Vevor 12×10 Digital Swing Away Heat Press Review of 2023

Vevor Heat Press 12x10 ReviewThe amazing performance of a heat press goes down the drain when moving the bulky machine becomes a headache. In this dire situation, the benefits of a portable machine hit a person. Lucky for you, Vevor has provided a solution for that in the form of the Vevor Heat Press 12×10.

This nifty creation of Vevor is packed with a wide range of amazing features. The top of the list is its portability, of course, which led me to discover it. The vast list of perks of this heat press deserves proper consideration.

This is why I penned down every feature of this machine along with my experience with it in thorough detail in the article below.

What Makes Vevor Heat Press 12×10 Different?

There are many features of this heat press that have set it on a pedestal, apart from the rest of its competitors. The first and the most amazing is the perk of portability.

Moreover, this heat press also comes with a touch screen control panel. This advanced technology makes the usage of the machine seem like a child’s play. Furthermore, it also offers different heat modes.

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Vevor Heat Press 12×10 Review

src=”×10-Review-300×238.jpg” alt=”Vevor Heat Press 12×10″ width=”300″ height=”238″ />When it comes to heat presses, Vevor is easily the most reliable. They do not simply create an appliance. Instead, each feature of their heat presses is put together with consideration. The Vevor Heat Press 12×10 is no different than its predecessors performance-wise.

However, this machine does have some features that others lack. The manufacturers have created this heat press with the best quality materials.

It has a sturdy thermoplastic construction. Thanks to the usage of this material, the heat press will be highly durable yet light in weight.

In addition to that, the plate has been created from aluminum. The material is known for its strength and ability to resist corrosion. So, you do not have to stress yourself out over damaging the plate.

The thick handle at the top allows the users to pick the heat press conveniently. Moreover, it also has a non-slip grip. Therefore, moving the heat press around will never be a source of headache. The lightweight design and the comfortable handle will make this a piece of cake.

Another nifty addition is in the form of a small plug at the back. You can use this plug to hook your heat press to a mug press or a cap press. This is a small yet nifty addition that elaborates the usage of the heat press.

Furthermore, the presence of dual motors in the body also plays a role in the performance of the heat press. With dual-motor, the machine exerts twice as much power as an ordinary heat press. This only means one thing, better results. This heat press also does not come with the hassle of manual pressing.

So, forget all about the pains of holding the machine down throughout the press. There is also a vibration feature that informs the users when they should lift the heat press. This model also comes with dual-tube heating which delivers better results. It ensures the garment gets even heat from every side.


Three Adjustable Pressure Modes

Instead of offering a single pressure like others, Vevor has added three modes of pressure to this heat press. The best part is that not a single mode will require you to press down manually.

The modes can be adjusted through the touch screen. All you need to do is press down the plus, minus, and the little power button at the bottom altogether.

Portable Design

The portability of this heat press is its highlighting feature in my opinion. It has a very lightweight design, weighing only 11 lbs. Thanks to the light design, the heat press can easily be taken from one spot to another.

So, you do not have to carry every single item and dump it near your heat press. Simply hold the machine from the robust handle, and move it to the location. The anti-slip design of the handle also plays a vital role in easy portability.

Touch Screen Control Panel

The best feature of this heat press has to be the small touch screen. It is present at the top of the handle. Safe to say that with the presence of this touch screen, the usage of the heat press becomes so much easier.

You do not have to fumble with buttons for hours. The screen contains a power button at the bottom. Right on top of it, there is a settings button, with a plus and a minus on both sides.

Above these three, the manufacturers have added time and temperature buttons. The top of the screen shows the digits. Increasing and decreasing the settings only requires the touch of a finger.

The temperature can be adjusted between 0°F to 392°F. Meanwhile, the timer goes from 0 to 999 seconds. The heat press also offers both units of temperature, Fahrenheit and Celsius.



  • Sturdy construction
  • Dual motors
  • Doesn’t require manual pressing
  • Double tube heating
  • Sturdy handle
  • Reasonable price range


  • Does not include any additional presses
  • Suitable for smaller projects only


Why Should You Buy Vevor Heat Press 12×10?

The Vevor Heat Press 12×10 should be bought if you require a small machine for occasional use. If your projects do not require heavy usage, then this model is ideal. Moreover, despite its low cost, this heat press comes with many high-tech features.

Everything from the touch screen control panel, to the adjustable pressure mode, makes its usage more convenient. The best part is that it houses all these advanced features in a lightweight body. So, for smaller projects, this model is the perfect machine.


The Vevor Heat Press 12×10 has to be one of the best investments of my life. Even though this model has a notably lower price range, it is laden with multiple handy features. At the end of the day, if you require a small machine, then you will not find a model better than this one.