How To Remove Heat Pressed Numbers From A Jersey

How To Remove Heat Pressed Numbers From A JerseyThere may be a situation in your life, where you either messed up while heat pressing digits onto a jersey, or you simply want to remove the already existing numbers from the garment.

Whichever is your situation, the problem is the same, removing the number from the jersey. Like two birds with one stone, I have a simple solution that will help you remove the heat-pressed numbers from the jersey.

Therefore, instead of throwing the old jersey away, it is time for you to remove the old digits and revive the shirt, with the help of the easy steps listed below.

How To Remove Heat Pressed Numbers From A Jersey

In the few easy steps listed below, you will be able to remove the heat-pressed numbers from your jersey.

Items Required

Before you start the procedure of removing heat-pressed numbers from your jersey, first you need to gather all the items that you need for the process. You will need an iron, tweezers, a piece of cloth, a craft knife, and an adhesive remover. You can use any kitchen knife too if you do not possess a craft knife.

Prepare The Area

Now that you have gathered all that you need, prepare the heat-pressed area on the jersey that you will be working on. Take the piece of cloth and dampen it. Drain all the excess water out of it and then lay it flat on the heat-pressed area of the jersey.

Apply Heat To Jersey

Once the damp cloth has been placed on the jersey, you need to place the hot iron on the damp cloth. It is critical for you to make sure that you set the temperature of the iron according to the fabric of the jersey, as every fabric has a different threshold for temperature. Try to apply heat evenly to the areas where you have placed the damp cloth. Once the cloth is dry, then flip the jersey inside out, and place the hot iron on the inner side of the jersey. Make sure that you only leave the hot iron for a maximum of 30 seconds in one spot.

Pull The Heat Pressed Number

After pressing the heat-pressed numbers from both sides, flip it back outwards. It is time for you to start peeling the heat-pressed number with a tweezer. Hold the corner of the number and start peeling. Apply pressure to lift the numbers, but make sure that you do not exert too much force or you will damage the jersey. Peel all the numbers one by one, while the jersey is still hot.

Scrape With A Knife

After the upper part of the numbers has been removed from the jersey, there will be some vinyl left behind. You can not remove this with tweezers, for removing the leftover vinyl, you need to use the knife. Start scraping the vinyl with the help of a knife.

Repeat The Process

Once you are done scraping, repeat the entire process from step one. Dampen the fabric again, place it on the jersey, and iron it from both sides. As you have already lifted the number from the jersey, there is no need to do that again. After ironing, simply scrape the excess from the jersey with the help of the knife.

Remove The Adhesive

Once the existence of the heat presses numbers from the jersey has been removed entirely, you will see that in its place, there is an adhesive occupying the front of the jersey. To remove this adhesive, you need to use an adhesive remover such as WD-40. Soak the adhesive-covered area with the solution and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. After the time is over, you will see that the area of the shirt that was previously occupied by heat-pressed numbers is now clear. You can heat press it with a new design again, but first, pop it in the washing machine to clean it thoroughly.


The procedure of heat press forces a design onto the surfaces of the jersey, which makes it difficult to remove a heat-pressed design. But, like all the other problems, this annoying situation has a solution too that has been shared above in a couple of easy steps.