Siser 16×20 Digital Clam Shell Heat Press Review in 2023

siser digital clam heat press reviewsThe tediousness of heat pressing evaporates when you have got an amazing machine on your work table that does half of the job for you. Let me introduce one of the models that fit this description very aptly, the Siser Digital Clam Heat Press.

One look at this heat press can convince anyone to spend their money on it. The gleaming body can easily lure any crafter closer to the machine.

A single look at the nifty features and they are a goner. I know this for a fact because that is how I happened to get my hands on this model.

The clamshell design of the top platen will ensure the safety of the users as well as bring convenience. Moreover, the solid construction wrapping all the features in it will give you years worth of usage. Read the article below to find out the rest of the details of this amazing piece of metal.


What Makes Siser Digital Clam Heat Press Unique?

Picking one highlighting feature would be an injustice as this model comes with many features that make it unique. The clamshell design of opening the top platen is the first feature that makes this heat press different from the rest.

Moreover, an audible alarm is one of those things that every crafter yearns to have in the machine they own. Well guess what, this amazing machine has got it.

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Siser Digital Clam Heat Press Review

Siser Digital Clam Heat PressSiser is a name which comes with some of the best designs of heat presses. Their models are built to last and the Siser Digital Clam Heat Press is one of those pieces that have a sturdy design as well as nifty features.

This heat press comes with a solid construction of steel. The usage of this material in the making of the heat press gives it a highly durable exterior, which keeps all the parts tucked safely inside. The base of this machine is also quite rugged like the rest of the body.

The manufacturers have not missed even the smallest detail, which explains why this model comes with a rubber coating over the handle. It is not only soft and comfortable to hold, but it also brings slip resistance to the design.

With the double-arm design, the top platen will be manoeuvred more easily. The pressure knob is placed right in the centre, this allows for the machine to equally distribute the pressure throughout the 11×15 size of the platens. Speaking of which, the dimensions of the platen are also quite great, it can be used for a variety of projects.

Another feature which guarantees convenience and safety is the clamshell design of the machine. The cherry on top is that the upper platen comes with a floatation feature, which keeps it hovering at a safe distance while the users work on the placement of the project.

The addition of a small digital control box at the top of the machine brings more comfort and convenience to the table. The further addition of an insulation pad in the middle of the two platens allows the heat to be spread more evenly throughout the bottom platen.

To top it off, the manufacturers have also covered the top platen in a non-stick coating. Therefore, there will be fewer burnt projects. Another nifty feature of this machine is that it comes with an alarm that makes it easier to monitor the machine from afar.


Thick And Solid Base

The first amazing feature of this machine has to be the solid and robust base. This feature often gets overlooked as a minor one, but it has a huge impact on the overall performance of the machine.

The manufacturers have added two long legs at the bottom of the lower platen. These two legs are constructed from high-grade steel, giving them enough strength to support the entire weight of the heat press.

Moreover, with the thick design, they also make sure that the machine stays in its position and does not even budge an inch from its place.


Audible Alarm System

Another great addition to the shiny body of the Siser Digital Clam Heat Press is an alarm system. I am not talking about a small beeping sound, instead, this model comes with an audible alarm that can be heard from a distance.

Therefore, you can easily keep an eye on your projects without having to stand right next to them. This is a feature which will help users get done with their work more comfortably.


Easy To Control The Settings

The overall design of this machine is quite easy to operate. The users can alter any one of the three critical settings very conveniently. The machine comes with a small screen at the top with a couple of buttons right under it.

This screen shows the time and the temperature that can be changed with the said buttons. Moreover, the pressure adjustment knob has an ergonomic design.

Therefore, controlling the pressure of every press will be as easy as a piece of cake. The best part is the nifty placement of the knob, right in the middle of the top platen. So, the pressure will be applied more evenly.



  • Sturdy base
  • Steel construction
  • Soft rubber handle cover
  • Nifty placement of pressure knob
  • Digital control screen
  • Non-stick coated upper platen
  • Clamshell style opening
  • Alarm system


  • No platen handles
  • The upper platen does not swing away
  • The temperature range is not wide


Why Do You Need To Buy Siser Digital Clam Heat Press?

Every crafter whether starter level or advanced needs this machine in their lives. The sturdy and robust construction, carrying all the handy features inside, will make sure that you can keep this model around for an extended amount of time. With the nifty features like the alarm system, floatation of the upper platen and the digital control screen, this model will be one of the best investments ever.


The Siser Digital Clam Heat Press seems like an ordinary machine from a distance, but the truth is far from it. This model is one of the best ones out there, as it comes with everything a crafter needs. So if you love getting stunning results from your heat-press, then get your hands on this model immediately.