Vevor (12×15) 8 in 1 Heat Press Review of 2023

vevor 12x15 8 in 1 heat press reviewsWatching videos of heat pressing on youtube may awaken the creative side of every viewer. However, finding separate machines with different substrates is a hassle that no one wants to go through.

Why get multiple heat presses for various projects when you can get it all done with the Vevor Heat Press 12×15. This nifty piece of technology comes with an 8-in-1 design that completely eliminates the need to buy separate presses for different projects.

Along with providing you with multiple presses, this model also comes laden with many other amazing benefits. The best part is the reasonable price tag dangling from its body.

So, you do not have to punch a hole through your wallet to enjoy making your own designs. Read the review below to find out everything this handy machine can do.


What Makes Vevor 12×15 8 in 1 Heat Press Stand Out?

The multitude of additional presses that accompany the machine is the first thing that makes it stand apart from the rest of the competition. Moreover, the LCD screen allows users to conveniently alter the settings according to their requirements. The ease of usage that comes tagging along with this heat press is another thing that has successfully placed this model up on a pedestal.

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Vevor 12×15 8 in 1 Heat Press Review

vevor 12x15 8 in 1 heat press This heat press comes with a sturdy design that has been manufactured with a blend of aluminum and metal. This combination fills the entire body with extra strength that will give you years of usage.

So, be prepared to use this single investment for a decade. Secondly, this model also has a sturdy plate handle, and a robust upper handle. The presence of these two handles ensures that the user does not struggle with opening and shutting their machine.

The cherry on top is that the upper handle also has a contoured design with rubber coating. So, you will not go through pain every time you have to lift the top platen.

Furthermore, the addition of 2 layers of insulation brings more stars to the already remarkable design of this heat press. These two layers see to it that the bottom platen heats up evenly from every single inch.

So, your design will always be neat and evenly pressed from every corner. In addition to that, the manufacturers have also added the perk of 360° rotation to the top platen.

So, no more burning your arms by accidentally touching the heated top platen. Simply swing it away when you are placing or removing your garment from the bottom one.

The further addition of a pressure adjustment knob makes it a piece of cake to decrease or increase the pressure in the span of mere seconds. With the alarm buzzer, you will be notified when your project is ready to be removed from the heat press. Last but not the least, the addition of an overload protector will make your life so much easier as it keeps the machine safe from overheating.


8-in-1 Design

The first key feature of this heat press is that it comes bearing various presses. With a single purchase, you do not get one or two, but eight different presses. This variety includes mug presses, cap presses, plate presses, and lastly, platen presses.

The thoughtful addition to the package is that they come in different sizes, so you can easily work on all kinds of projects without having to buy a new heat press. Feel free to take out this machine whether you have a plain cap on your table or a ceramic plate.


Digital Display Screens

Another feature of this heat press that stood out to me was that it comes with LCD screens. This display is present at the front, on the control panel. The location of the display is not the only perk. It comes with two screens, the bottom shows the time and the top one displays the temperature.

With separate screens, it gets easier to alter both settings easily. Beneath the LCD lies a couple of buttons, 4 to be precise. They include a start button, a mode button, a minus (-), and a plus (+). The presence of these buttons makes it so much easier to adjust the machine according to the requirements of the substrate.


Teflon-Coating On Platens

This has to be my favorite feature of this heat press. The manufacturers have covered the platens with a coating of Teflon. This seems like a small detail, but allow me to elaborate. This small detail eliminates the need for an additional protective layer on top of the design.

Therefore, if you accidentally forget to place a sheet of parchment paper, your project will not get scorched. The non-stick layer of the platen will keep it safe from burning.



  • Durable construction
  • 8-in-1 design
  • Pressure adjustment knob
  • Teflon coating on platens
  • 360° swing-away design
  • LCD screen for time and temperature


  • Requires greasing quite often
  • Manual lacks clear instructions


Why Should You Buy Vevor 12×15 8 in 1 Heat Press?

You need to invest your money in the Vevor Heat Press 12×15 as it delivers more for less. At a reasonable cost, you will be getting a machine that will offer you a press for all types of projects.

The sturdy construction of this machine will make it possible for you to use it for years, without the heat press enduring any damage. Moreover, with the 2 layers of insulation, the results that come out of this heat press are always even and a sight for sore eyes.


Whether it is a T-shirt or a ceramic mug, your options for heat pressing are multiple. Therefore, it is only fitting that you get the best machine for yourself which always gives you stunning results. The Vevor Heat Press 12×15 thrives in that area as it comes with every feature that will make your job easier and the results more beautiful.