How to Use Combo Heat Press Machine

How Use Combo Heat Press MachineWhen we transpire to know you are about to expand your printing business by welcoming a few more business ideas.

But there is a major drawback while expanding the printing business and the regular/standard heat press machine cannot heat press the majority of items for you.

So, that requires a good investment done on the kind of machine that is capable of performing various tasks from one place.

The combo heat press machine then comes to serve the target; expanding the business to target the vast majority of customers.

It never is any difficult to operate the combo machine, all you need is to cater to the instructions of how to use combo heat press machine to take off your business.

What Was the Situation When Combo Heat Press Machines Were Not Any Common

It might be difficult to visualize the consequences when the combo heat press machines were not really common because they are easily available anywhere now.

Those running the business with a single heat press machine (let’s say doing shirts or other types of fabrics), are missing a lot on grabbing the new business avenue.

So, that limitation certainly limits their income source to evolve.

But still, most had devised a mechanism to pick the order even though they had lacked a combo heat press machine.

They would have made good connections with the local printing businesses having different types of heat press machines.

For example, they had received a project to do hats (caps) and without the refusal,

The order would have then been outsourced to the one in the town having a press machine for hats and in the exchange, earn a bit of commission.

Since custom printing is taking a boom all around the world, it is vital to have a combo heat press machine to cope with the increasing demand.

What Varieties the Combo Heat Press Machines are Available

You can pick your combo heat press machine depending on your business’ preferences.

So, they are available in the following combinations;

  • 2 in 1 combo heat press machine
  • 3 in 1
  • 4 in 1
  • 5 in 1
  • 6 in 1
  • 7 in 1
  • 8 in 1
  • 9 in 1
  • 10 in 1
  • 11 in 1
  • 12 in 1
  • 13 in 1
  • 14 in 1
  • And top-of-the-line 15 in 1 combo heat press machine

There are many of those combo machines, nope? 🙂

And all of them include different other heat press systems.

So, explore on your own and lock on what combo heat press machine should fit into your business.

And What A Combo Heat Press Machine Can Imprint

See if you plan to buy 5 in 1 combo machine, this includes the following heat press systems;

  1. T-shirt
  2. Hat
  3. Mug
  4. Plate
  5. Pads

How to Use Combo Heat Press Machine

Now coming back to how to use combo heat press machine which can really expand your business to the next level.

But note that you must learn to set the temperatures and time duration for effective transfers.

Anything setting on the higher and lower level can jeopardize the imprint quality which you cannot happen to bear in the business.

Suppose you have a 5 in 1 heat press machine where the platen part is removable where you can take down the heat platen of t-shirts and put on the next.

And the digital panel remains the same to operate all the heat presses.

When you are heat pressing the t-shirt and now you want to do the mug, the whole transition goes as smooth as we summed up.

The mug press does not require the t-shirt platen to remove.

All you have to do is, unhook the wire that is going to the digital penal from the t-shirt platen.

Now place the mug press close to the main machine and hook its wire into the digital panel.

The moment the wire attaches, power on the digital panel and it will start heating the mug press.

But with the hat press and plate press, you have to get them attached to the main arm of the machine.

Just look down the hand lever and at the rounded plate there are the screws that can be turned loose and detach the main t-shirt platen.

So is it either hat press or plate press, place it on that rounded plate and tight the screws.

After that, take the wire coming from the hat press or mug press and hook it to the digital panel.

Once attached, the main hand lever will act by inputting and releasing the pressure.

And the pressure adjustability plays an important role when you know heat pressing is all about the game of heat and pressure.

Whereas the combo heat press machine is good at retaining the right temperature itself but the pressure is in your control.

The more confident you are to use the heat press machine, you can easily determine what should be the right pressure level you need to be retained.

The Pure Game of Temperature and Timing

Using a combo machine is all about playing well with the temperature and timing which we have already stressed.

While it is easy to use the combo machine and hook/unhook the different presses, what you do highly depends on what material you have to transfer upon.

And the temperature proportionally belongs to what fabric/material to transfer the design on plus the transfer paper;

Do not exceed beyond the bearable maximums in terms of temperature and press time.


The combo heat press machines are kinda expensive but what business that can bring to you is beyond the imagination.

When you have it, you do not let any customers go away from your doorstep keeping your hands pretty busy.

More business, more manpower, so it works the two way; expect more revenue with offering employment to a few folks.

Now, as you have learned your way up to how to use combo heat press machine like a professional and get set ready to win the stream of non-stop projects!