Homedex 15×15 Inch 5 in 1Heat Press Review in 2023

homedex heat press reviewsThe market is flooded with different models of heat presses, no doubt. A single google search will give you a sea of options.

However, finding a model that befits your requirements perfectly is a head-scratching task. A simple solution to this problem goes by the name of Homedex Heat Press.

This heat pressing machine is the ideal model for every user as it comes with five attachments in one package. It is truly the epitome of sophistication.

From the design and construction to the features present inside its body, everything is just perfection. The sleek body comes loaded with perks that will make every user’s life more and more convenient.

A few catchy phrases and a couple of lines will never be able to do justice to this machine. Therefore, everything that I have heard and observed myself had to be jotted down in the form of an article. Below, you will find every single detail of this model that makes it worth the hype.

What Makes Homedex Heat Press Unique?

The first thing that sets this model apart from the rest of the competition is the multitude of attachments accompanying the heat press. The further addition of the slide-rail feature along with the swing-away designs makes this model more convenient, hence appealing. Moreover, the dual insulation pads along with the LCD control board are a few examples of the many amazing features of this model.

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Homedex Heat Press Review

homedex heat pressWhen it comes to quality, Homedex never compromises. The designs of their machines ooze quality. As they are manufactured with the user’s requirement being kept in mind, there is a separate fanbase for their creations. The Homedex Heat Press is no exception.

When it comes to high quality, this model is at the top of the queue. This heat pressing machine comes with a body that is crafted from the finest materials.

The sturdy construction ensures that the machine sticks around for a longer duration. The flat base of this model may not seem like a big deal, but the four suction cup feet make it possible to keep the machine in its place.


The presence of the swing away feature at the upper platen makes it plausible to move the top platen out of the way. Bid farewell to burnt hands, as with this nifty feature that will not happen.

Moreover, the slide-rail design of the lower platen makes it possible to easily remove the bottom platen and add attachments. As I said, this machine is the definition of convenience.

Furthermore, the manufacturers have also added two sturdy handles at the upper platens that minimize direct contact with the overly hot platen. The 15 inches x 15 inches size of the platen is perfect for a wide range of projects.


Along with these main features, there are many other small perks here and there that make it easier to operate this machine. The contoured design of the pressure adjustment knob will ensure the user does not face any problems while moving the knob.

Moreover, the thick coating of rubber over the arm handle guarantees a comfortable grip and anti-slip feature. The wide box at the side of the heat press controls the entire operation of the machine. Lastly, this model also comes with an overload protector feature, which is quite a nifty addition to its design.


5 in 1 Design

The best benefit of this machine is that it provides users with a platen press as well as many other attachments. This list includes a cap press, a mug press, and two plate presses. The diameters of plate presses are 1.5 inches and 2.6 inches.

Moreover, the cap press is 5.5 inches x 3 inches and the mug press is 3 inches to 3.5 inches. These attachments make it possible to finish every type of project with this single machine alone.


LCD Control Board

The control board present on the right side of the heat press monitors the entire operation of the machine. It contains two small screens, one for time, and one for temperature.

There are a couple of keys present at the bottom that help in adjusting the two settings. The time range is 0 to 999 seconds, while the temperature goes from 200°F to 450°F. The best part is that the temperature can also be switched to Celsius.


Insulation Pads

The addition of insulation pads on the platens is a feature which can not be ignored. Its present makes even and uniform results a reality. It spreads heat evenly throughout the lower platen, it also prevents the substrate from scorching.

Here comes the best part, the manufacturers have also added single layers of insulation to other attachments, along with adding 2 layers on the platen.


Overload Protector

This is so far the most thoughtful gesture from the manufacturers. The heat press comes with a small red button present in the LCD control box. This button is the overload protection button, and it keeps the heat press safe from damage. Whenever there is electrical overload, the machine automatically cuts power and prevents the motor from enduring any damage.



  • Slide-rail design
  • Swing away feature
  • Contoured pressure knob
  • 15×15 platen size
  • Comes with attachments
  • Dual platen handles
  • Rubberised arm handle
  • Flat and thick base with suction cups
  • Overload protector feature
  • Digital control panel


  • The upper platen requires tightening
  • No alarm system
  • Manual lacks clear directions for attachments


Why Should You Buy Homedex Heat Press?

The abundance of pressing options is the first incentive that should convince any user to purchase this heat press. The further addition of the LCD control box, swing away feature, and slide-rail feature brings convenience to the sturdy design of this machine.

Moreover, the overload protector is a rare perk which will keep your machine safe and secure. This model is hands down the best machine for beginners and professionals alike.


The Homedex Heat Press is a one-of-a-kind machine. This heat press comes with every feature that a user wants in their machine packed in a sleek body that has a smaller footprint.

The wide array of benefits packed altogether is a rare sight. Therefore, you will need to read the article above carefully to familiarize yourself with this nifty creation.