Heat Press vs Iron

Heat Press vs IronWhen heat press machines were not invented, there was still a workaround that worked like a charm (and still works!)

Thanks to the advancement in technology, machines have replaced most of the traditional means of doing common tasks.

Although most would end up picking the heat press over iron because of this reason,

Modern problems require modern solutions.

But still, there are way too many differences between heat press vs iron as to what they are capable of doing, and whatnot.

Heat Press Vs Iron: What does What?

We first need to know what both are capable of doing with unveiling their level of strength.

What Iron can Do?

The iron is always handy and, of course, is an essential part of almost all households.

Considered to be the only viable heat press device back in the time when there was almost nothing available.

So, iron is indeed capable to perform various heat press tasks like;

What Issue Can You Face with Iron?

Not one but there are many.

Limited Space

You cannot cover the larger design to imprint because iron is already limited in space.

Cannot Measure the Temperature

The irons do trip on reaching a certain level of temperature, but what exactly is it in the numbers? We do not know.

So, that makes it definitely hard to measure the temperature.

Generally, the irons easily catch up to 400F which is extremely high for any transfers to bear the heat.

Since there is no digital meter or manual system that tells about the specified temperature;

This is just the guesswork that will not perform the proper imprinting.

For example, you have the transfer paper that needs a 340F temperature,

But the iron has no functionality to determine if it has reached 340F in pre-heat.

So, it is either 330F or 360F but not exactly the required 340F because of having no specific system installed on the iron.

No Timer

See, you cannot set in the timing for the pressure on iron.

We meant you just preheat the iron, slide it out, and keep it over the fabric to go with the imprint.

But no timing means you have to guess the press time by counting the numbers but we cannot guarantee how the outcome would be.

Still if needed more heat and press time, you then have to repeat the same procedure —

Preheat the iron, and then press it over the transfer with no definite time.

No Business

Sorry for that but if you happen to do the heat press business using an iron; no way, it is not gonna happen for sure.

There are just issues using the iron as the device for heat press.

And, that is not an ethical business practice to start with irons.

Believe us, you would not see any business coming towards you.

If anyone comes in by chance and they then come to know that irons are the only ones to use for heat press, see them pulling out instantly.

Scorchy Bottom

We just use any other temperature setting over any available fabric,

So that is the biggest reason for burning and scoring the garments easily with the iron. No joke in that but it is a fact.

And that is the reason you cannot use plain iron for heat pressing the designs.

What Heat Press Machine can Print?

You can just do anything that you can think of;

  • Hats
  • Ceramics
  • Mugs
  • T-shirt
  • Mouse Pads
  • Hats
  • Jackets
  • Tank tops
  • Pillow and cushions
  • Steel
  • Wood

And using different heat transfer materials i.e., HTV, screen-printed transfers, rhinestones, sublimation, etc.

What Issue Can You Face with a Heat Press Machine?

Well, there are certainly a few issues that you can face with owning a heat press machine.


Yes, the heat press machines are quite expensive but they are worth every penny’s investment to get your commercial business started.


Being an expensive machine is one thing, but all the machines need to go through the maintenance phase every often.

And not only the maintenance, but there is also anything wrong that can surely happen with the heat press machine which is natural.

But breaking and tearing anything can be curtailed if you go through the scheduled maintenance on time,

Keep a look at the machine, and fix the petty issues in a timely fashion.

Either you have to have a knowledge of the machine’s mechanism or get a permanent observer for the sake of keeping the machines in operational mode the moment the issues produce or hire the maintenance guy and keep a thorough check of your machine weekly, fortnightly, or every month.

Hire an Operator

Okay, that is fine to hire an operator. After all, it is for your business.

But using the heat press machine is not that difficult — getting to know how it works can make you capable of operating it after some time.

Benefits of Doing Business with a Full-Fledged Heat Press Machine

Do you really want to know all of them? 🙂

Oh yes, we all do!

Benefit #1: It opens a variety of business opportunities.

Benefit #2: The heat press business looks complete with the addition of a heat press machine, Or better say it is the iconic machine for the business.

Benefit #3: Timely completion of heat transfer with proper pressure and temperature.

Who’s the Winner Out of Heat Press vs Iron?

Is there any doubt about the winner? We do not see anything, nor do you do. 🙂

We see the heat press machine winning the battle down here.


There we have the winner out of the comparison of heat press vs iron.

Though the heat press machine cannot go to imprint the designs for the habitual purpose we had projected everything for the sake of uplifting the heat press business.

But for pure home-based use, let’s not ditch the iron completely.

That is one heck of the easiest handy machine to do the little and simple imprint tasks.

Again, all praises to owning a heat press machine and seeing your business booming!