CO-Z CREWORKS 12×10 5 in 1 Heat Press Review 2023

CO-Z Heat Press ReviewsEvery crafter will relate to the fact that getting orders involving multiple substrates is a nightmare, especially when you only have the budget for a single type of machine.

Instead of going beyond the boundaries of your budget and buying 5 different machines, simply get the CO-Z Heat Press. This is a one in all kind of machine that will not punch a hole through your wallet.

The 5-in-1 design of this model gives users access to multiple types of presses. The best part is that the wide array of presses is only the beginning of its long list of perks.

From a sleek body that can dumbfound users in a microsecond, to all the handy features inside that body, this model reeks of high quality.

The amazing design of this model builds the enthusiasm of any hobbyist or crafter, which is also how I learnt about it.

After spending longer than needed inspecting this machine, I can confirm that this model is worthy of all the hype. The article below contains everything that stood out to me during observation.


What Makes CO-Z Heat Press Different?

This heat press comes with 5 types of presses present in a single package, and that is the highlighting feature that puts this model in the limelight. Moreover, the blend of the swing-away feature along with the slide rail design is a few other perks that are not commonly found in the competition. With the addition of dual layers of insulation in the design, this model becomes even more appealing and unique as compared to others.

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CO-Z Heat Press Review

CO-Z Heat PressCreworks always ensure to provide their users with products that meet their expectations. The manufacturing team have not been disappointed with the design of the CO-Z Heat Press either. This heat pressing machine is laden with perks that every crafter dreams about.

From the make of this model to the abundance of nifty perks in its design, everything is up to the mark. The metal used in its construction gives the machine a sturdy body. Although some parts come with plastic construction, the overall design is pretty solid.

Furthermore, this model comes with a flat base, which is my favorite feature. Instead of adding small feet that can move or slip easily, the manufacturers have added wider feet at the base that keep the machine standing upright.

Another thing that pushes this model into the good books of every crafter on the block is the addition of a digital control box at the top. With this small box, the users will never have any issue controlling this machine. It allows them to easily tinker with the time and the temperature of each press.

There are separate screens for time and temperature with their labels written right next to them. The time range is 0 to 999 seconds, while the temperature range is up to a whopping 480°F. A higher temperature range opens the door to more pressing options.

Considering the fact that it comes with 5 different presses, the wide temperature range shows how keenly the manufacturers have designed this model.

In addition to that, this model also comes with a thick knob right at the top of the machine. This ergonomic knob helps in lowering and increasing the pressure of every press. When you combine that with the rubber-coated arm handle, high comfort enters the picture.

Honestly, every feature of this model is quite impressive. Take the swing-away design of the upper platen. When the users need to access the bottom platen, they can easily move the upper platen out of the way by ‘swinging it away’.

To make things more interesting the manufacturers have added an alarm system to the design that starts ringing the moment the pre-set time is up.


Insulated Base

The two layers of pads present on the bottom platen can be noticed from a single glance, due to their patterned and color design. However, they play a role more important than mere looks.

These two layers bring better insulation properties to the bottom platen of this heat press. It will heat up more evenly from even the corners. Therefore, no matter how big your transfer design is, it will get pressed in a single go without any hassle.


Slide-Rail Design

The slide-rail present on the feet may seem like a common feature, but the reality is far from it. Heat presses normally come with nuts and bolts keeping the platens in their places.

With the presence of this unique slide-rail feature, it becomes easier for the users to remove the platen press, and add any other type of press of their liking very easily. The best part is that the slide-rail comes with alloy construction, so it will not succumb to an untimely death after a couple of uses.


Comes With Multiple Presses

Everyone who has heard about the CO-Z Heat Press knows about the 5 types of presses that accompany the main body of the heat press. Along with a basic platen press, it includes a mug press, a cap press, and two plate presses. These options will help the buyer in pressing any type of transfer design to any substrate of their liking.



  • Swing-away feature
  • Flat and solid base
  • Slide-rail design
  • Multifunctional 5 in 1 design
  • Rubber coating on the handle
  • Two layers of insulation
  • Ergonomic pressure knob
  • Digital board for settings control
  • Alarm system


  • Platen size limits its usage
  • Some parts have a plastic construction
  • Has a slight odor


Why Should You Invest In CO-Z Heat Press?

The presence of all the nifty features inside the compact body can convince any crafter to spend their bucks on this heat press. One of the major incentives is the presence of multiple presses in one package.

Moreover, with the digital control board, and the pressure knob, this model becomes so easy to maneuver. The swing-away design of the upper platen and the slide-rail feature of the lower platen are some other perks that make this model worth the money.


The CO-Z Heat Press is truly worth all the praises it receives. After checking out the model myself, I can safely say that everything that I have heard about this model is true. It has a solid design which comes carrying so much ease. Whether you are a professional-level user or a novice, you need to check this machine out.