers would tear apart and would not come off in the entirety.

So, there is no chance you can re-use permanent vinyl after it was stuck on.


There is no clueless situation if can you heat press permanent vinyl?

That comes with a yes!

Heat pressing the permanent vinyl makes the result rather upgraded.

If it goes to a glass jar containing the liquid or solid items,

Designing a sticker using a permanent vinyl would not come off that easily by rubbing and scratching the jars together.

So, that one-time wise investment leaves the sticker glued onto the objects for years.

And that lasting factor will save you a lot in terms of packaging and repackaging.

If anyone advises you to use any other way other than permanent vinyl, do not fall for it, please.

Use it and experience the difference to actually fall in love with it!