Cricut 12×10 EasyPress 2 Heat Press Review (2023) – Expert Opinion

cricut heat press reviewsWanting to work on your projects in different places is a comfort that gets crushed by the hefty size and weight of the heat press. Moving such a bulky machine is nothing short of a nightmare. However, this entire ordeal can be ended with the Cricut Heat Press.

For me, this heat press is like a blessing in disguise. It has a design which is feathery light compared to its competition. Even with such a lightweight body, the performance of this heat press is no less than any other model.

It is a craft of careful consideration and keen attention to detail. The nifty feature present in the lightweight body of this model will make sure you never go back to that heavy-duty machine. Let’s dive right into the details of this amazing heat press without any further delay.

What Makes Cricut Heat Press Unique?

The gleaming LED present right at the top of the machine is the first key feature that has placed it apart from the rest. Moreover, the presence of automatic shut off is also a highlighting feature of this model that has earned it its reputation.

The ceramic coating on the plate also plays a vital role in setting this heat press in the limelight. Last but not least, the highly portable design also makes it unique and quite appealing.

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Cricut Heat Press Review

cricut heat pressWhen it comes to heat press, the name of Cricut has its own fanbase. These fans do not appear out of thin air. This fan following has been built with the amazing feature their products provide, like the Cricut Heat Press.

This is an EasyPress machine, and the name perfectly defines the product. It makes the hefty task of heat transfer seem like a child’s play.

The manufacturers have made the design of the machine quite lightweight. This helps in moving it around and adds portability to its long list of perks.

Furthermore, the size of the platen is 12×10. This size is large enough to let you heat press a vivid design on your T-shirt or a corner of your blanket.

The list of items that can be tucked under this heat press is quite long, so do not worry about that. Moreover, the heat press arrives with a thick handle in the centre.

This makes the task of holding the hot machine easier and safer. So, no more accidentally scorching your hands. The best part is that this heat press does not need any external pressure. Simply place it on the garment and watch the heat press weave its magic.

Moreover, this model also has an LED screen right at the top, which shows the time and the temperature of the press. When you combine a digital control system with ceramic coated plates, the task not only becomes convenient, but it always delivers the best results.

Speaking of best, a base for the heat press is also present in the package. Therefore, you will not have to place the heated machine directly on any surface. Another great perk of this model is that it works on every type of HTV, so the stress of searching for a specific type of transfer is also relieved.

LED Screen

The LED screen present at the front of the heat press is the highlighting feature, as well as the best feature of this machine. It has a small screen in the centre with buttons on both sides encasing it. The ones on the right side include a plus and a minus button for increasing and decreasing.

On the left side, we have the temperature at the top and time at the bottom. A simple press of these buttons will do the magic, and the settings will be altered. The temperature setting goes up to 400°F. So, feel free to place any of your pending projects under this heat press.

Ceramic Coated Plate

Another great feature of this model that deserves to be discussed separately is the ceramic coating occupying the top surface of the plate.

The ceramic coat brings hydrophobic quality, resistance to chemical stains and many other perks to the machine. Moreover, it also greatly boosts the lifespan of the plate. Therefore, the heat press will be around for a longer period of time.

Highly Portable Design

This may not seem like a key feature, but every professional crafter is aware of its importance of this feature. The portability of this model is definitely a perk as it allows the users to carry the heat press around easily.

They do not need any assistance or help from a second person. Simply lift the light machine and move it from one place to another.

Auto-Shut Off

The manufacturers have laden this model with an automatic power-off feature. This has to be one of the best additions to its lightweight body. The moment the heat press gets overheated, it turns off automatically.

This eliminates the looming danger of heat press catching fire that often comes with overheating machines. Moreover, the user also stays safe.



  • A sturdy and thick handle
  • Evenly heated plate
  • 12×10 plate
  • Suitable for every type of HTV
  • Does not require external pressure
  • Comes with a base


  • Shorter power cable
  • Plastic construction

Why Should You Invest In Cricut Heat Press

Every professional-grade crafter who needs a nifty portable machine needs to get their hands on this model. Moreover, it’s easy to use design makes it ideal for beginners as well. The LED screen has made the tedious task of adjusting the settings a piece of cake.

Furthermore, with the ceramic coating, and the automatic power-off feature, the machine will be on your work table for a longer period, which makes it worth the bucks.


The Cricut Heat Press is one of the best purchases for people who need a high-quality machine that is simplistic in nature. This model has everything that the user may need, from prolonged life to stunning results.

Moreover, the plate size is also ideal for different sizes of projects. So, read the article above, and get your hands on this amazing creation.