How To Heat Press On Foam Koozies

How To Heat Press On Foam KooziesEven though the major job of a foam koozie is to maintain the temperature of the drink, who said they can’t do their intended job while bearing an appealing design. With a foam koozie on a heat press, the only limitation is your imagination.

However, foam koozies require a different procedure of heat-press due to their peculiar nature. By learning the right method of heat pressing a foam koozie, you will be able to create stunning and vivid designs on the plain surface of your foam koozies.

So, instead of taking a wild guess and experimenting, you need to learn the proper procedure of how to heat press on foam koozies.


How To Heat Press On Foam Koozies

The entire procedure of how you can heat press foam koozie has been listed below in detail.

Gather The Designs

For foam koozies, you will need to use HTV or heat transfer vinyl stickers. Heat transfer vinyl stickers will give you stunning results on foam koozie, which will not fade over time. Before you start turning on your heat-press, you need to have all your designs laid out, and ready to be heat-pressed. An important thing to consider here is that you need to make sure the size of the sticker is suitable to the size of the foam koozies.

Adjust The Settings Of Heat Press

After all of your required designs have been laid out, you need to turn on the heat press. Turn your heat press on and alter the temperature and time. No matter which model of heat press machine you are using, the time and temperature settings are usually present at the front. In some models, there is also a third element, which is pressure. So, make sure that you pre-set all of these three according to the requirements of your foam koozie. The ideal temperature range for foam koozies is 300°F to 320°F.

Place The Foam Koozie In The Heat Press

After setting the temperature, place the foam koozie in the heat press. You need to make sure that you are placing the foam koozie in the center of both plates of the heat press. Once that is done, place the vinyl stickers on the foam koozie. Keep in mind that you should always place the vinyl stickers with the sticky side facing down.

After that, you need to place a parchment paper on top of the vinyl. The presence of a parchment paper is critical as it will keep the vinyl and the foam koozie from sticking to the platens of the heat press.


Press Both Platens Together

Once everything is in its place, it is time for you to shut the top platen of the heat press and press both plates together. Make sure that you do not press for longer than 15 seconds. After the time is up, lift the top platen up and remove the parchment paper from the vinyl. Make sure to peel off the parchment paper carefully, so as to not damage the vinyl sticker underneath it.

Remove The Foam Koozie From The Heat Press

After removing the parchment paper, take the foam koozie out of the heat press, and place it on your worktable. Start peeling the vinyl from the koozie, and you will see that the print has been transferred to the surface of the foam koozie.


There is no limitation to creating designs with a heat press, which makes it fun to print images and slogans on a foam koozie with a heat press. However, before you take out your foam koozie from the cabinets and start printing it, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of. I have shared the entire procedure in detail so that you steer clear of any mishaps.