Tolsous 15×15 5 in 1 Heat Press Review in 2023

tolsous heat press reviewsWith the advancement of fashion and evolving niche, the use of a heat press machine shouldn’t sound odd. But finding reliable machines that justify the performance and value of your money is still a major step that you need to be careful about.

If you are planning to revamp your home and interior style or you want to give your old T-shirt a new look by imprinting the chic and modish design, a heat press is all that you need.

And the truth is, finding the best digital heat press among the plethora available is not something that anyone can do.

With proper research, you need to be aware of the recent brands, tech advancements, features that are essential for heat and imprinting machines, and many more. If that sounds hard to do, we did some research for you!

In this post, we shall shed light on the Tolsous heat press and will find out what makes it a preferable machine that you should opt for. So here lies the deep review and feature analysis. Keep on scrolling more.

What Makes Tolsous Heat Press Outstand Others?

Aside from quality and performance the Teflon coating of this heat press by Tolsous makes it the outstanding one. it not only adds to the better performance but also the coating will keep off burning incidents of the material that you are working on.

Also, it comes with a durable double handle that makes it easy to move and place anywhere you want to. That is a modish style and it ensures the ideal productivity. The rubber handle ensures grip and it is pretty convenient to use. You have these machines pretty durable in every respect from interior to exterior parts!

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Tolsous Heat Press Review

tolsous heat pressTolson is a valuable name in the heat press machine. It comes with robust features and industrial-grade performance that showcase their concern for updated machines and engineering techniques.

And if you especially talk about this Tolsous heat press machine, it features the 5 in 1 design for imprinting fascinating design and its uses to a total of 15 x 12 heating plate areas.

On this working plate, you can certainly make so many designs and imprint things that you want including pillow covers, mouse mats, and more. Since this heat press comes with a quality design its performance for electricity and power consumption is also pretty seamless.

You have the aluminum, and cotton material design whereas its dimensions as the weight limit are also ergonomic. With its 17 kg weight and the 19.29 x 18.5 x 17.32 inches of volume, you have it best for placing desks and at home. Moreover, it consumes 110 volts of AC power for smooth output.

Now let’s take a look at its temperature and item management. This heat press machine is offering you a digital temperature with a time range from 0 to 999 and a temperature range of 32-482 ℉ (0-250℃). The best part is the temperature is convertible in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

With this heat press, you can deal with larger fabric and cloth and the short ones like tee shirts and pillow covers with the same quality performance and ease of handling.

Tolsous heat press machine has been designed with the quality performance and it instantly gets heat up. Therefore, you don’t have to keep yourself waiting while the platen gets ready for design imprinting.

In a word, this machine values your time and that makes it one of the best heat presses on the market. The temperature always remains constant, which becomes a reason to bring on a clear HTV pattern print.


Easy swing-away arm

These machines can be taken as the friendliest device for imprinting design on fabric and ceramics. Its 360-degree swing-away arm is there to elevate the user’s ease.

You can easily move the heating accessories and slide out the drawer platform. Moreover, making settings and adjustments such as height settlement and more using its knob becomes even easier.

Silicone mat and fire-resistant material

Through its silicon mat, you have the reliability of not burning your material while you are working at a higher temperature. Also, it features a protected design.

Unlike many traditional heat press machines, this Tolsous has been designed with greater quality and industrial-leading qualities. And its fire-resistant material to the hiked-up temperature range readily tells you that. This machine features proper safety standards and for that you have its reliability ensured.

Portable and easily carryable

This heat press lets you carry it along even if you are traveling. The compact build and the reasonable size never create the hassle to find a dedicated place for it, plus it has been designed with greater strength and durability.

The smoother surface makes the vinyl transfer even more welcoming and the high-quality material keeps off the odd odor with which you are printing the design.



  • Silicon mat prevents burning mishaps
  • It is portable and you can carry it along
  • Digital and smart temperature monitor
  • Instant heats up without keeping you on delay


  • It might feel confined
  • Its button needs improvement design-wise
  • Its plates can crake if you put too much pressure


Why Should You Buy Tolsous Heat Press?

Tolsous comes with a 1-year warranty ensured plus it has been manufactured with industrial-grade material that is less likely to underperform. Overall, this heat press features better control, and effective design pressure, better.

Tolsous is also offering you the high-quality Teflon Sheet and the insulation pillow that only come to enhance the user’s ease and productivity level. Through its seamless performance for impinging you have no apparent reason to doubt the buying.


With this honest and comprehensive review, you might have reached a conclusion about its performance and feature availability. We hope you have thoroughly read the core signs and specifications that you are specifically looking for.

This heat press by Tolsous has been designed with advanced technology, study materials, and the most detailed aspects that keep the material safe and sound sure.

Now it’s up to you how you find this heat press useful and productive or you prefer to look for yet another choice from our list.