USCutter Volcano Digital Clamshell Heat Press Review (2023)

volcano digital clamshell heat press reviewsEven the simplest heat-pressing tasks can turn into a giant nuisance if your machine is not up for it. The whole situation can be turned around in a matter of seconds with a sturdy and robust model like the Volcano Digital Clamshell Heat Press.

So, throw the old piece of junk and get your hands on this amazing creation, because trust me when I say this model will be the best investment of your life.

The simple design can be operated by a novice just as easily as a professional. It has been manufactured to handle everything from a garment to even a jigsaw puzzle.

This wide range of options becomes even wider with the 15×15 surface of this heat press. Best of all, all the nifty perks of this machine come packed in a body that will give you years of usage without losing its sheen.

Instead of hopping from one site to another to attain information, give a read to the article below, as it contains every feature of this heat press in thorough detail.

What Gives Volcano Digital Clamshell Heat Press an Edge Over Others?

There are many features of this heat press that set it in the limelight, but the one ruling every other is the sturdy and robust construction.

Moreover, it also comes with a larger surface area of 15 inches x 15 inches, making it ideal for larger and smaller-scale projects. The further addition of a digital control screen along with a plug-in port for a mug press adds more stars to the overall design of the heat press.

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Volcano Digital Clamshell Heat Press Review

volcano digital clamshell heat pressA sturdy and robust heat press is no longer a dream, not since USCutter has turned it into a sweet reality. The Volcano Digital Clamshell Heat Press is what you need to own if you desire a heavy-duty machine that can handle it all.

One look at this hefty machine and you can tell that it has been constructed with meticulous attention to detail. This heat press has a flat and thick base, which keeps the machine stable and upright.

It will not even slip an inch from its place as the base is durable and thick enough to keep the machine’s balance maintained at all times.

The best part is that it has been manufactured with high-grade aluminium and steel. This combination reeks of quality and strength, which will keep the machine in its perfect condition for a long period.

Moreover, apart from these major features, this model is also loaded with multiple smaller details that also greatly affect the performance of the heat press.

It comes with an insulation pad covering the entire lower platen. This addition will make even and perfect transferring of design a task that can be achieved in a single go, without any hassle.

In addition to that, the manufacturers have also added an LCD control panel that gives control over the major settings of the heat press. Right next to the control panel is a thick and contoured knob, which administers the pressure of this machine.

The contoured and ergonomic design makes it easier to handle the knob without any difficulty. The double-arm handle at the top platen has such a robust design that even after years of usage, it still offers a smooth operation.

A cherry on top is that the handle is covered in a soft rubber coating that not only adds softness to its design but also enhances the grip of the users. Another small detail that makes this model worth the purchase is that the manufacturers have added a detailed manual in the package, with clear instructions.


Sturdy Construction

The highlighting feature of this heat press is the blend of aluminium and metal utilized in the construction. Every single part of the machine has been constructed with these two amazing materials that give the heat press high strength, and durability, along with many other perks.

The best thing is that even after regular usage for years, the heat press will not succumb to death. Its rugged body will keep it up and running.


LCD Control Panel

At the top right corner of its sleek body, this heat press has a small screen that comes with a few buttons underneath it. This LCD control panel is responsible for the time and temperature settings of the machine.

The top shows the temperature, while the bottom has the pre-set time. The four buttons contain two arrow keys, and upward and downward. Moreover, there is also a set and a clear button.

The temperature of this machine can be raised up to 399°F. Meanwhile, the timer starts from 0 seconds and goes up to 999 seconds.

Larger Surface Area

This heat press has a 15 inches x 15 inches wide platen surface. This space is perfect and wide enough for everything from a t-shirt, to a tote bag or a mini towel.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it eliminates the need for separate machines for different projects. It allows the users to utilize the same machine for all kinds of tasks.

Insulation Pad

To allow for a better and more even transfer of designs, the manufacturers at USCutter have laden this model with an insulation pad. What this pad does is that it allows for better insulation of heat on the lower platen, so the design does not require double presses.

Moreover, it also keeps the garment safe from burning up from the direct heat coming from the bottom platen.



  • Insulation pad
  • Comfortable-to-hold handle design
  • 15 inches x 15 inches
  • Plug-in port for mug press
  • Clear manual
  • Double arm handle
  • 1-year warranty


  • The top platen can not be removed easily
  • Has a slight smell
  • Mug press needs to be bought separately


Why Do You Need To Buy Volcano Digital Clamshell Heat Press?

The sturdy construction of this machine is the first incentive to buy this machine. This robust body houses many amazing features that include an LCD control panel, an insulation pad, and a wider surface area.

In addition to that, the comfortable grip handle will make it so much easier to open and shut the top platen. However, the major reason why a crafter needs to have this model on their table is that it is ideal for a beginner as well as a professional.


The Volcano Digital Clamshell Heat Press is one of the best machines that any person can get their hands on. From the robust and sleek body to the interior that is flooded with nifty features, this model is a whole deal. Read the article above to get a clear picture of every feature of this machine.