Nurxiovo 12×15 8 in 1 Heat Press Review (2023 Updated)

Nurxiovo Heat Press ReviewsWhen it comes to heat pressing, the more the merrier, right? Unfortunately, sometimes more means hassle, especially when you have a machine that only caters to a specific type of project. Of course, if you have the Nurxiovo Heat Press on your work table, then this will never be the case.

This heat pressing machine is the definition of the ideal machine for every situation and substrate. It is highly compact, sleek and nifty.

Despite the fact that there are 8 types of pressing accessories accompanying the machine, the model still does not hog up all the space.Not to mention, this is only the start of its long list of amazing attributes.

This model has been crafted to cater to the needs of professional users just as well as novices. The article below lists every feature in great detail. So, without any further adieu, let’s dive right into what makes this model stand so tall among its competitors.

What Puts Nurxiovo Heat Press In The Limelight?

The first feature that sets this model in the limelight is the unique combination of swing-away and slide-rail features. Moreover, the pile of different types of pressing elements present in the package is another thing that sets this heat press apart. When you wrap all of the handy perks in the aluminium body, this model becomes unbeatable.

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Nurxiovo Heat Press Review

Nurxiovo Heat PressNurxiovo is a name you will hear quite frequently if you are a fan of heat pressing machines. This name will always appear at the top of the list due to the handy features their models come bearing. The Nurxiovo Heat Press is a one-stop solution to all heat pressing problems.

This machine comes with a solid construction comprising high-grade aluminium. The solid aluminium bestows this model with a rough and tough exterior that will keep the machine around for decades.

Moreover, what is present inside the robust body is equally amazing. This model comes with a flat base right under the bottom platen. This base ensures that the machine does not topple over, and remains in its upright position.


The lower platen has been blessed with the handy feature of the slide-rail design, while the upper platen has the swing-away feature. The 12 inches x 15 inches platen size will provide enough space for small and medium-sized projects. So, anything from a mask to a shirt can be placed and pressed between the platens.

Speaking of which, the upper platen comes with a coating of non-stick. This small detail will keep the burning and sticking of substrates to the platen surface to a minimum. The lower platen has two layers of insulation pads covering the entire surface. So, not only do they provide protection to the project, but also deliver uniform and better results.


What they say is true, it is the small details that make a machine special. This is also true in the case of this heat press. It comes with a small knob at the top which is responsible for the pressure of each press.

To ensure the comfort and ease of users, the manufacturers have added a small lever to the knob, which also tucks inside. So, the pressure can be adjusted without any hassle.

Furthermore, the springs present at the top platen will distribute the pressure evenly. Moreover, the arm handle comes with a contoured design, which provides better control over the handle, and lessens the chances of slipping.

The digital control board will ensure that the time and temperature are as precise as possible. With the small buttons, altering the two critical settings will be a piece of cake. Lastly, the small addition of a timer alarm is the detail which will keep your project safe from burning even without close monitoring.


Comes With Multiple Attachments

Every person halts in their footsteps when they see the wide array of attachments accompanying this model. This is also the feature which led me to this machine.

From what I have heard, the list includes a platen press, a hat/cap press, two plate presses of different sizes, and four mug presses. The variety of mug presses makes it possible to tuck different-sized mugs and cups in this heat press.


Sliding Out Design

Another feature which is quite amazing is the sliding-out design of the lower platen. There is no need to take out your tool kit to disassemble the platen from the body, simply slide it out and voila! It enhances convenience and makes it possible to do more work without any stress and struggle.


Full Range Heating Coils

No matter how fancy the exterior of the machine is, if the heating elements are lousy, it is a piece of junk. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers of this amazing machine has added the perk of full-range heating coils to this model. These heating coils will heat up the machine faster and also keep the temperature much more consistent as compared to other models.


360 Degree Rotation

Nurxiovo has paid close attention to the safety of the users along with convenience. This is why they have added a 360-degree rotation feature to the upper platen. This feature checks both boxes singlehandedly. The upper platen can be moved away easily which minimizes the user’s contact with its heated design.



  • 8-in-1 design
  • Slide rail feature
  • Timer alarm system
  • Digital time and temperature control
  • Pressure knob with a lever
  • Aluminium construction
  • 360-rotation of the upper platen
  • Anti-slip handle grip
  • Non-stick heating plate
  • Dual insulation pads
  • Springs at the upper platen


  • The handle is not very comfortable
  • Does not come with any manual
  • No suction feet


Why Do You Need To Invest In Nurxiovo Heat Press?

The Nurxiovo Heat Press is laden with everything that a user needs, whether it is comfort, or ease, this model checks every box. It comes with 8 attachments in a single package that will eliminate the need for more machines.

Moreover, the non-stick coating, dual insulation pads, and pressure adjustment knob are some of the many features of this machine that scream convenience.


When you combine good looks with amazing qualities, you get the Nurxiovo Heat Press. This machine is a jackpot, as it includes every type of press that a crafter needs, present in a single package. There are many other nifty features too, but for that, you will need to read the article above.