HPN 15″ X 15″ Black Series Heat Press Review in 2023

HPN Black Series Heat Press ReviewsOwning a heat pressing machine that weighs a ton is straight out of the nightmare of every crafter. Mere lifting the hefty thing becomes a nuisance.

A sleek machine with a smaller footprint such as the HPN Black Series Heat Press is exactly what is needed in such dire circumstances.

Despite its compactness, this amazing machine comes with a nifty design that puts its larger rivals to shame. The manufacturers have not held back, and have loaded this model with the best features.

From the presence of a precise digital controller to the wide platen size, this heat press comes accumulated with a wide array of handy features.

Simply reading about the unique features of this nifty machine is not enough. If you are a crafter passionate about your work, then you need to get your hands on this amazing design. I assure you, it will be the best investment of your life.


What Makes HPN Black Series Heat Press Unique?

The smaller footprint of this heat press is the first feature that puts it up on a high pedestal. What pushes it further into the limelight is the presence of full-range heating coils in its body. Furthermore, this model also comes with a digital control panel and a clamshell design.

Lastly, the addition of a contoured adjustment knob along with the rubber-coated handle comes under the umbrella of small details that make the usage of this machine more convenient.

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HPN Black Series Heat Press Review

HPN Black Series Heat PressHPN is one of the few brands that actually take the needs and requirements of their users into consideration during designing their products. The HPN Black Series Heat Press is a great example of that. This heat press comes with a matte body that is manufactured from sturdy and robust materials.

The blend of black and blue is a small detail that brings the perk of appeal to the design of this heat press. After using it a couple of times, I can safely say that it offers more than mere looks.

This heat press comes with full-range heating coils that really give a boost to the performance of this nifty machine. The clamshell design of this machine makes it possible for the top platen to be lifted higher than usual.

Moreover, to enhance this convenience, the manufacturers have added a digital control panel to the robust body of this machine. The further addition of a thicker arm at the top platen makes it possible to lift the machine with more ease. With the addition of a soft layer of rubber over the handle, it will be easier to open and shut the upper platen without making your hands blister.

My personal favourite feature of this heat press has to be its 15 inches x 15 inches platen size. With this size, it is possible to use this same machine for a wide range of projects. The users are not bound to a specific size range only.

They can put a small hand towel, as well as a shirt in there. What ensures that the results remain the same for every single press is the addition of a thick layer of silicone at the bottom platen, serving as an insulation pad.

It will allow the heat to be transferred more evenly throughout the lower platen, so the quality of the design will be stunning each time. The cherry on top is the protective coating present on the upper platen that keeps your projects safe from scorching.


Full Range Heating Coils

The addition of full-range heating coils takes the performance of this heat press to the next level. Unlike the single coiled design, the heating elements present in this model ensure that the platen reaches high temperature more swiftly.

Along with reaching the desired temperature more quickly, the full-range heating elements also bring a higher temperature range to the design of the heat press. This single feature alone makes the heat press perfect for projects that require more intense temperatures.


Digital Control Panel for Settings

On the right side of this model is a small screen with a few buttons scattered right under it. Do not underestimate this screen of its tiny size. It controls the two critical settings of this machine, i.e., time and temperature.

It shows the temperature in two units, Fahrenheit and Celsius. Moreover, the temperature range is 0 to 550°F, which is quite impressive. The time goes from 0 to 999 seconds. Both of the settings can be adjusted with the aid of the buttons. There are four buttons including, a ‘set’, a ‘clear’, and two arrow keys, pointing upwards and downwards.


Clamshell Design

The clamshell design of this heat press is one of its best features. It allows the top platen of the machine to be lifted higher than the regular design. Therefore, there is more room for the users to remove and add their projects to the lower platen safely.

Moreover, it also makes it possible to lift the upper platen with ease. So, the owner of the machine will not need to exert too much force.



  • 15 inches x 15 inches
  • Non-stick coated platens
  • Adjustment knob for pressure
  • Rubber coated handle
  • Wide temperature range
  • Full-range heating coils
  • Silicone pad at bottom platen
  • Clamshell Design


  • No timer alarm system
  • The upper platen doesn’t have handles
  • Lacks accessories


Why Do You Need To Buy HPN Black Series Heat Press?

The wide platen size of this heat press is the first incentive for every crafter out there. In addition to that, the full-range heating coils combined with the insulation pad really boost the performance as well as the results emerging from this machine.

With the coating on the top platen, the risk of burnt projects will be eliminated from the picture completely. Last but not least, the clamshell design of this model will bring so much ease to the life of the user.


The HPN Black Series Heat Press is a one-time investment. This machine will take your ordinary substrates and cover them in stunning designs in no time. So, instead of wasting your time and money on other unreliable models, invest your bucks in this heat press that will give you amazing transfer results every time.