How to Fix a Heat Press Machine

How to Fix a Heat Press MachineHow to fix a heat press machine against the problem(s) it is facing as we better know the machine could face quite a lot of troubles/problems/issues as it ages.

But age factor is not the only indicator your machine would start throwing the issues.

There are way too many of the issues the machine starts to pop out with the usage.

See, you are going to unravel various issues/problems with the machine and their proposed fixes.

Mind it, the machine can always have a problem (or multiple of them) and we do not know when.

How to Fix a Heat Press Machine

First off, what your heat press machine is actually having/facing?

What’s the exact issue that you need a fix for?

Since we have not revealed what one exact issue your machine would be having;

We start with covering the top-most and common issue the heat press machines generally face during their life cycle.

These should be the close-to-basic troubleshooting steps for a heat press machine,

And we recommend checking first before asking for professional help.

Issue #1: Heat Press Machine Not Turning On at All

This is a common but severe issue.

You had the machine working just fine last day and you just turned it on and nothing happened.

Even the digital meter, a power light, and any other indicator that shows the machine has turned on just stops working all of a sudden.

Do not worry at all and let’s head onto the fixing part.

The Proposed Fixes to the Machine Not Turning On

Some proposed fixes to this issue are as follows;

  • Check your power outlet if it shows any sign of spark or emitting the smell out
  • Look for the blown fuse on the power mainboard, that’s the biggest culprit after verifying the power outlet was not of an issue
  • Check out the wiring but that does not go out all of a sudden, the short-circuiting, wire not bearing the hold of control and melting due to overheating, or it has lived beyond its lifecycle
  • The machine’s own circuit system goes bad

In all these situations, if you can spot the issue that is well and good but you cannot fix them on your own.

So, always call in for the specialist electrician to get the issues sorted out.

An issue with the machine not turning on?

It is time to make contact with the company.

Issue #2: Heat Press Not Heating Up

Are you sure the heat press is turning on but not heating up at all,

Taking lots of time to heat up, or losing its heat?

If that is what you are facing, we got you covered.

The problem could be easy to difficult depending on the nature of the issue your machine may have been facing.

The Probable Fixes Of the Heat Press Machine Not Heating Up

  • If your heat press machine not heating up at all, make sure the machine is turned on or probably there is something messy happened with the machine
  • And if the machine is taking a lot of time to heat up, make sure it is getting the sufficient and right amount of current. For that, insert the voltage meter to determine the level of the power supply. Or in the worst-case scenario, the wirings have a glitch making it lose the current. Or the heat platen has the residue over it that needs scratching.
  • Or the third possible reason why it is losing the heat is probably the wirings are shorting that is not making the machine to properly retain the preheat temperature

These probable fixes are still at the high level where you need to consult with the professionals except the one where you have to scratch out the heat platen.

Issue #3: Heat Press Not Locking

There comes the time (rarely) when the heat press does not lock properly, or it would not stay closed.

These two are two different issues with separate proposed fixes.

Fixes to Fix the Lock Issues

Heat Press Not Locking: If the lock does not work, it is basically the issue with the pressure where you need to loosen it up a bit.

But it is always not about the pressure, the locking not working also depends on the fabric that you just laid over the heat platen.

The thick material naturally creates the need to loosen down the pressure to make it fit.

Heat Press Won’t Stay Closed: That issue may pop up due to the aging factor where the handle can wear out and that is natural.

If that is the case, the only fix is to replace the handle and nothing else.

Issue #4: Heat Press Machine Blowing Fuses

Gladly, the expensive heat press machines are not entirely programmed on a single wire.

And not all electrical appliances go with this route.

If they were, you would better have to replace the entire appliance as that single disaster (wire) could make it a maintenance-free and one-time-use device.

That is the reason the things got the fuse box wired separately to power up different functionality of the heat press machine.

So, when the heat press machine starts blowing the fuses all of a sudden like every single day something is shorting.

Whereas you can just replace the fuse and think like it is done. But if the fuse goes out tomorrow,

There has to be a thorough investigation to find the core of the problem.

Temporary to Permanent Fixes to Heat Press Machine Blowing Fuses

Temporary Fix: Replace the fuse and see if it lasts as long as it can unless it starts blowing every single day.

Permanent Fix: Call for help from the heat press machine maker and get the shorting issue sorted.


If you believe your heat press machine would not spit out the problems; that is an incorrect statement.

Not sure when and what problem you would face with your machine but the common issues are the ones that we listed.

So, that is the first reason for jotting down how to fix a heat press machine bearing the common issues.

This is the machine, and be ready to bear the expenses and all without losing your mind. 🙂