How to Fix Heat Press Not Heating Up

How Fix Heat Press Not Heating Up.jpgHeat is the primary job of any heat press machine, and if it does not heat up unintentionally,

What’s the use of a heat press machine then?

You power it up, wait for the machine in the hope that it is warming up,

And then wait for the beep to kick in when it reaches the preset temperature. No beep at all?

Okay! Hold on! Do not panic!

There could be a minute to the severe indication of a problem that is not letting it heat up.

We wish you do not ever face such a situation but a machine is a machine and we cannot certainly determine how it would run at your end.

And whenever such circumstances arise, we have certain ways of disclosing how to fix heat press not heating up before going to call in the professional help.

Yup! Do not call for help out of the blue.

Take an understanding of the situation.

Who knows your little bit of action could converse you from spending hundreds of bucks.

How to Fix Heat Press Not Heating Up

We assume (and yes only assume) there are just the minor issues concerning why the heat press machine is not heating up.

And these fixes better fall under the common heat press troubleshooting category which you can comfortably and conveniently carry out.

Check on the Power Outlet

When you happen to find out the heat press machine is not heating up at all,

The first (and easiest) step is to check the power outlet.

See if the power outlet button is off by chance. Still, if the power outlet was left on,

Try inserting the plug into another power outlet to make sure it does turn the machine on.

If that is the case, repair the power outlet that you used to use and make use of that outlet for the time being.

Call in for a professional electrician to fix the outlet issue.

The thing to Avoid Doing with Power Outlet

Avoid shaking the plug if you have already found the power outlet is out of order in the hope doing so would enable the supply of current.

This is a pure reckless act as it may burn down the electrical system of the machine plus it may give you shock leading to face severe health conditions.

Blown Fuse

It is not always the power outlet, sometimes the blown fuse could be a primary culprit in this case when the heat press machine denies to heat up.

The fuse box Check the status of the fuse that powers up the board.

Locating the fuse is another task we must say if you do not know which one leads the current to that board.

Once you have seamlessly located the right fuse, remove it, and check with your naked eye if it seems blown.

Blown ones are easy to replace.

Just plug in the new fuse of the same rated power and you are good to go.

Make sure to re-check the power outlet by plugging another device like a rechargeable torch,

Mobile charger with the power on light, voltage meter, etc to ensure the current is running through the board before plugging in your expensive heat press machine.

Wiring Problems

The no-heating heat press machine can also result in the wirings might be facing problems.

Not supplying adequate current to the machine may trigger through broken wires leaking current.

This short-circuit state is rather dangerous than not having the current at all.

Insert the voltage meter into the power outlet and if the voltage keeps on jumping, the wirings could be the wrongdoer here.

Immediately call in the professional help to fix the issue with the wiring.

Internal Issues with Heat Press Machine

The quick method is to press the reset button as it would just take the machine to its default factory’s settings but this may work when the heat press machine is taking the power in.

But most of the time the no-heat issue is caused due to the power outlet, wirings, and the fuse but it always is not the same case.

The heat press machine could be its own culprit for not reaching the preset heat temperature.

On the other hand, the heat press machine is not entirely powered up.

These are two separate cases with separate phenomena and containing the separate proposed solutions.

In the event of when the heat press machine does not reach its preset temperature, we are aware that the heat buildup may take a lot of time.

SO, wait for up to 30 to 60 seconds before heading to the next phase as to why it is not retaining its preset temperature.

Past 60 seconds and it is still on the heat-gain phase, check if both platens do not have residue over it.

Having the layer on the top can cause the machine to not properly heat up time and it would keep on running for a longer duration.

Then the third issue could be when the heat press does not show any sign of getting current and your power outlet, fuse, and everything are working perfectly.

Sad to state but if that is the case you face,

We cannot suggest anything but to make contact with your heat press machine’s maker for a warranty (if yours still falls under the coverage.)


Many factors can stop the heat press machine from heating up.

And almost all of them that we have clearly emphasized are the general and routine issues that your machine could face whenever the situation arises.

Now that you know how to fix heat press not heating up and dealing with the common yet easily fixable despite where the heat press machine itself has the issue with its circuit board and all.

So out of dealing with the machine itself,

We prefer and recommend at least finding out what is the cause of the no-heat issue.

Get to repeat these fixes and find the machine working like brand new but whatever is the case,

If there is the need to replace the machine with the new one, do not hesitate as the probable fixes could only put a heavy strain on your wallet.