How To Heat Press Shoes

How To Heat Press ShoesTransfer vivid designs on your shoes with a heat press and say goodbye to wearing plain granny shoes all the time. The beauty of having a heat press is being able to press any pair of footwear that you have.

Heat pressing shoes is not an out-of-the-world task. You just need to be aware of what to do, and what not to do while your heat-press lies in front of you.

To make it more simple and easy for you, I have jotted down the entire procedure of heat pressing shoes in simple words, down below. So, you can easily turn your plain shoes around with vibrant transfers.

How To Heat Press Shoes

In these straightforward steps, you will be able to heat press your shoes at home.

What You Need

In order to heat press your shoes, you will need a couple of items. The first thing that you will require is a shoe platen and your heat press machine. Moreover, you also need heat transfer vinyl stickers, a silicone rubber pad, heat-resistant tape, and a pair of shoes for heat pressing.

Prepare Your Heat Press

For heat pressing shoes, you need a shoe platen. Therefore, remove the bottom platen from your heat-press, and in its place, screw the shoe platen. Make sure that you secure the shoe platen in its place properly. Then, turn the heat press on and set the time and temperature. The time depends upon the material of the shoes, but generally, for shoes, the ideal time range lies between 25 to 35 seconds. Moreover, the temperature should be between 310°F to 330°F.

Place The Shoes In The Press

Take your shoes, and place them on the shoe platen with the side that needs to be pressed facing the top platen. Make sure that you adjust the shoe properly on the platen, otherwise, there is a chance the shoe will slip off.

Adjust The Transfer Designs

Once the shoes are secure in their place, place the heat transfer vinyl stickers on their designated spot. Secure the stickers in their place with a small piece of tape. Make sure not to tape right on top of the design, always tape near the edges.

Heat Press The Shoes

Once everything is set and in its place, add the silicone rubber pad on top of the shoes. The presence of this layer will ensure that your shoes stay safe from damage and scorching from the heat press. Shut the top platen down and heat press the shoes.

Take The Shoes Out Of The Press

When your pre-set time is up, your heat press will make a small beeping sound. This is a sign that you need to open the heat press, by lifting the top platen. Remove the silicone rubber pad from the shoes. As HTV stickers are hot peel, you need to peel the transfer sheets from the shoes immediately after taking them out of the heat press. That is all you had to do to heat press yourself a cute pair of shoes.


When you need to heat press a pair of shoes, there are a couple of things that you should do, to get a perfect result. Having an appropriate covering sheet is a simple example. The rest of the procedure and guidelines have been listed in the article above.