Planet Flame 15×15 Clamshell Heat Press Review in 2023

planet flame heat press reviewsYou surely want an affordable, high-performing, and durable heat press for your next creative imprinting on T-shirts and more. But the truth is nothing comes easy.

And if you are searching for a machine like a heat press online, there are high chances that you get yourself the wrong one especially when you don’t already know about the best heat press available in the market right now!

Therefore, we did a research on the top heat press and thoroughly sifted a bunch of these machines and checked them on the basis of durability, performance, user-friendly features, and many more factors that readily became important for imprinting creative designs.

And after much time, we came up with this Planet Flame Heat Press that is becoming everyone’s favorite. While it looks reasonable through its design it also performs amazingly well. So let’s check out this review about Planet flame heat press and know the deeper insights.

What Makes Planet Flame Heat Press Outstand Others?

This heat press machine comes with a great build and instant performance for heating up the platen. It comes with a thick and durable heat-resistant silicone mat that makes it outstanding.

The mat is efficient and ideal when it comes to keeping heat evenly distributed. The thick and heat-resistant silicone mat makes sure the evenly distributed electricity 140°F-500°F is all about safety.

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Planet Flame Heat Press Review

planet flame heat pressBefore you get into the full-fledged review section, let me know a bit about the planned flame heat press company. If you are a first-time buyer from planet flame, it would not let you down. Certainly, it comes with quality and the company is known for making sturdy machines. Due to the warranty and manufacturing style, planet flame has been regarded as one of the most prestigious names in heat press making.

This machine also reflects the quality of its previous models; however, what makes it outstanding for performance is its seamless and smooth imprinting design that never makes the final results out of your anticipation.

It consumes 110 voltages and the time control range is 0 to 499 seconds. Its total weight is 50.9 pounds and that makes it ideal for quality holder machines.

Furthermore, it comes with a Teflon-coated exterior which makes it even better against scratches and more. It’s pretty much safe and sound when it comes to working and using the approach.

Due to its Aluminum heat platen with Teflon coated you don’t need any other coating sheet and hence this heat press is simply harmless when it comes to cloth imprinting.

With that, it is easy to clean and there is no mess after you have completed your work. Due to its built style, this heat press machine looks valuable and eye-catchy as well.

Its precisely controlling feature for temperature and pressure is amazing. You have the best settings and controls that let you set and adjust as you want. Also, it comes with the adjustable plastic strapped for first item opening and hence it readily kicks the traditional heat press machines that were difficult to open up.


Easy to use

One of the biggest concerns of these heat press machines is to use them as a prop. The functions and the features are usually complex and that demands only professionals to keep it in use. However, this planet flame heat press machine comes already assembled and there is no delay to use right after unboxing.

With its digital controls, you further get the ease of use for setting temperature and timers. With this machine and its usage, you get everything digital and that makes it an advanced-level gear for imprinting your favorite design within less time.

Support for material

Since it’s an ideal machine for both commercial and home use, you have it for all the right reasons. Planet flame is efficient enough to imprint and make graphics on polyester/cotton garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates, and other flat surfaced items.

Overall, it is an ideal choice for imprinting design and graphics on several materials, and that gives you the freedom to try out chic designs on whatever material you desire.

Faster temperature hike

Due to its aluminum heat plate, you have its robust quality ensure and that makes it one of the strong heat presses within a fair price range. The rich aluminum plate comes with a total of 8 heating tubes that makes sure the temperature gets instantly hiked up.

Along with a faster temperature and heating plate, you also get the uniformity that ensures you have the best design from all over the edges. Also, the transfer color is more complete with an even temperature.



  • Teflon coating is harmless to the cloth and easy to clean
  • Digital control for and precise control adjustable
  • Thickened Aluminum heating plate
  • Features heat resistant silicone mat


  • Sometimes it may not heat properly
  • Feels somewhat wobbly
  • Its fuse needs improvements


Why Should You Buy Planet Flame Heat Press?

If you are still wondering about why you want this planet heat press machine in the first place, the most dominating reason would be its performance. Moreover, this heat press is perfect for personal use as well as professional and industrial-grade projects.

Its robust output comes unbeatable to holding plenty of imprinting tasks in a row. Overall, this machine is strong and its build quality would serve you reasonably for a long time without breaking any of its parts.


With today’s review, we are hoping that you have gotten enough information about this planet’s flame heat press. With its quality features and the array of functionality, there is nothing essential parameter that you may find left behind.

We tried to give you all the facts regarding this machine and that will surely help you if you want to buy this heat press for your next design imprinting session. So if you have a lot of options and are thinking of narrowing down your search, Planet Flame would be a reliable heat press that you should try.