Feilian 12 x 10 Portable Heat Press Review in 2023

feilian heat press reviewsAs amazing as the hefty heat pressing machines are, moving them around is a tediousness that can give even brawny users a headache.

The real question is, why to put yourself through all of that trouble when you can get your hands on the amazing Feilian Heat Press that is as portable as they come.

Portability is not the only perk of this awesome piece of machinery. The lightweight yet robust body comes loaded with a wide array of amazing features that are bound to make any crafter fall in love with it.  For starters, the digital display screen is one of the many benefits it carries.

To find out more about what this model contains and how it operates, give a thorough read to the article below. Take a seat back because you are in for some shocking surprises.

What Makes Feilian Heat Press Different?

The portability of this heat press is the first factor that sets it apart from its competition. Along with this, it comes with a thermal insulation base which adds extra stars along with safety to its design.

Moreover, this model also comes bearing a digital control system, and a sturdy platen constructed from aluminium and coated with ceramic. All of these are enough to give it a spot on the top shelf.

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Feilian Heat Press Review

feilian heat press When the name Fierton is mentioned, one can safely assume that higher-quality products are being introduced. To call the Feilian Heat Press one of the best investments for the crafters of every level will be no lie.

This model bears what others lack i.e., amazing performance packed in a small design. This heat press comes with a 12 inches x 10 inches wide platen which is constructed from aluminium.

The platen is durable enough to withstand years of usage. Another feature that plays a part in its longevity is the addition of a ceramic coating on the aluminium.

In addition to that, it comes with a curved handle at the top of its design which is used for easily lifting the machine and carrying it. The addition of a base plate in the package is a thoughtful gesture.

It makes sure that during a transfer, you do not have to place your heated machine directly on any surface. A great perk of this model is that it does not require manual pressure.

The users do not need to exert any pressure, as the machine will transfer design perfectly even without external pressure.

The manufacturers have also added a digital control panel to its top that helps in adjusting the settings of the machine. Moreover, a nifty feature of this model is the presence of the automatic shut-off feature.

It makes it possible for the machine to automatically turn off when it gets overheated. This is quite an amazing addition as it ensures the safety of the machine as well as the users. I have saved the best for the last.

This machine also comes with an automatic vibration system that indicates to the users when the time of a press is over.


Thermal Insulation Base

This is a very unique feature, which is why it is also a key feature. The manufacturers have included a sturdy and thick base in the package along with the heat press. This base provides users with a surface to put their heated machine on, while they are working.

Here comes the best part, this base comes with a hollow design which allows better dissipation of heat. Therefore, the owner of the heat press can work in peace without accidentally burning the house down.

Ceramic Coated Surface

To ensure the safety of this nifty piece of technology, the manufacturers have added a protective layer of ceramic to the platen. This coating adds water-repelling quality to the platen.

Along with this, it also brings ease of cleaning to the long list of perks of this model. Last but not the least, this coating also keeps the platen safe and secure from chemicals. Therefore, the user will be able to make the most of their investment.


Dual Types Of Transfers

There are many models that are only suitable for a single type of transfer, but not the Feilian Heat Press. This machine can handle heat transfer vinyl just as easily as sublimation transfers. This seems like a small deal, but it elaborates the options of the users. It allows them to work on a wide number of projects, instead of limiting them to a handful of presses that involve a single type of transfer.

Digital Control System

At the top of the heat press, is a small screen, with buttons on both sides. This small screen is responsible for controlling the machine. It helps in adjusting the time and the temperature of the heat press, as well as turning it on.

There are a total of six buttons, three on each side. It includes time, temperature, power and a couple of other buttons. Not only can the owner of the heat press adjust the time and the temperature, but they can also shift between the two units of temperature.



  • Hands-free operation
  • Automatic vibration feature
  • Aluminium heating plate
  • Digital control
  • Ceramic coated surface
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Sublimation paper and HTV


  • No temperature guide included
  • Not for larger projects


Why Do You Need To Buy Feilian Heat Press?

The lightweight and easily portable design of this heat press are one of the many reasons why every crafter, especially beginner-level ones needs this model. Along with easy portability, it also offers safety, thanks to the presence of a thermal insulation base and an automatic shut-off feature.

In addition to that, this model also comes bearing an automatic vibration system, which is quite a nifty inclusion. Throw the digital control box in the mix, and you have got yourself an amazing machine that will always have your back.


Calling the Feilian Heat Press the best portable heat press to ever exist would only be fair. This model has everything from solid construction to an easy-to-use design. To find out more, you will need to carefully read the article above.