Ricoma Heat Press Review in 2023

ricoma heat press reviewsYou have not had the real experience of heat pressing till you are shuffling and folding the fabric ten ways to Sunday to fit it in the platen of your heat press. It requires a whole new level of patience along with expertise. This mess has a simple solution that comes with the name of Ricoma Heat Press.

The whopping 16 inches x 24 inches platen size of this heat press is one of its many features that stop buyers in their tracks. Even a feature as small as the handle cover has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Therefore, keep very high hopes for this model.

I have heard many good things about this machine, and safe to say, all of them are spot-on. Mere reading will not bring you the joy that having this model on your work table will. So, set all your work aside, read my detailed thoughts about this heat press and then get your hands on it.


What Sets Ricoma Heat Press Apart?

The first feature that successfully makes this heat press unique is the presence of a wide platen in the design. Moreover, the digital control panel, as well as the clamshell design of this model, also play a role in its reputation.

Finally, the wide temperature range and the thickness range of the substrate are a few other examples of things that make this heat press different from its competition.

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Ricoma Heat Press Review

ricoma heat pressWhen it comes to heat presses, Ricoma iKonix does not hold back. Their designs are some of the best in the market as they meet the user’s requirements perfectly. The Ricoma Heat Press is the perfect example of that.

This model comes laden with unique features incorporated into a well-constructed body, so the users can keep the machine in usage for a long time. Speaking of well-built, the base of this heat press comes with a very solid design, following the footsteps of the rest of its construction. Moreover, this model has a platen size which is wide enough to fit even a blanket in it.


The clamshell design of this model is also among its long list of perks. Moving towards what’s present inside this nifty machine. The manufacturers have added a thick layer of insulation pad. It runs from one corner of the platen all the way to the other side, covering the entire lower platen.

The addition of this detail makes it possible to have even and perfect results after a single press. The best part is that this heat press supports up to 1-inch thick substrates between the two platens. This perk opens up the gate to limitless options of items that can be pressed, from thick jigsaw puzzles to blankets, the list keeps growing.


The digital board added to the top front of the heat press is the part which gives out commands to the machine and controls it. It contains two major settings, time and temperature. To tinker with the said two settings, the manufacturers have added a couple of buttons at the bottom of the screen.

This feature brings ease to operating the machine, as controlling it is like a piece of cake. Furthermore, the small detail of adding a comfortable coating over the arm handle makes this model even more appealing. It is comfortable to hold and easier to operate.


Larger Surface Area

The best feature of this heat press has to be its massive platen size. It is 24 inches wide and 16 inches long. This size opens up a realm of options for the users. They can take their smallest handkerchief, and their blanket and press them both with this nifty machine. Dealing with all sizes of projects with a single machine has now become possible thanks to Ricoma.


Clamshell Design

The clamshell design of this model is another nifty feature. As it lacks the feature of 360-degree rotation, so to make up for it, the manufacturers have added the clamshell design to it. This allows the top platen to be lifted higher than normal. It opens as high as up to 70 degrees, which leaves enough room to place and remove projects with ease.


Wide Temperature Range

Another perk of this machine which seems small, but has a great influence on its performance is the temperature range. Normally machines offer a maximum of 450°F, but not the Ricoma Heat Press. Its maximum temperature goes as high as 599°F. Moreover, the temperature also does not fluctuate much, so along with a wider range, you also get temperature accuracy.


Solid Base Design

This is one of those features that actually make a huge difference to its usage and performance, as I have heard. Instead of adding pairs of feet or any other thing at the bottom, like the competition, the manufacturers have gone for flat rods.

These rods have a very solid design. Therefore, they keep the heat press standing straight at all times. Moreover, they also eliminate any chances of the machine wobbling or moving even slightly. So, the user will be able to operate with ease.



  • 24 inches x 16 inches
  • Flat rods at the base
  • Clamshell design
  • Insulation pad
  • Digital control panel
  • Rubber coated handle
  • Pressure knob in the platen centre
  • Supports up to 1-inch thick items
  • Temperature goes up to 599°F


  • Does not have Teflon coating on platens
  • No audible alarm system
  • Very heavy in weight


Why Do You Need To Buy Ricoma Heat Press?

The wider workspace this heat press offers is the first feature that should convince anyone to buy this model for themselves. With the further addition of sturdy construction and a solid base in the mix, it becomes an even better deal.

The best part is that this solid design is oozing with amazing features that make the tedious task of heat pressing quite hassle-free for the users. So, even though it comes at a hefty price, its handy features make it worth the bucks.



With the Ricoma Heat Press, you are getting a machine that will handle everything from small home-based projects to commercial ones. It has been designed in a way that it fits the requirements of novices as well as professionals. So, without wasting any more time, get this model for yourself.