Can You Heat Press Plastic Cups

Can You Heat Press Plastic CupsThere are multiple plastic cups and other items in the market that have heat-pressed designs, which arises the million-dollar question of whether you can heat-press plastic cups?

The answer to the question ‘can you heat press plastic cups’ is not a simply yes or no. There are a couple of factors that affect the performance and the results of a heat-press on a plastic cup.

The type of stickers used for heat press, and the type of plastic which is used in the making of the cups are a few examples of what determines whether a person can heat-press their plastic cups or not. The answer to this million-dollar question has been stated in detail in this article.

Can You Heat Press Plastic Cups

Yes, you can heat-press plastic cups, but only under specific circumstances that have been discussed in detail below.

Type Of Plastic Cups

There are different types of plastic cups present in the market, each manufactured from a different type of plastic. The variety of plastic used in the making of cups decides whether you can heat-press them or not. If you are using plastic cups that have been manufactured from high-quality materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, or acrylic, then the cups will be heat-pressed with ease.

On the other hand, if you use a plastic cup that has a flimsy construction, then you will only be disappointed. Low-quality plastic cups will be completely melted under high heat and pressure, hence they will succumb to death.


Type Of Stickers

The type of stickers used in the heat press also influences the question of whether you can heat-press plastic cups or not. There are two most commonly used types of heat-press stickers. The first is HTV or heat transfer vinyl stickers, and the second is decal stickers.

Vinyl stickers can not be used to transfer designs on plastic cups. Vinyl stickers require a really high temperature, in order to be heat-pressed. The high temperature causes damage to the plastic cups and causes them to melt. Only the strongest of plastic such as acrylic can endure the high temperature required for vinyl stickers.

The decals stickers are the second type of heat-press stickers, and they can be transferred to plastic cups. Heat press decals do not require as high heat as a heat trasnfer vinyl sticker, therefore, for plastic cups, decals are the smart choice.

Heat-Resistant Coating

As you will be using high heat to transfer a design on a plastic cup, it goes without saying that you need to use a cup that does not come with a heat-resistant coating. If you pop in a plastic cup that has a heat-proof coating, then the result of the heat press will only be disappointing for you.


It is critical to know whether can you heat press plastic cups or not before you start working on a bulk of plastic cups. Every factor that influences the result of a heat press on plastic cups has been listed in the article above.