How To Replace Heat Press Mat

Heat pressing your projects is quite a fun activity, but it can go south quickly when the desired result is not being achieved. The beat-up and damaged mat present on the lower platen is often the cause of uneven transfer. So, simply learning how to replace the heat press mat can take the performance of your machine up a notch.

As this layer of rubber or silicone holds a lot of importance so when the time comes to change it, users often get annoyed. Before you too get dissuaded from using the heat press entirely, let me stop you right there. It sounds intimidating but replacing the heat press mat of your machine is not a difficult task.

I speak from my personal experience that this task will only take a few minutes of your time, yet will deliver excellent results. There is no need for you to start looking for methods and procedures as I have shared the simplest method of replacing the heat press mat in the article below.

How To Replace Heat Press Mat

In the article below, you will learn everything that will help you replace the heat press mats of your machine.

Heat Press Mat

Heat press mats are a vital part of the machine without a doubt. It can be made of any material, but the material of the mat should be resistant to heat. As it will endure high temperatures for a longer duration, heat resistance along with an anti-slip design are critical elements.

Procedure For Replacing The Heat Press Mat

For replacing the heat press mat of your machine, the procedure is quite simple. You do not need to collect any tools and pieces of equipment. Heat pressing machines come with the heat press mat unattached to the platens of the machine. Therefore, replacing the mat requires simply removing the old mat from the lower platen and placing a new one in its place. You do not need to use any adhesive or nuts and screws. However, make sure to use a heat press mat of the same size as the platen. A simple way to ensure that is to get a new heat press mat that is of the same size as the old mat. Another thing to keep in mind while replacing is to pick a mat that has high resistance to heat and does not have a slippery surface. Otherwise, half of your time will be spent fixing the position of the mat.

Why Is A Heat Press Mat Important?

A heat press mat makes sure that the pressure is spread evenly across the entire garment. In addition to that, it also makes sure that the garment gets a steady supply of high heat from the lower side of the machine. The mat takes the heat and pressure from the bottom platen and spreads it evenly all over the project. Moreover, as it has a slip-resistant design, the heat press mat also ensures that the fabric that has to be pressed does not move even an inch from its place. It holds the project and the vinyl transfer secure in their designated spots.

Reasons Behind Replacement

Many users do not think it is important to replace their heat press mat, but this is a critical step. The major reason behind replacing is to improve the performance of the machine. An old and beat-up mat can not provide the required heat that is needed to transfer the image. In addition to that, it also does not meet the criteria of high pressure needed for a flawless heat transfer job.


Heat press mats are present on the lower platen and many users often do not give them the importance they are due. However, this part of the machine is quite crucial as it is responsible for providing even pressure and heat. So, there is no other way around it but to learn how to replace the heat press mat of your machine.