Fierton 12″×10″ Portable Heat Press Review in 2023

Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but too many men are needed to move a common hefty heat pressing machine. The nightmare can be ended simply if you get a nifty machine which does not make portability a dreadful act. The Fierton Heat Press is a great example of that.

The blend of elegance with simplicity is one of the many things about this machine that lures buyers closer to it. Moreover, the wide array of benefits and nifty features present in a compact body makes this one-of-a-kind machine worth a try.

The perks of this model are way too many and wrapping them up in a couple of words and lines is quite unjust. Therefore, I have compiled every morsel of information that I have gathered and shared it in the article below. So, it will be easier for you to know everything about this machine in a single spot.

What Makes Fierton Heat Press Unique?

There are multiple things about this model that make it different, but the top of the list is the compact body that can be carried anywhere with ease. Moreover, this model also comes with an insulated base, which is a quite rare but welcome sight.

The further addition of a digital control board on the top of the machine, along with the presence of different accessories in the package is a handful of the perks that make this model a worthy purchase.

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Fierton Heat Press Review

fierton heat pressThe name Fierton is a trustworthy one as it is only linked to the best models in the market. The heat presses they design and create are straight out of every user’s dreams. The Fierton Heat Press lives up to the reputation and the name of the brand.

This heat pressing machine comes with a compact body that is laced with a multitude of perks. The first perk is that since this machine is light in terms of weight, it can be moved around very easily.

Portability will never become a nuisance with this model. Moreover, the compact body comes with an insulated base, so that it can be used literally anywhere.

The heating plate comes with aluminium construction, which is a perk on its own. A feature of this model that really intrigued me is that this model can be used in two ways. The user can utilize it as a heat pressing machine, as well as an ironing machine.

The dual uses make sure that you get your money’s worth. Speaking of which, this model comes at quite a reasonable cost, so no need to drain your bank account for the sake of your hobbies.

The 12 inches x 10 inches size of the plate makes sure that the machine can be used for a variety of medium-sized items including garments, puzzles mouse pads etc.

The curved handle present right at the top of the machine makes it easier to hold it comfortably and place it on the project. Another key feature is that this machine does not need any external pressure. Simply place it over the project and you can sit back and wait for the heat press to weave its magic.

The digital control board will help in setting the precise time and temperature for each press. That is not all, even outside its body, there are other perks present in the package. It comes with a couple of accessories that make heat pressing easier.

Lastly, the manufacturers have designed this nifty machine in several colors. So, feel free to pick one that fits the aesthetic of your craft room.


Solid Heat-Resistant Construction

The construction of this heat press comprises different materials. The list includes metal, aluminium, and plastic. The heating plate is constructed from aluminium which makes it highly durable and robust. To top it off, the manufacturers have also added ceramic coating to it.

This detail further improves its performance as well as elongates the lifespan. The best part is that the entire design of this heat press is heat-resistant, so even if you press at higher temperatures for a longer period, your precious machine will not suffer.


Insulated Base

The addition of an insulated base in the package does not seem like a big deal, till you need to put the heated machine down, and there is no suitable surface. This insulated base, not only provides a safe place for the heated machine but also brings safety to the usage of this model.


Digital Control Board

The widescreen at the top of the machine with buttons on each side controls the functions of this heat press. It allows the users to set their desired time and temperature with just a tap of a button. The temperature range starts from 0°F and goes as high as 450°F, while the timer offers a maximum of 999 seconds.


Comes With Accessories

The handy features and construction of this heat press are not the only perks. This model also comes with a silicone mat and transfer sheet included in the package. The silicone mat will guarantee stunning results each time, while the transfer sheets will bring protection to your presses.



  • Comes with a base
  • Digital control panel
  • Includes silicone mat and transfer sheets
  • Aluminium heating plate
  • Dual usage
  • Reasonable price range
  • No manual pressure needed
  • Heat resistant construction
  • Highly portable


  • Some parts come with plastic construction
  • Not for larger-scale projects
  • Lacks an alarm system


Why Should You Invest In Fierton Heat Press?

This heat pressing machine is the ideal model for a hobbyist or a beginner. It comes with a compact and highly portable body, so users will not suffer every time they need to move the machine.

The digital control board along with the insulated base bring safety and convenience to the list of perks. Moreover, this machine also works without needing any manual pressure. So, at such a reasonable cost, this is quite an amazing deal.


Purchasing the Fierton Heat Press will be the best decision for any beginner and entry-level user. This model has been designed to offer maximum ease and convenience to its owner, so getting flawless results each time will be a piece of cake. There is a lot more this model offers, but you will only know all of that if you give the article above a careful read.