What Supplies do I Need for Heat Press Machine

What Supplies do I Need for Heat Press MachineOwn a heat press machine and call it the job done — no, that’s not a done deal.

There are more that we need other than the machine itself.

But the question is what supplies do I need for heat press machine?

What we want is to complete obtaining all the essentials, and all the supplies to effectively use the machine.

Missing even one of those essentials, the machine may resist stopping to work.

What Supplies do I need for Heat Press Machine?

And without those supplies, you cannot really start using the heat press machine effectively.

Make sure to first possess them beforehand.

So what are those supplies; let us list them out first.

  • Heat press machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Fabric
  • Design
  • Ruler guide (exclusively for t-shirts)
  • Heat transfer vinyl (or HTV)

Heat Press Machine

Of course, the heat press machine is the first element out of the supplies.

Missing on this one is like stepping into the sea with no water.

Depending on your budget and the work capacity,

There are many types of heat press machines available in the market.

The investment is huge and should go one time, so pick yours wisely.

Cutting Machine

And then it also depends on what and how to do the cutting.

There are two types of cutting machines available for heat press machines; Cricut and silhouette.

The Cricut is able to cut the materials to up to 2-feet long in distance,

Whereas the silhouette can easily do up to 10 feet and 12 inches wide.

Cricut is the most-loved cutting machine due to the fact,

There is more demand to imprint t-shirts and you do not get to do banners and panaflex signs all the time.


That is where you want to imprint the design over, nope?

It could be a t-shirt made with cotton, jackets made of nylon, polyester and leather, and any other fabric type that your machine allows.


Your favorite design. Now that you have the fabric ready to heat press,

It is time to pick the design that you want to imprint over the fabric. Be it a t-shirt, your design should be fitting well on the surface.

You can either create your own designs or get the premade designs from the market.

Ruler Guide

Like you have a t-shirt to imprint, the exact measurement is hard to obtain with bar hands.

For that, you can get assistance from the exclusive t-shirt-only ruler guide that does not let you veer away by an inch.

The perfect sitting, the right measurement are the two factors to retain the right alignment and that is only possible by using the ruler guide.

 Heat Transfer Vinyl (or HTV)

The part that makes it incomplete is the imprinting process.

That makes the design glue onto the fabric but make sure to get the proper HTV material as per the fabric type.

Not all HTV would work on all types of fabrics, so you should take care of this important information.


So, that concludes what supplies do I need for heat press machine.

With all the enhanced explanations assigned to every single supply line.

Get the heat press machine, and all the supplies,

And be ready to stun the onlookers by imprinting the graphic-rich designs onto your fabric.