Tusy (15×15) 5 in 1 Heat Press Unbiased Review of 2023

tusy heat press 15x15 reviewsA heat press wide enough to tackle all kinds of transferring projects seems like a far-fetched dream. However, Tusy has turned this dream into a reality with the production of their amazing Tusy Heat Press 15×15.

This machine is straight out of every crafter’s imagination. It is loaded with multiple nifty features, each making it more appealing to the audience.

The perk of automatic power-off along with the beeping alarm is one of the reasons behind the hype revolving around this heat press.

Discovering this machine was the highlight of my career without a doubt. Let me share why I admire this heat press so much in detail that does justice to it.

What Makes Tusy 15×15 Heat Press Unique?

This heat press comes with a 15×15 platen size. This size allows the users to place a small project as well as a large one between the two platens. Moreover, this model also houses an automatic shut-off feature which is quite a handy addition.

The dual heating tube takes its performance to the next level. Lastly, the presence of an insulation pad will ensure your transfer is always even from every side.

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Tusy 15×15 Heat Press Review

tusy heat press 15x15 Tusy has always come up with designs that are a sight for sore eyes. This also happens to be the case with the Tusy Heat Press 15×15. Adding this amazing creation in the same queue like the rest of its competitors is unjust, as it outmatches them in many ways.

First of all, this model has got quite a sturdy build. With the amazing construction and the strong body, the user will be able to keep it functioning on their table for longer than a decade.

Moreover, this sturdy body is filled with the finest features that will take your crafting projects to the next level.

This heat press comes with a handle at the front. This handle is there to help users lift the top platen. Therefore, it has been designed with consideration. It comes with a comfortable coating that will keep your hands safe from discomfort.

Moreover, the double arms will ensure that the top platen can be lifted with more ease. Moreover, this model comes with the unique perk of an automatic shut-off feature. The further addition of a pressure knob boosts its performance even more. The users can easily decrease or increase the pressure of the heat press with just a twist of the knob.


Furthermore, the presence of an LCD control panel at the front of the heat press takes convenience to a higher level. Control the time and the temperature will never be a hassle, as the panel contains dual screens with a couple of buttons. The heat press offers two units of temperature, Celsius and Fahrenheit. Shifting from one to the other has never been easier.

You will only need to use the buttons, and they will allow you to do all the tasks. From changing the unit of temperature to adjusting time, everything will be wrapped in a matter of mere seconds.

With the larger surface area of 15×15, it has become possible to use this same machine for all of your heat press projects. Whether it is a t-shirt or a tote bag, everything can be tossed in there.


Auto-Shut Off Feature

The highlighting feature of this model has to be the presence of the automatic shut-off. This is quite an amazing perk when you think about it. The users do not have to linger around their heat press and closely monitor the temperature to ensure it does not exceed the safety limits.

The heat press will do that for you. When the machine gets overheated and passes the limits of safety, it will turn itself off automatically. This not only lessens the hassle of monitoring but also brings more safety to the usage of this heat press.

Dual Heating Tube

The manufacturers have loaded this model with many amazing perks that also include the presence of a dual heating tube. Instead of a single heating tube that only heats a limited portion of the platen, the heating element of this model will ensure that every inch is of the same temperature. When the temperature will be the same throughout the platen, the quality of the transfer will be remarkable.

Insulation Pad Covering Bottom Platen

Another feature that sets it in the limelight is the presence of the insulation pad. This is a small detail, which has a great effect. A thick insulation pad covers the bottom platen. So, when the machine is turned on for a transfer, the lower platen will hold much more heat, thanks to the pad.

Therefore, the quality of the transfer will never deteriorate. A thoughtful touch by the manufacturers is that the pad is not attached to the lower platen. So, if any user wishes to remove it, guess what? It will only take him less than a second to do that.


Another amazing addition by the manufacturers is the audible alarm system. The presence of an alarm makes it easier to monitor the machine without standing right next to it. The alarm beeps when the heat press reaches the pre-set temperature.

So, it informs the users that the platens are hot enough for the transfer. Moreover, the alarm also beeps when the pre-set time of each transfer is up, informing the user that it is time to remove the project.



  • Double armed design
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • LCD control panel
  • Ideal for larger and small projects
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Alarm system


  • Teflon coating is absent
  • Very heavy in weight


Why Should You Invest In Tusy 15×15 Heat Press?

Every crafter who needs a high-performing and low-priced heat press needs this model in their lives. It comes with sturdy construction that will give you years of usage.

Moreover, the wide array of nifty features occupying every inch of this machine is enough to convince any person to invest in this model. Everything from the alarm system to the automatic shut-off feature shows that this model has been constructed with careful consideration.


The Tusy Heat PRess 15×15 has to be one of the best models in the market. It has everything that a crafter requires, packed into a strong body. The LCD control system allows users to quickly adjust the settings of the machine.

Moreover, the dual heating tube will give excellent results every time. To find out more about this piece of technology, read the review above.