Ridgeyard 16×24 Digital Clamshell Sublimation Review (2023)

Ridgeyard heat press reviewsIf you are a creative person you have some unique design that you want to imprint on fabric or mugs! And for that, you need a reliable machine that holds quality. The best heat press machines are liable to produce even penetrating heat for better design imprinting.

Additionally, when you have to imprint on multiple materials such as hats, T-shirts, mugs, and many more, the machine must come with intelligent functions and a smart assistant to make things smooth.

However, it seems difficult to come up with the best product among the rest, especially when you are searching online.

It is quite obvious that a heat press machine has to use a lot of heat combination from the upper plate to the lower plate for better results so you need to look for the quality that seconds that.

To save your time and searches, we have inspected this Ridgeyard heat press that has gotten our attention for several reasons. Below we have listed down the quality insight of the Ridgeyard heat press. So let’s find out how it can be productive for you.


What Makes  Ridgeyard Heat Press Outstand Others?

It uses a combination of heat pressure from the heated upper platen onto the lower platen to achieve its results. Moreover, this Ridgeyard heat press comes with the privilege of constant temperature similar to the industrial style attachment and that is one of the standout features with the freedom to print on anything including even oversized shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, mugs, and many more things.

Also, there is an intelligent digital display with a design for precise temperature control. The temperature accuracy has been recorded to ±1℃ which never underperforms when you have larger stuff to imprint graphics or chic designs.

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Ridgeyard Heat Presst Review

Ridgeyard heat pressIf you are new to Ridgeyard Heat Press Company it is one of the most in-demand names for getting the latest and featured heat press. Many users have found and given this company a five-star rating due to the quality and the robust machine they produce.

Talking about the heat press machine features, this 16 x 24 Ridgeyard heat machine has been designed with the smart auto electronic timing approach. It always makes sure you have the auto alert process that tells you when your work is complete. All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes for heating up!

Ideally, you should keep it for mid-range projects for printing design and working on different projects due to its rather limited functions, however, it does well what it does.

That is why you get minimal chances of burning and misprinting. This machine requires 1600W in total to perform in smoothness and the working voltages are not more than 110V /60HZ. As for its weight limit, this machine weighs about 79.37 lbs i.e. 36 kg in total.

With that, digital temperature control and the utmost accuracy to select the temperature are there. For quality control and best output, you have its aluminum hot plate right there.

It makes its smooth and uninterrupted heat process guaranteed and that leaves an impact on the fabric. if there is one thing that is not sure about, then it’s the attachment, but the attachments but the package does some with 1x Fully-assembled machine  1x Operation instruction, and 1x Power line.


Temperature resistant anti-sticking

For durability and quality, there are so many little e things that contribute. For a machine like a heat press, the temperature plays a central role. Therefore, you have to look for a machine that does not compromise on the temperature. Knowing that fact, the Ridgeyard machine has been designed with an anti-sticking layer that promotes ease in cleaning and hence you get a well-managed heat press.


Aluminum hot plate

If you are looking for a quality printing machine, its quality should reflect in each of its manufacturing parts. This Ridgeyard printing design comes with durability ensured.

However, the notable aluminum hot plate of this device is something that instantly adds value to the defining process. With that, you have the most desirable heating approach that puts even and well-balanced heating pressure on the materials.



Not many heating press machines would offer you this but Ridgeyard has been engineered with utmost care and concern. That said, its antioxidant workbench has been featured with the high-temperature silicon that always beeps the shape under 400 ℃.



  • Anti-stick coating for better cleaning
  • Antioxidant workbench ensured shape under 400 ℃
  • Comes with 0-999 seconds of time control range
  • Durably made and efficient performance
  • Aluminum hot plate for uninterrupted heating


  • It is so heavy!
  • Sometimes the thermostat reads wrong
  • Smell is quite adverse


Why Should You Buy Ridgeyard Heat Press?

There could be so many reasons to buy this Ridgeyard machine. From quality to the manufacturing style, each of the factors of this heat press machine comes with the added value and the efficiency ensured. But if you are concerned about the one dominating factor of this machine, it would certainly be the smart automatic timing approach.

With this, you don’t have to keep a check on its timing, and the auto-alert lets you know when the heating and imprinting process has ended. Overall, this covers every essential feature such as smooth heating, long-lasting parts, a reasonable price range, and the user-friendly functionality that welcomes everybody to use it.


In this review of the Ridgeyard heat press machine, we covered the major to minor aspects that you can consider while buying. By seeing this machine, you can certainly infer its durability and the high quality that contributes when you imprint designing on fabrics or mugs and more. In one word, we have analyzed its quality and the results were pretty satisfying for considering a professional device.

There are some quality factors that come with this machine, however we suggest you experience its performance and take a deep look at how it makes your life easier for imprinting choice and stylized design in lesser time without damaging the quality.