Can You Heat Press Polyester

Can You Heat Press PolyesterWe know how complicated it is to deal with polyester, you have to be extra cautious after washing it and soaking it.

But this is not our primary concern but really can you heat press polyester using the heat press machine? Yes, it is entirely possible.

It is not just about heat pressing 100 percent polyester but the blends can go heat press as well without an issue.

Yes, that is purely a challenge to heat press the pure polyester and its blends and we totally understand it.

To its detail, polyester is forever heat-prone stuff and there is no doubt that melt is the biggest culprit  after you release more heat (beyond the threshold.)

So whatever you are imprinting on the polyester, you cannot release high temperature to emboss the design.

Be ready to get to know if you can really heat press polyester and what factors you should adhere to.

Can You Heat Press Polyester?

Goodly speaking, there is no task in the world going with ‘impossible’.

While everything is quite possible but they do demand certain cautions. Certain specifications to meet while performing the tasks.

So that same goes with heat pressing polyester.

We will tell you exactly what involves to better heat press the polyester.

What does Polyester Make?

Polyester is just a material name but what it makes is not all known.

Polyester is the prime material that heavily contributes to making the t-shirts, yes, the daily wearable t-shirts.

The t-shirts are made with polyester or poly-blends (poly-cotton, CVC, or tri-blend), so any percent of polyester is heat-prone.

Constantly stating the fact polyester is heat-prone, we do not mean to frighten you at all. 🙂

The Right Temperature and Press Time for Polyester and Its Blends

Now we come to land over the right avenue where it determines the readings, data, and facts to comfortably heat press polyester.

Let us first dig up the temperature and press time part for the polyester and its blends:

Fabric Type
Heat Temperature
Press Time
Pure Polyester (100 percent)
Around 10 seconds
Up to 10 seconds
7 to 10 seconds

Will Polyester Melt in the Heat Press?

Polyester is heat-prone (see, we stated the same again!)

And that is the reason, polyester can melt during the heat press process.

So, anything going beyond the specified numbers, both in heat temperature and press time can certainly get it to melt damaging the fabric.

The real game is only and only the temperature plus the press time, and that’s it.

How to Heat Press Polyester

Heat pressing polyester is no different (other than catering for the temperature and press time) since it is too sensitive to heat.

But heat pressing the polyester is a little tricky for the reason we already know and to prevent it from getting melted.

So, we offer to detail out how to heat press polyester effectively and minimize the chances of damages.

Be mindful of the fact, it takes layers over layers of the protective sheets and fabrics to preserve the polyester to get burnt.

  • Lay the fabric facing up to the heat platen’s surface
  • Now, place the Teflon sheet over the fabric
  • Take a silicone sheet and lay it over the Teflon sheet
  • Now it takes the vinyl design to sit over the silicone sheet
  • And then cover the design with another silicone sheet
  • On the last and final step, turn on the machine and set the settings

Be it polyester or its blends, the heat press process is going to be ‘almost’ the same.

The normal heat press machine can certainly be used to heat press polyester but it comes with a lot of caution which we can easily resolve by laying over the protective layers on top.


With all the issues and problems that polyester could bring, it does not mean to leave you unanswerable if can you heat press polyester?

It is the game of temperature and pressure collectively.

This whole guide covers you with good details so that you never say no to the polyester fabric when you land the order.

It is all about playing with diversity. Your heat press machine is not limited but your experiences may cause it to happen.

Learn imprinting polyester and see your business quadrupling.