Signzworld Swing Away HP230B Heat Press Review 2023

Swing Away HP230B Heat Press ReviewThe task of heat pressing is quite interesting, but the interest lasts only till the machine responds perfectly.

Nobody likes working on a glitching piece of metal that keeps burning all your projects. In such a scenario, the Swing Away HP230B Heat Press is like a knight in shining armour.

This heat press has been constructed to provide what other models lack. It checks everything from a strong and well-built body, to the high-grade features of a professional machine.

Whether it is a tote bag or a plain jigsaw puzzle, this heat press is capable of handling everything with unparalleled ease.

A few paragraphs are not enough to ramble about its perks. Therefore, I had to jot down my thoughts in the detailed article below.

It will give you a proper insight into every single feature present inside this model. Prepare to be astounded as this is an amazing piece of creation.

What Makes Swing Away HP230B Heat Press Unique?

The generous coating of PTFE is the first thing that makes this model unique. It adds protection to the design. Moreover, the robust construction, accompanied by a non-slip base is another perk that will ensure that your precious machine never budges even an inch while you are working.

The further addition of a control panel with a digital system, along with a knob for adjusting pressure pushes this heat press into the spotlight.

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Swing Away HP230B Heat Press Review

Swing Away HP230B Heat Press

Signzworld strives to provide the best quality appliances to its buyers. So, you can trust their creations blindly, as they are one of a kind. The same goes for their heat-press, the Swing Away HP230B Heat Press.

This model is an amazing piece of creation that is a perfect fit for every crafter’s table. It comes with a body that has been manufactured with high-grad

e materials. So, if you intend on keeping this heat press under use for even longer than a decade, the strongly-constructed body will allow that.

Moreover, the base of this model is another small yet note-worthy detail. It has a slip-resistant design which prevents the machine from moving even a sliver of an inch.

The presence of a swivel feature in the top platen is a nifty addition that will allow users to move the heating element a complete 360-degrees. There is a long arm attached to the top platen that controls the movements of the top platen.

To make that task easier, the manufacturers have added a rubber grip to the handle attached to the arm. This addition not only brings slip resistance but also comfort to the table.

The surface area is 23cm x 30 cm, which seems small. However, once it is right in front of you, it is quite wide and has enough space for everything from garments to bags. The control box of this model is by far the best feature, which allows precise control over each setting.

Moreover, the layer of PTFE is a blessing that keeps the projects from burning. The further addition of a knob for altering the pressure of the platens is a cherry on top.


PTFE Coated Platens

The manufacturers have taken it up to themselves to provide their users with a highly convenient machine, this explains the presence of a generous coating of PFTE on the platens. This seemingly small detail does more than it appears.

This coating brings a layer of protectiveness to the platens; hence the projects will be safe from burning under high heat. Moreover, the user will also not need to add an additional layer of the protective sheet.

Non-Slip Design Of The Base

Even a minor slip of the heat press can lead to disastrous results. To prevent that, the manufacturers of this remarkable heat press have laden the machine with a thick base.

The girth of the base combined with the quality of its construction will completely eliminate slipping from the equation. The machine will stay put in its place, and while the user removes and adds their project from it, it will not budge.

Display Board

The presence of a digital display board at the side of the heat press is another feature that deserves proper recognition. This specification gives users the freedom to control the time and temperature of the heat press.

Comfort also comes hand in hand with the freedom as the buttons have a raised and padded design. Therefore, it is easier to tinker with the settings. The two small screens include a temperature screen and a time screen.

The presence of designated screens is another thoughtful detail that adds ease to the usage of this heat press.

Precise Pressure Adjustment

Another great perk of this heat press is the presence of a thick knob at the top. This knob is responsible for adjusting the pressure of the heat press. Here comes the best part, the manufacturers have given this knob an ergonomic and contoured design.

The contoured design of the knob gives users precise control over the knob. Therefore, they can keep the pressure of the heat press highly accurate.



  • 360-degree swivel
  • PTFE coating on platens
  • 23cm x 30cm surface
  • Non-slip design
  • Rubber coated handle
  • Contoured pressure knob
  • Digital display


  • The top platen doesn’t have separate handles
  • The pressure requires frequent adjustments


Why Should You Invest Swing Away HP230B Heat Press It?

The nifty design of this heat press is enough to convince any person to spend their money on it. Its robust body comes with a multitude of perks that includes a digital display board, pressure adjustment knob, and PFTE coated platens.

Moreover, the smaller details such as a non-slip design of the base, and rubber-coated handle further give buyers an incentive to spend their money on this model.


The Swing Away HP230B Heat Press is worth the purchase whether you are a professional or a beginner-level user. The amazing features of this machine make it ideal for users of every level.

To get a proper taste of what this heat press is capable of, you will need to give a thorough read to the article above as it discusses every feature in detail.