Fancierstudio 15×15 Digital Rhinestone Heat Press Review 2023

Fancierstudio 15x15 Heat Press ReviewsPicking up multiple-sized projects of heat pressing, only to find out that the machine only supports a single size is a disappointment that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. This dilemma and misfortune can be avoided if you get yourself a nifty machine that comes with wider platens, such as the Fancierstudio 15×15 Heat Press.

The 15 inches x 15 inches platen size is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other nifty features packed in the sleek body of this heat press. As the name of the brand indicates, this model is highly fancy. Being the epitome of high quality and convenient usage, you will not find anything ordinary in the body of this model.

To pay a proper tribute to the amazing design of this model, you first need to know this model inside out. Only then will you be able to operate it with convenience too. Lucky for you, I have scribbled my personal experience with this machine in detail in the article below, so you do not have to hope from one site to another.


What Sets Fancierstudio 15×15 Heat Press In The Limelight?

The high-quality materials used in the construction process are the first thing that sets this model apart from the rest of the competition. The features present in the sturdy body further push it into the limelight.

The wider temperature range of this heat press along with the larger platen size makes it worth the money. Moreover, the digital control panel is another handy feature which every crafter will be grateful for.

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Fancierstudio 15×15 Heat Press Review

Fancierstudio 15x15 Heat PressFancierstudio has been in the market for quite a long time. They have managed to stay at the top of the competition by providing their users with precisely what they require. The same can be said about the Fancierstudio 15×15 Heat Press.

This heat press is one of their best creations for a reason. This model comes with a sleek body that has been manufactured with the finest and strongest materials. The manufacturers have utilized none other than a blend of aluminium and steel in the making of this model.

Along with being highly sleek, this model also has a smaller footprint. So, it will not occupy the entire work table with its gigantic body. The smaller size also means that the user can move the machine around with ease.


Moreover, the inside of this heat press is just as impressive as its gleaming exterior. It comes with platens that are 15 inches x 15 inches in size. This wide size gives users more room, so they can easily work on projects of different sizes.

At the top of the upper platen is a thick rod that has a handle at its outer end. This handle is responsible for opening and shutting the top platen; therefore, the manufacturers have added a layer of rubber coating on it. Hence, not only will it be more comfortable to hold, but the presence of rubber also eliminates slipping from the equation.


At the end of the handle arm, there is a thick knob with a curved design. This knob has been added to the heat press to give users the freedom to adjust the pressure of each press. With the contoured design, the user will have a firmer grip over the knob.

The addition of a digital control panel in the mixture makes this machine even more appealing to crafters. It contains two screens, with two separate groups of buttons. One is for the time of the press, while the other is for temperature. To further enhance the ease of users, each lane of buttons comes with its setting written right next to it.


Wide Temperature Range

This may seem like a minor detail, but the wide temperature range of this heat press is anything but minor. Normally this type of machine does not exceed the limit of 500°F. However, that is not the case with this model. Its temperature range starts from 0°F and goes as high as a whopping 699°F. Therefore, the owner of the machine will be able to use it for projects that require a higher level of heat.


Larger Platen Size

The 15 inches x 15 inches size of the platens of this heat press is definitely one of its highlighting features. This size range makes it possible for the users to work on a wide range of projects. Whether it is a small towel or a blanket, they can tuck anything between the two platens of this heat press.


Insulation Pad and Coated Top Platen

The presence of a thick layer of silicone pad on the bottom platen is definitely one of the best features this machine comes with. This perk makes sure that the heat is spread evenly from one corner to the other.

Therefore, the results of each press will be more even and stunning. The cherry on top is the presence of a coating of protective layer on the upper platen. It ensures the safety of the project, so no more burnt transfers.



  • Adjustable pressure
  • 0-699° Fahrenheit
  • Digital control system
  • Steel and aluminium construction
  • 15×15 size
  • Silicone pad for insulation
  • Coated top platen
  • Smaller footprint


  • No automatic power-off feature
  • The top platen lacks the swing-away feature


Why Do You Need To Get Fancierstudio 15×15 Heat Press?

The wide range of temperatures is the first reason why a crafter needs this model on their table. Moreover, the size of the platen is another incentive which will make this model one of the best investments.

With the digital control panel and the pressure adjustment knob, altering the settings of the machine will never become a hassle. Lastly, the presence of a silicone insulation pad is a minor detail that really affects the performance of this nifty machine.


The Fancierstudio 15×15 Heat Press is one of the few machines that left quite an impression on me. The amazing features present in the solid and sleek body of this heat press make it worth every penny spent on it. Therefore, to experience the luxury of a stunning press, get your hands on this model asap.