Surpcos (15×12) 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

surpcos heat press reviewsIf you invest in your heat-press, it would surely repay you by producing a quality design that does not look fainted or smudged.

Surely, you cannot replace or repair your heat press machine now and then just because it cannot keep up with performance. Therefore, purchasing a tough and high-quality device would be the same option.

Now when you have so many brands and options available only fewer ones have the eligibility to maintain the best performance, accuracy in pressure, temperature, and more such features. and Surpcos is among those quality names.

Today we will find out how this Surpcos heat press can be the answer to your searches and what features make it an instant standout.

As far as we have tested, this heat press has shown us the quality results in imprinting design, logos, patterns, and many more graphically stunning designs that indicate the standard building of this heat press machine. Let’s see what this heat press has to offer you!

What Makes Surpcos Heat Press Outstand Others?

If we talk about one of the few points that dominate this heat press machine, it would certainly be its 360° swing-away function which is robust. What it does is quite ergonomic and it gives them the freedom for the heating material to move aside without damaging the quality. Therefore, you get less damage for getting your finalized design.

Also, Surpcos comes with a thick heating board which ensures industrial-grade quality. Unlike many regular machines, this heat press device has a pretty ergonomic build and unique style that lets you catty it without any hassle.

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Surpcos Heat Press Review

surpcos heat pressSurpcos is a trustworthy brand for heat press and design imprinting machines. Its quality standards are high and that is the reason why we chose it today.

Surpcos prioritize the user-friendly design for producing upgraded and latest heat press that features ground-breaking qualities in each of their models.

This is a 5-in-1 12 x 15 machine heat press and it has been featured with the one cap press (6″ x 3″, Curved), one mug press (3″-3.5″ Diameter 11oz), Two Plate Presses (5″ and 6″ Diameter).

This is a multifunctional machine and it comes with the full 360-degree rotation of the swing arm that is all about complete safety when you are imprinting the design plus there are fewer chances of any accidental damage to your material.

Furthermore, the time and temperature control come with the precise measurement of 200-450 °F (95-232 °C) and the time from the range of 0 – 999 seconds.

This machine consumes a total of 900 Watt and 110 voltages which is standard to keep the performance as standard additionally it has a pretty thick heating board that minimizes the burning incidents and keeps the material in its real form after heat and pressure application.

Surpcos heating press has also been lauded for its color accuracy and you can imprint a design on it without any smudges at all.

It works better wisely and is efficient enough to transfer character and the printing ink on materials such as ceramics, glasses, and textiles such as cotton, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, etc., which means you don’t have any restricted gamut when you want to imprint your favorite graphics or pattern on something.

This heat machine is ideal when you want durable gear that does not break and gets scratched soon after purchasing. The neat painting design with the Teflon-coating plate readily minimizes the damages and also ensures even heating transfer for the imprinted material.


Rubber handle

For a machine like a heat press, the handle and its manufacturing design must feature a fuller grip that ensures better ergonomics. This machine comes with a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant handle that feels comfortable when you have to move this imprinting machine. The high-quality rubber handle is all about user-friendly design.

Pressure adjusting knob

Pressure for the heat press machine works as the major factor for imprinting accurate designs. This machine comes with an adjustable pressure knob that takes care of the preciseness when you talk about different materials such as fabrics and ceramics.

Surpcos have been designed with the silicon pad and the pressure adjustment knob lets you decide the pressure keeping the material thickness in mind. The pressure regulating knob is well-built and hence longevity becomes the next thing that you experience.

High-quality aluminum spring press rod

The spring press rod is super easy to operate and makes things functional. It comes with fairly lightweight aluminum and that is exceptional in its performance for quality. Moreover, the spring press rod has been designed with a user-friendly design.

The quality manufacturing comes with the high-quality premium aluminum spring which does not add more weight to the overall machine plus it takes care of the scratches.



  • Scratch-resistant exterior with Teflon coating
  • Rubber hand make sure grip and its rust-resistant
  • Lets out an audible and soft beep when the transition is complete
  • Ergonomic design with 360° Swing-Away Safe Design
  • Best for commercial and person grade performance


  • It doesn’t close rightly; has a little gap
  • Its stand is too wide
  • The mug attachments can overheat


Why Should You Buy Surpcos Heat Press?

Overall, this Surpcos is a great heat press machine that works wonderfully for commercial-grade to small hobby projects with seamless imprinting. From its scratch-resistant design to the Teflon coating, this machine comes with everything premium.

Also, you use this Surpcos heat press for imprinting designs on a variety of different stuff including T-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, coasters, mousepads, jigsaw puzzles, lettering, and other misc. fabrics and many more materials.


Seeing this machine and its performance, you can say that Surpcos is a feature-rich heat press machine. Its neat and compact build style, sturdiness, and the functionality to imprint on many types of materials show off the commercial-grade approach and that complement its design.

With this review, we are anticipating that you have picked up the insights and it will surely prove to be worthwhile when you are in the market for purchase.