How to Use Cricut Heat Press Machine

How Use Cricut Heat Press MachineWhat issues the iron can pop up being used for heat pressing the designs,

That is kinda impossible to achieve the expected results every single time.

Then it is viably correct you cannot afford to own a full-fledged heat press machine even if you plan to buy the least expensive one.

There is definitely a one-step upgraded version from the plain iron.

We understand creativity.

The creative mind takes on the task to perform the creative works from the convenience of their home-based workstation.

Especially under the COVID-era when creative minds have been struck inside homes almost all around the world, this has been turned out to be a blessing for many.

Reverting to the e-commerce part, thanks to the internet, this has registered a boom in sales and breaking the records all over the world.

To operate this business right from home —

You need a combo of Cricut Maker and Cricut heat press machine to achieve the high-standardized and sellable items; from creating the designs,

Cutting them, and getting them into the shaps of vinyl, iron-on, poster, cardstock, and more.

The first scenario is actually achievable by using the Cricut Maker but the Cricut heat press machine comes with another perspective–

Heat press to imprint those materials upon the fabrics.

Since it is way easier to use but knowing everything about how to use Cricut heat press machine effectively is still a challenge.

What Supplies You Need Before Using the Cricut Heat Press Machine

Way before using the Cricut heat press machine, there are some essential supplies that you have to collect beforehand.

Cricut EasyPress Mat: This goes under the project that presses on top of it to keep the underneath surface protected.

Heat Transfer Vinyl: It takes the design first embossed on it and then transfers to the fabric using the heat.

Iron-on Protective Sheet: The added layer of safety, the dedicated iron-on protective sheet is far better than using a Teflon sheet to converse the vinyl from overburning due to high temperature.

And the Cricut Cutting Machine:

The use of the Cricut heat press machine is useless if you do not have a Cricut Cutting Machine in possession.

For home-based businesses, this machine should be the first step to purchase because it is capable of getting you designs that can later be embossed on the fabrics.

How to Use Cricut Heat Press Machine

It is plain and simple to use a Cricut heat press machine.

  • Find the flat work surface
  • Pre-heat your fabrics
  • Keep the transfer centered using a sewing ruler
  • Get to set the heat setting according to what fabric you are about to use
  • Apply a protective sheet over to protect your decals and the press to not overburn the fabric
  • Use a Cricut EasyPress mat and place them underneath the project
  • Press the machine to up to the time duration your selected piece of fabric requires
  • After the heat press process completes, peel the carrier sheet to retain the design and show the world your masterpiece!

Safety Tips for Cricut Heat Press Machine

Take note of these few safety tips to protect the Cricut heat press machine and seamlessly operate for years.

Do Not Fix on Your Own

This is quite obvious; anything demands a proper maintenance phase.

But when anything breaks down, it is best to consult with professionals. So that same applies to the Cricut heat press machine.

Get ready to bring in the professional staff and do not try to fix things up even if you think it would not require much effort to complement the warranty as well as keep things in shape.

Adhere to Specified/Recommended Pressure, Temperature, and Time

Just like a conventional heat press machine, Cricut one requires the correct pressure, temperature, and pressing time to make sure you achieve the best results.

Do not know the correct readings, consult the buyer’s guide or ask the professionals to help out.


The Cricut heat press machine is super convenient. We just love its handy and compact design, and ultimately that heavily impacts on reducing its price.

Way inexpensive than the conventional heat press, you can just accomplish almost all types of decals with ease.

The bestest choice of creative designers who love to make custom masterpieces for their customers.

So, there are no complications that can still back you off from how to use Cricut heat press machine effectively.

We see the Cricut heat press machine as a good indication to boost your home-based business.

Just stun your customers with never-seen designs that you are about to create with your creative mind!