Is Teflon Sheet The Same As Parchment Paper

In the realm of heat pressing, the two most commonly used items are Teflon sheets and parchment papers. As the two are often used in similar situations, it often causes users to wonder if Teflon sheets are the same as parchment paper.

The precise answer to this question is no, Teflon sheet and parchment paper are two completely different items. Their resemblance starts and ends with both of them providing protection to the garment and the design present on top of it. Apart from this, these two can not be associated with each other.

This short answer may not be enough if you are a beginner-level user. This is why I have discussed the nature of Teflon sheets and parchment paper in the article below. Therefore, you will find a detailed and in-depth answer to all of your questions regarding Teflon sheets and parchment paper.

Is Teflon Sheet The Same As Parchment Paper

If you wonder whether a Teflon sheet is the same as parchment paper, then read the article below for a clear answer to the question.

Teflon Sheet And Parchment Paper

In the world of heat pressing, Teflon sheets and parchment papers are often categorised as the same. This often leads to users, especially ones with little to no experience, confusing the two types of sheets with each other. However, these two sheets are quite different from one another. Teflon sheet is made from a material called Teflon. It is non-stick and highly resistant to heat in nature. In addition to that, a sheet of Teflon is normally 5 mils thick. On the other side, parchment paper is made from plant fibres such as cotton or flax. The sheets then get coated in a generous layer of silicone, which adds non-stick quality to them.

What Makes Them Similar?

One of the major factors which makes a sheet of Teflon the same as a sheet of parchment paper is the fact that they both offer protection to the project. Even though both of these sheets come with different construction and have different designs, they both succeed in keeping the transfers and the garment safe from burning. This similarity between the two comes from the fact that both of these sheets bear high resistance to heat. A sheet of parchment paper is just as resistant to heat as Teflon, which explains why users often confuse them with each other. Apart from this, there is one other factor that makes the two similar to each other. Teflon sheets and parchment paper both have a non-stick surface. This is one of the major reasons why they are both ideal for heat-pressing projects.

What Sets Them Apart?

As we have already established that a Teflon sheet is quite different from parchment paper, let’s shed some light on what actually sets them apart. A Teflon sheet is a minimum of 5 mils thick, while a sheet of parchment paper is not as thick. In fact, parchment paper does not even come close to Teflon sheet in terms of thickness. This is why when it comes to reusability, Teflon sheets take the cake. That does not entail that you can reuse a sheet of parchment paper, you can use it a couple of times. On the other hand, a Teflon sheet can be reused way more than parchment paper, meaning a single sheet of Teflon will give you almost 50 to 100 presses.

Apart from this, another difference between the two types of sheets is that Teflon sheets can not be used for every type of press. You can use a Teflon sheet for HTV, but you can not use them for sublimation transfers. Contrary to that, a sheet of parchment paper can be used for HTV as well as sublimation transfers. The last difference between the two is that as Teflon is thicker, it requires a higher temperature than parchment paper. The thick nature of the sheet will make it a bit difficult for the heat to pass through. Therefore, you need to set the heat press at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the recommended while using Teflon. This problem does not arise when you are using parchment paper. Due to the thin nature of the sheet, you can set your machine at the exact temperature that your project needs.


Due to a few similarities, it is easy to confuse a sheet of Teflon with parchment paper. At one point, every beginner-level user has asked themselves the question of whether a Teflon sheet is the same as parchment paper. Lucky for you, the article above has a detailed answer that will clarify this problem for you.