Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press Review (2023)

iglobalbuy 3d sublimation heat press reviewsEvery crafter yearns for a heat press that can do more in less time, but so far, this dream has not turned into a reality. That’s what I thought too. However, this changed when I stumbled upon the Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press.

Calling this model one of the finest creations ever will be no lie. The heavy-duty body is loaded with a wide array of perks that will make sublimation transfer seem like a child’s play.

To conquer the machine, you first need to familiarise yourself with its every nook and cranny. The review below will help you understand every single feature perfectly.

What Sets Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press Apart?

The combination of iron and aluminum in the construction is the first fantastic feature that sets this heat press apart. Moreover, the presence of a touch screen display right at the front is another nifty addition to the design.

The unique vacuuming technology is like a cherry on top of an already amazing design. Lastly, for me, the presence of a silicone pad along with protective gloves seemed like a nice touch that showed the manufacturers have gone an extra mile to facilitate their customers.

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Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press Review

Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat PressThe name of Iglobalbuy is among the best when it comes to heat presses. They incorporate every feature in the design of their models that can help users get the best possible results. They have kept the design of the Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press similar to the rest of their models.

The heat press comes with the construction of iron and aluminum. This blend makes the machine highly durable, sturdy, and resistant to corrosion, so the appliance will endure years of usage without bearing any damage.


This heat press may look intimidating with its heavy-duty design, but the reality is far from it. It has a very easy-to-operate design/ the manufacturers have laden it with some of the finest features that include a touch screen control system.

This system houses every single setting that controls the heat press. The heavyweight is a slight drawback that hinders portability, but the wider space makes up for it. This heat press has quite a wide surface which allows for the placement of more than a single substrate.


In addition to that, this model also comes with a silicone pad with a clamp. The pad is for heat pressing mugs. So the user can wrap it around their transfer design on top of the mug for a flawless transfer.

The addition of a buzzer in the design of this heat press is a thoughtful detail that informs users to remove their project from the machine. Furthermore, the presence of protective gloves in the package is quite a small detail, but for a heat press machine, this small detail will keep your hands safe and protected.


Innovative Vacuuming Technology

Forget about placing the project between two flat platens. The manufacturers of this heat press have gotten rid of that technique of transfer and added an innovative vacuuming one in its place. The first perk that this technique brings to the table is 3D printing. The product is placed in the heat press, and then it is sealed with a vacuum bag.

The moment you press start, the vacuum bag will inflate with heated air. This technique always delivers more crisp and vivid designs. Once the time is up, the vacuum seal will automatically deflate, allowing users to retract their project from within.


Touch Screen Control System

Forget about pressing down on bulky buttons and not getting the response, as the creators of this heat press have added a touchscreen right at the front. This touch screen is highly responsive; therefore, even a slight touch will give you the results. On the left side of the screen, the temperature, time, and power settings are located, while on the left side, the heating, vacuum, and timing settings.

Right in the middle is a small rectangular screen with a plus and a minus button below. This screen displays the time and the temperature. With the minus and plus, the two settings can be altered in a span of a second.

Multifunctional Design

The usage of this heat press is not limited to a single type of substrate only. It can transfer designs on mugs, ceramic plates, phone covers, t-shirts, and many other surfaces. The heat press comes with a vacuum seal that can transfer designs on basically any surface.

Lift the vacuum seal, and there is a wider space underneath. This space is for mugs, and it can easily house approximately 12 mugs at the same time. Therefore, you will be able to do more with this heat press in less time.



  • Iron and aluminum construction
  • Multifunctional design
  • Touchscreen display
  • Wider capacity
  • Includes a silicone pad for mugs
  • Safety gloves present in the package
  • Audible buzzer


  • The instruction manual lacks clarity
  • Very heavy in weight

Why Should You Buy Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press?

Investing money in the Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press will get you more than a simple heat press machine. This model can quickly transfer designs on basically every substrate I can think of, which is the first incentive.

The easy-to-use touch screen display board is another perk that makes it worth the purchase. Moreover, it uses the unique vacuuming method of transfer that always gives users the best possible results. The wider surface of this heat press allows for the placement of multiple substrates.


The Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Heat Press is truly one of the best investments. This machine has a sturdy construction which keeps its performance the same even after a decade.

Moreover, the simplistic nature of the control board makes it possible for even a novice to operate the heat press conveniently. Furthermore, it will be easier to keep an eye on your projects without lingering next to the heat press itself with the buzzer.