OrangeA 15×15 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

Designs are made, and that is one of the beauty factors that give freedom to anybody to try out the custom approach. If you like to indulge in art and craft ideas for your small mouse mat, pillow cover, or T-shirt for that matter a heat press with ideal functionality would certainly bring things under the spotlight.

Finding a really good product in the market is more like luck by chance, especially if your preference or budget is somewhat precise. And if you are looking for a machine like a heat press online, things become even more challenging.

Multiple websites and online stores can easily make one confused when it comes to selecting the product without knowing about its brand value or working feature in the first place.

So if you can relate, this article is just for you!

If you are in a hurry to look for a design imprinting machine that does make things more appealing on fabric, mugs, and much other stuff we have found you this Orangea heat press that comes with enhanced power and robust performance.

Let’s find out about this shortlisted heat press and know more about it. Here is the truthful review!

What Makes Orangea Heat Presst Outstand Others?

Orangea is one of the best heat presses for its performance in a seamless manner. The smooth output with quick operation always values your purchase and that is the next best thing that you will notice after experiencing its design imprinting approach.

The first thing that makes this Orangea heat press stand out from others is the digital and smart LCD control panel. It’s super easy to operate and lets you see the information right away without going into complex tasks.

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Orangea Heat Press Review

orangea heat pressLet’s know a bit about the Orangea brand first. For those who are new to this name, Orangea is one of the trustworthy names for producing stable and high-quality heat press machines for design imprinting. The fully-featured device by the brand never feels flimsy and that makes sure the company values and its standard.

Talking more about the product, this heat press has been designed with a 15 x 15 area of the heating place and it features smooth functionality and smart features for you.

The simplified design makes sure each feature is on tips and that gives you the privilege to operate quickly even if you are a newbie in the heat press and design imprinting. Its audible alarm makes it a better solution for quickly knowing when the task is done.

Moreover, the alarm works the best for its performance and the machine automatically shuts off when the heating time reaches the set time and temperature range.

Its 24.02 x 20.98 x 17.99 inches dimensions are quite reasonable for placing it on desks and keeping things ergonomics plus it consumes 1200 Watt of electricity in total. It weighs a total of 55.6 pounds.


Swing away design

It also comes with a range of essential and user-friendly features that marks its comprehensiveness in all respects. From the digital and advanced-level design to the 360° swing-away feature, you have its performance on point!

The swing-away design guarantees you safe performance with reduced accidents and mishaps while you are heating and working on plates. It also works best for pressure application directly and evenly to the material and heat transfer becomes ideal.

Adjustable spring plate

Throughout its performance, the heat press by Orangea ensures better output. That said, you have the movable and adjustable spring plate that you can replace with several more accessories including a mug press, and cap press plus it’s quite simple to move.

Its round contour is a great design and an effective way to produce more precise pressure when it comes to smooth and even design on the T-shirt and more. Due to the well-distributed weight, this heat press ultimately makes sure the quality that matters.

Simplified performance

If you are a novice and want to make your own creative design, Orangea heat press is offering you the quality that is not featured with complex functionality.

It comes with a labor-saving design and a dual-layer of thermal insulation cotton, 4-mm aluminum silicate paper insulation, and the 10-mm thick thermos table sponge, and that work in a positive approach to ensure quality design imprinting.



  • User-fetidly functions with adjustable plate spring
  • Digital LCD screen for a quick time and temperature viewing
  • Fast and efficient imprinting performance
  • Durable design and simplified build
  • The auto alarm tells when the temperature reaches the present value


  • It is a bit wiggly
  • The instruction manual is complicated
  • The plate may feel a mismatch


Why Should You Buy Orangea Heat Press?

If you like machines and digital devices in simplified form, the Orangea heat press is just for you. While it comes with quality and a pivotal feature range, this machine is also making sure to be the most user-friendly version that keeps your preference met for every kind of material imprinting.

Through its constant and even heating you have the privilege to imprint your handbags, garments, handkerchiefs, tablecloth, and a lot more things that you fall right for this heat press machine.

And for the quality built, this machine is not any substandard and that is for sure. Many users have claimed its performance and quality which make it reliable with a five-star rating.


Through this review, you will certainly need no further inspection and analysis of this heat press by Orangea. We took its analyses on a very honest note and have found its design imprinting as the standard one.

If you are thinking of replanting your older heat press or you want to buy a new brand machine for creating your own fashion, Orangea is one of the reliable choices that won’t cost you too much.

So, considering all the relevant points, features, and performance parameters, we recommend you to experience its performance for sure.