How To Remove Heat Press Scorch Marks

Nothing compares to the horror of opening your heat press and finding scorch marks on your precious project. Even the smallest marks can hinder the overall beauty of the design. However, if you learn how to remove heat press scorch marks, you can tackle the scorch marks and restore your design.

The removal of heat press scorch marks sounds like a tedious job that may not work very often, but the reality is far from it. Even though it sounds impossible, there is more than one way for you to remove these stubborn marks from your garments.

I speak from personal experience; therefore, trust me when I say you can easily get rid of these stubborn marks with the help of a few chemicals. I have jotted down each one of my tried and tested methods below, so you can have multiple options for removing heat press scorch marks.

How To Remove Heat Press Scorch Marks?

With the aid of the points listed below, you will be able to remove heat press scorch marks easily.

Heat Press Scorch Marks And Their Removal

Heat press scorch marks appear in the form of ugly brown spots on the garment, either in one place or multiple places. Many users often think that scorch marks are permanent and that there is no way of getting rid of them. But the truth is, if you act quickly, you can remove these marks from your garments quite easily. There are many ways of removing heat press scorch marks, but the ones that I have tested are shared below.

Removal With Hydrogen Peroxide And Water Solution

Items Needed

For the first method of removing scorch marks that your heat press left behind, you will need a couple of items. First of all, you will need hydrogen peroxide liquid, an empty bowl, a lint-free cloth, some water, liquid ammonia, and a mat.


Once you have collected all the required items in your workplace, you can start working. For this method, you need to make a solution that will be 50% hydrogen peroxide, and 50% water. Take the bowl and pour hydrogen peroxide into it, then add equal proportions of water. You can mix with a small stick to make sure both liquids mix well together. Now place your garment with the heat press scorch marks on the table. Take the mat and palace it directly under the area with the scorch marks. Dip the lint-free cloth into the solution in the bowl and dab it on the scorch marks.

Make sure that you use a gentle hand and press it softly, do not rub the cloth on the garment. Now take another piece of cloth and dip it in the ammonia, and dab that over the mark. Leave the garment for a couple of minutes, but make sure it does not dry up. After a few minutes, you can wash it with cold water, and dry it in the sunlight. Unless the mark does not fade completely, you can repeat the same steps one more time.

Removal With Distilled White Vinegar

Items Needed

For the second method, you need distilled white vinegar and a small piece of lint-free cloth.


Place your garment with the scorch mark in a well-lit area so you can see clearly which part you need to work on. Now take the lint-free cloth and dip it in the distilled white vinegar. Place the cloth on the mark on the garment and press gently. Keep dipping it in the vinegar and placing it on the garment till the heat press scorch mark fades completely. Rinse the garment with some cold water and then hang it to let it dry out.

Removal With Laundry Detergent

Items Needed

For the third method of removing heat press scorch marks, you are going to require heavy-duty laundry detergent, and a brush with soft bristles.


If the above two methods of removing heat press scorch marks are not ideal for you due to the unavailability of chemicals, then you can work with laundry detergent. Take the garment with the heat press scorch marks and immerse it completely in warm water. Once it is completely wet, squeeze the excess water out, leaving the garment damp. Place it on a table with the scorch mark facing up, and add some heavy-duty laundry detergent directly to the mark. Take the brush and start brushing over the scorch marks, but make sure to do it gently. Keep brushing till the scorch mark fades completely.

Once you notice that the mark is gone, you can rinse the garment with cold water to remove all the laundry detergent. You can also pop it in the machine to wash out all the detergent. If the procedure didn’t work completely and left faded scorch marks, you can repeat all the steps till the heat press scorch marks are gone completely.

Removal With Distilled White Vinegar And Laundry Detergent

Items Needed

For this procedure, you are going to need some distilled white vinegar, liquid detergent, a brush with soft bristles and a clean lint-free cloth.


Before we start with the procedure, let me make it clear that this method is specifically for wool garments. Place the garment with the heat press scorch marks facing upwards. Then dip the cloth in the distilled white vinegar and dab it on the scorch marks. Take a second cloth and dip that in water and then dap the second cloth on the garment. Make sure to use a separate cloth for both liquids. Leave the wool garment for a while till the spot dries up, then pour some liquid detergent on the scorch mark. Make sure to use a gentle detergent and not a heavy-duty one. Take the brush and rub it softly over the scorch marks till they start fading. You need to make sure to not use the brush harshly as that will damage the garment.

Preventing Heat Press Scorch Marks

Even though removing heat press scorch marks is not a difficult task, you still need to make sure to prevent this horror from happening. Make sure to check the platens of your heat press in case there is any burnt residue on them. If there is, remove it immediately. Furthermore, always cover your garment with a protective sheet such as parchment paper, or a Teflon sheet. Lastly, make sure to set the temperature of your heat press according to the nature of the garment.


Heat press scorch marks can be a real pain, but they are not permanent torture. There are ways of removing these stubborn marks from your garment. Read the article above to learn different methods on how to remove heat press scorch marks from your projects.