How to Make Heat Press Designs

How Make Heat Press DesignsWe always glimpse to see the amazing and stunning designs on the shirts, hats, and even on the mugs and plates.

Be them the favorite motivational quotes, your family pictures, and other creative designs embossed on the heat transfer vinyl which then imprint on different surfaces.

But where do those creations come from? Only the inquiring minds will determine how to produce heat press designs.

And of course, you cannot do it with your bare hands and swirling the brush here and there on a canvas.

Modern problems come with modern solutions. And designs ain’t a problem but a creative art that needs to be displayed.

Still here is one problem that lingers along that can literally back down the most printing businesses; how to make heat press designs.

If you can get over this problem, you will be unlocking one more income stream for your printing business by simply designing the arts to go on hats, shirts, and what more!

How to Make Heat Press Designs

And this lies in your hands as to how to make your own heat press designs. This got the following simple process;

Own a Computer

Yes, a good computer but being an expensive one does not mean you got a good one.

What you need to look after when purchasing a computer to specifically create the designs for heat press;

Wide Monitor: The ideal monitor size for graphic designing is between 27” to 32”.

Graphics Card: It is not the brand but the graphic card size that matters — Opt for 2GB to 4GB for the optimum results.

Good RAM: Go for 16GB to 32GB of RAM for efficient and lag-free design.

Bigger Storage: The more the better. If you plan to sell your heat-press designs, you will be creating larger batches of them every other day. So, go with a 512GB SSD driver (not HDD.)

Graphic Designing Software

Now that is the crucial part you have to invest a lot over. Good graphic designing software will ensure that you create awesome designs to win your customers’ hearts!

The best software for heat press designs are as follows;

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • GraffixPro Studio
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • SonicShack Design Studio
  • T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
  • GIMP
  • InkXE
  • FatPaint
  • Cadworxlive
  • DesignHill

Some of them will help to create the designs from scratch. And, some would provide you with pre-made designs to pay for and pick.

Then some will have the design wizard go through and create designs without any skills.

It is Not Just about computers… Wide-Format Printer

And the next step is when you have your design ‘actually’ designed — how about imprinting it on HTV to ‘actually’ imprint on the surfaces?

For that, the wide-format printer is the next step. Either you have one in possession, or take advantage of someone in the town.

But the ideal situation is to get your own wide-format printer to provide a one-stop solution to your customers.

  • You make the custom designs
  • And then you print on those designs on HTV

After all, you have the heat press machine that is ready to take on all kinds of projects.

So, the missing wide-format printer would act like a piece missing from the puzzle.

The HTV prints will require the printer to support solvent, eco-solvent, and/or latex inks, so do not expect the standard home-based inkjet and laserjet printers to work.


How to make heat press designs still depends on how creative your mind is.

Most of the printing business would lend help from graphic designers to create awesome designs.

But if you do know about using the graphic designing software and possess the creative mind to visualize the awesome designs in dreams; take charge of creating your own heat press designs!

After all, design is all about art, not a skill!

Offer this service in your business, create some stunning designs, and see the order count quadrupling!