How to Remove Heat Press Vinyl

How Remove Heat Press VinylWe do not see the modern designs to let go of what you wear; if that is a jacket,

T-shirt, hoodie, or anything that you name it.

But the problem is with the old stuff which you do not wear anymore for the reason they do not look trendy at all.

You just look contrite when wearing a t-shirt embossed with old-looking designs.

Remember you had bought a t-shirt a decade ago?

Yes, a decade ago but you left wearing it due to the bold and bigger designs which were way popular back in the time.

As the heat press thing is not that new, higher are the chances those designs would have been embossed using heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

And wanting to wear them after so many years, that is wholly possible but not with those same old and unpleasant designs.

So, we have some simple and inexpensive ways without ruining the fabric.

These quick and easy-to-follow procedures enable you how to remove heat press vinyl and clean it to get it ready for the next round of embossing the new designs.

How to Remove Heat Press Vinyl

Rest assured, you are not going to lose your t-shirt and other lovely stuff that you purchased back in the past.

Simply follow the whole of how to remove heat press vinyl carefully and do not try to apply anything on your own for the one core reason — do not destroy the fabric.

Method #1: Heat the Vinyl using Iron

That method of removing the vinyl is quite easy and super fast which incurs no expense at all.

What you need to have is just a household iron and that is it.

The HTV was imprinted on the fabric with heat, and the same heat can be used to get it off. So, the heat in this case works both ways.

  • Turn on the iron and set it to the setting which the fabric can bear
  • Lay the towel over the iron board and then put the fabric upon it. Make sure the vinyl side of the fabric faces the decal to embrace the direct heat
  • Place the printer paper or brown paper bag over the decal
  • Rub the iron all around the decal for up to 30 to 40 seconds
  • Peel the paper that was initially put over the decal which will take off the larger part of vinyl
  • If there is some of the vinyl left there, then apply the new piece of paper over the decal and repeat the same process to clean off the rest of vinyl

Method #2: Use Hair Dryer

Next step, and another new method.

Use the hairdryer to soften the decal and ultimately remove it.

And this method will work best on cotton shirts.

  • Place the towel or a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the decal so that nothing leaks to the back of the shirt
  • Lay the shirt over iron board with decal facing upward
  • Take the hairdryer set onto the hottest possible setting
  • Spray the heat all around the decal but do not try to touch the vinyl
  • Bring tweezer and try peeling the vinyl after spraying heat for over 30 to 45 seconds
  • If the vinyl does not come off in the first attempt, go through the same process once again

Method #3: Rub Alcohol

Get the rubbing alcohol which can easily remove the stains and other harsh spots.

While it takes a little bit of your patience and time,

This method is quite inexpensive than the commercial solvents available in the market.

  • Get to arrange a large bucket
  • Turn the shirt from inside out and get the decal’s backside to face up
  • Place the shirt into the bucket and start pouring alcohol on the back of the decal
  • Let it air soak the fabric
  • Now wiggle the fabric carefully and you would see the vinyl coming off
  • Take the shirt to turn its right side and use either tweezers or a knife to pry up the design from its edges
  • Keep scraping the vinyl
  • Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol again if needed
  • When the vinyl is entirely removed and rinse the cool water with the help of a shower

Method #4: Acetone

That’s a kinda playful method to use Acetone.

Acetone helps to dissolve the adhesive right from the back of HTV, so you do not have to play with the decal that faces up.

  • Turn the shirt’s tee inside out
  • Place it over a bucket
  • Pour Acetone on the backside of the decal
  • Start wiggling the decal in hope of loosening it up
  • Now turn the shirt to get to its right side out
  • Use fingers or tweezers by prying up on the edges of the design
  • If there is some residue left, start scraping the know to remove the left vinyl
  • Wash the shirt after you are done with the job

Method #5: Apply Goo Gone

Goo Gone, the ultimate adhesive remover contains toxic chemicals which are normal for such a remover.

When using Goo Gone, there are certain safety protocols that you should always adhere to or else it could be fatal because of emitting the dangerous gas.

Make sure the area should be well-ventilated and it is a must to wear hand gloves as well as eye-protective glasses.

    • Turn the shirt from inside out and spray Goo Gone on the back of the decal
    • When it is done, take the shirt right side out and then spray Goo Gone onto the front vinyl decal
    • Wait for 30 seconds
    • Now use tweezers or a knife by prying all around the decal
    • If the vinyl starts peeling away, keep up with the removal
    • But if it stops coming off, apply Goo Gone again and start peeling it away
    • Rinse the shirt with cool water before you wash it in the washing machine


Good, inexpensive, and highly effective methods that can easily get the years-long vinyl off your fabric.

These five methods are more than enough, and then you do not need to look for how to remove heat press vinyl and even ask for the experts’ advice.

And we only advise — stay careful when implementing these methods and that’s it!