Hotronix Pink Craft Heat Press Review in 2023

pink craft heat press reviewsHeat pressing is a task that requires a lot more than skills, especially if you have an old model, then you will also need a whole lot of patience. However, from my personal experience, I can say one thing with surety. This Pink Craft Heat Press will not test the patience of its users, unlike its competition.

This machine has been designed to bring ease and convenience to the lives of crafters. Even though it comes with a compact body, do not underestimate its performance due to its small size.

With nifty features such as the digital control system and the non-stick coating on the platens, this model oozes ease as well as quality.

The simplicity of this model lures a crafter of every level to it, but ideally, it is more suitable for novices and beginner-level crafters.

Its easy-to-use design and the wide array of handy features accumulated inside a solid construction makes this one of the best investment any hobbyist or a crafter can make.


What Makes Pink Craft Heat Press Stand Apart?

The smaller footprint of this model is the first highlighting feature that grabs the eye of every crafter. Furthermore, the precision of the digital control panel lures users even closer to this machine.

It also comes with 6 packs of HTV sheets included in the package and the further addition of non-stick coating on the platens places this model up on a high pedestal.

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Pink Craft Heat Press Review

Pink Craft Heat PressHotronix is one of the most prestigious names when it comes to heat presses. Their designs rank high in simplicity, yet they are also the best in terms of performance. The Pink Craft Heat Press is an example of such a design.

This heat pressing machine is what I refer to as every beginner’s best friend. It comes with a compact body that has been constructed with the finest quality materials.

The usage of high-quality materials only brings strength to the design of the machine, without any extra weight. This model weighs like feathers as compared to its competition, which is a perk. Moving the heat press around will be like a piece of cake.

Despite its low weight, the features present in its body make it worthy of investment. It comes with a digital control system right at the top of the machine.

Moreover, the arm responsible for opening and shutting the top platen has a thick as well as curved design. This will make it so much more convenient to lift the heavy top platen with ease.

The further addition of a generously thick layer of soft rubber on the arm handle brings more comfort and ease to the entire job. So, forget about muscular strain or aching hands.

In addition to that, this model also comes with a solid base which ensures that the machine stays in its position all the time. A thoughtful feature of this heat press is that it comes with a thick dial right in the middle of the platen.

This dial is responsible for the adjustment of the pressure of each press. The nifty part is its unique location, due to being in the centre, the pressure gets distributed throughout the platen evenly.

An even pressure means the press will be perfect, so your design will be flawless each time. The presence of 6 packs of HTV sheets in the package is a small detail that goes a long way.

Lastly, this model also comes with a thick layer present between the two platens, acting as an insulation pad. Due to the addition of this pad, the quality of every press will be simply remarkable.


Digital Control System

When you turn your machine on, the screen present at the top comes alive, with blinking red digits. This is the digital control system of this heat press which is responsible for controlling the time and temperature of each press. It contains a wide screen, with three buttons below it.

The button in the middle is the ‘mode’, with a plus and a minus on both sides. There are no hidden settings. With these three keys, the users can adjust the settings of their machines very easily. The carved and flat design of the buttons makes it easier to push them.


Non-Stick Coated Platens

You are not a crafter if you have never experienced the pain of a project getting burnt from the top and sticking to the upper platen. That will not be the case with this amazing machine, as it comes with a non-stick coating on the platens.

This thick layer will make sure that the substrate and the transfer sheet do not stick to the upper platen no matter how high the temperature of the platen is.


Solid Base

This may seem like an ordinary feature, but when it comes to bulky machines such as heat presses, the base of the machine is very critical. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers have made the base of this model very sturdy.

Moreover, it also comes with four small feet at the bottom that are covered in a thick layer of non-slip rubber. So, once the machine has been placed in its allocated spot, it will not move even an inch from it.



  • Non-stick coating on platens
  • It comes with 6 packs of HTV sheets
  • Sturdy base
  • Lightweight design
  • Insulation pad
  • Pressure knob in the middle
  • Rubberized arm handle
  • Digital system


  • No separate platen handles
  • Does not support any add ons
  • Not for larger projects


Why Should You Invest In Pink Craft Heat Press?

The Pink Craft Heat Press comes with a compact body that is also quite light in terms of weight, so portability will never be an issue. Moreover, despite its small size, it comes laden with every advanced feature of a high-end professional-grade machine, such as a digital control system, pressure knob and insulation pad. When you add the rest of its smaller details to the mix, this heat press becomes the best investment for every novice.


The Pink Craft Heat Press is the best machine for smaller projects. From its LCD screen to its simple and easy-to-use design, there is no room for dislike about this model. Get your hands on this heat press to experience the comfort of an easily operable machine.