What Does PV and SV Mean On A Heat Press

Every novice understands the frustration and struggle that comes with operating the control box of a heat press. Understanding the lingo of the machine is the first step that can help for instance, if you know what PV and SV mean on a heat press.

Trying to navigate your way through a heat press machine can become a whole lot easier if you understand these two terms present on the control box. As the two are present right next to the temperature screen, there is no way to work around it but to find out what these two mean and what they do on a heat press.

I had to dedicate hours trying to figure out what these two terms mean and how they work, so you do not have to. Everything that I have learned about PV and SV has been shared in the simplest words in the article below. So you do not have to waste hours of your time or risk accidentally setting the wrong temperature on your machine.

What Does PV and SV Mean On A Heat Press?

With the assistance of the facts listed below, it will be easier for you to understand what PV and SV mean on a heat press.

What Is PV?

The term PV is an acronym for Process Value. The process value of a heat press means the actual temperature of the environment or surroundings of the heat pressing machine. When you turn the power button of your heat press on and it comes alive, a temperature value blinks on the screen. This is the temperature of the area that the machine has picked. A heat press shows you the Process value so that you can know what the temperature of the area is, and start adjusting from there. PV is sometimes also called the process temperature.

What Is SV?

The term SV is an abbreviation of Set Variable. The term Set variable means the temperature of the heat press that the user sets. If you turn the heat pressing machine on and it displays 110 degrees Fahrenheit, that is the process temperature of the heat press. When you press the arrow keys that are present right next to the screen and move the number up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit that will be the set variable of the heat press.

Difference Between PV And SV?

The major difference between the PV and the SV number on a heat press is that PV shows up on the screen when you turn your machine on. It does not need to be adjusted or altered by the user to show up. On the other hand, SV needs to be altered and adjusted by the user of the heat press. The SV value does not show up on the screen by itself, the user needs to move the arrow keys present on the control box to reach the SV number. Another difference between the two terms is that PV is normally lower in value, while SV is higher. This is due to the fact that room temperature is not as high as the temperature that you need to transfer a vinyl design.

Can You Adjust PV And SV?

When you assemble your heat pressing machine and put the control box in its place, you must have noticed the term PV and SV on there. Now that you know what these terms mean, it is time to find out if you can adjust them. Adjusting the SV setting is possible and also quite easy. You only need to wait for the heat press to give you the initial reading and then use the keys present with it to change the reading on the screen. However, you can not adjust or alter the PV setting that easily. You will need to move the machine to a different location and area to get a different PV reading.


When it is your first-time using a heat press, it often gets difficult to operate the machine, especially if you also have no clue about the terms written on the control box. To put you out of your misery, I have shared all the information regarding what PV and SV mean on a heat press in the article above.