How to Clean Heat Press Machine

How to Clean Heat Press MachineNow that we know you have your best heat press machine in your possession, what’s next in the queue?

Just like any other thing, the continuous use of the heat press machine is what keeps it in the loop.

But by the time, there are a couple of important checkups and routine cleanup required to keep them operating hassle-free and that is no lie in there, right?

Given the fact, the machine is electrically-powered so no ordinary cleanup methods would work for it.

If you are willing to do the cleanup yourself, make sure you do know the exact steps of how to clean heat press machine with extreme caution.

The heat is the culprit here as it leaves many kinds of residue here and there and the only method to flee away the remnants is by going through the proper cleanup.

So, be ready to find the thorough cleanup process which will eventually make the machine look just like new no matter you had bought it years ago.

How to Clean Heat Press Machine

Make it your habit of cleaning the heat press machine biweekly (fortnightly) or even on the monthly basis.

The trick is, you should not be using the machine without proper cleanup.

If we can recommend, wipe the whole machine down every day before use with a clean soft cloth.

What to Clean a Heat Press Machine with — the Cleaning Essentials

The list of the essentials that we would so need during the cleanup;

  • A soft piece of cloth
  • Plastic scraper and/or rubber spatula
  • Gentle cleanser of some sorts

Steps to Clean the Heat Press Machine

Be ready to adapt the following steps to proceed with the cleanup;

Unplug the machine: Touch the machine for the sake of cleaning, make sure to unplug it from the power post.

This should be your first step towards safety.

Do not leave the wire attached and turn the button off thinking it has done the job.

Wait for the machine to cool down: Yes, wait for it to cool down if it was previously in use.

Take note, it may take a while to cool down naturally, so do not rush for it.

Scrub the machine firsthand: Before applying the proper cleaning procedure,

The presence of dirt and dust on both platens and around the machine can actually trigger more scratches on the paint as well as on the platens, and that would make it hard to retain the shine.

Wipe the machine with cleanser on: Apply the non-abrasive cleaner on the soft cloth and wipe the whole machine upside down.

But be careful with the platens because of their build nature (we will express the exact cleanup process for the platens according to their build type.)

Cleaning Heat Press Machine with Teflon-Coated Upper Platen

There are many heat pressing machines that come with the upper platens coated with the layer of Teflon.

The Teflon is able to withstand excessive heat, can be used over and over again, and is extensively affordable.

Teflon coating acts as a non-stick conversing the fabric from unnecessary burning but the continuous use may still have some of the remnant glued on it.

And to protect the next imprinting materials, it is necessary to remove that residue without destroying the Teflon coating.

So, how to effectively do the cleanup of the upper platen that comes with Teflon coating;

  • Take a bit quantity of non-abrasive cleaner made with home-found stuff like the dish soap and the hand cleaner with being added into the slightly warm water.
  • Dip the piece of cloth into the soap-rich water and then start wiping the upper platen.

Cleaning Heat Press Machine with Non-Teflon Coating over Upper Platen

The major problem with the non-Teflon coated heat press machine is the real pain…

It does mess up the machine every often and you would need to clean it intermittently.

We understand it is tricky enough to clean the non-Teflon coated one but the fact is, you should be cleaning it up from time to time.

The quick and easier cleanup way is the following;

  • Unplug the machine
  • Wear the heatproof gloves
  • Wipe it with the damped soft cloth dipped into the bucket of a solution made of soap
  • Heat up the machine a little bit
  • Scrub the upper platen surface with the help of a plastic scraper or the rubber spatula (some may date to use the sandpaper)
  • Now turn the machine off and wait for it to cool down
  • Rinse the cold water around the upper platen and wipe with the dry cloth afterward

If you do not see the residue coming off in one go, repeat it again and repeat until the surface has no remnant left.


There is always the presence of dust and dirt even though we put up the effort to seal the area down.

So, it is better to clean it up before use but operate it daily,

The heat platens are the ones that may turn black and residue gluing up on the surfaces.

And to fight such a situation, there have to be proven ways detailing how to clean heat press machine to keep using it as much as possible.

Worry not, you cannot avoid such a situation, so be ready to clean the heat press machine whenever you feel like doing it.

After all, it is a crucial part of your business you cannot deny taking care of!