What Is A Teflon Sheet For Heat Press

When you are working on heat-pressing projects around other people, you might have heard the term Teflon sheet being thrown around a lot. This often causes people to wonder what exactly is a Teflon sheet, especially if they are novices.

Being a first-time user, you may even see people continuously fussing over the presence of Teflon sheets. If I have to describe it in a few, and precise words, it is a protective sheet. But, this protective sheet is a game changer in the realm of heat-pressing. There is a reason why it is so popular, to know that you need to understand what exactly is it.

While I had to learn the answers to all my questions after extensive research, I have made matters convenient for you. Everything regarding Teflon sheets that I have found after my research and from my experience has been compiled in a single article. The article below will give you clear insight into what is a Teflon sheet.

What Is A Teflon Sheet For Heat Press

To find the answer to the question ‘what is a Teflon sheet for heat press’, you need to read the article below.

What Is A Teflon Sheet?

A Teflon sheet is a protective sheet that acts as a barrier between the heated platens of a heat press and the delicate surface of the garment. These sheets are naturally resistant to heat, hence their usage in heat-pressing projects. This sheet is made from a material called Teflon and is 5 mil thick, which is the core reason behind the fame of these sheets. Thanks to its thickness, this material does not scorch or get damaged even under high temperatures.

How Does It Work?

When a garment is to be pressed for design transfer, it is placed on the lower platen of the heat press. After the design is placed on top, the entire surface of the garment is covered with a layer of Teflon sheet. When the upper platen is lowered on the lower one, the Teflon sheet acts as a barrier between the overly hot surface of the upper platen, and the vinyl or sublimation transfer. The heat-resistant nature of the Teflon sheet makes it capable of standing its ground without enduring any damage itself. Along with being heat-resistant, it is also non-stick in nature. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about any parts of Teflon transferring on the project. In addition to that, the non-stick nature also prevents the transfer, especially vinyl, from sticking to the protective sheet.

Purpose Of Teflon Sheet

The purpose of using a Teflon sheet is not only to protect the project from direct heat. Even though this is a great advantage of using these sheets, they also serve another purpose. When you are using HTV, they come with a carrier sheet which is usually in the form of plastic. When the HTV design comes into direct contact with the heated platen, it melts under high heat and sticks to the platen of the heat press. This is where Teflon sheets shine. Along with keeping the garment safe from high heat, they also keep the HTV transfer secure from the high temperature of the upper platen. Therefore, neither will the HTV melt under high heat nor will it stick to the upper platen of the heat press and create a mess.


The term Teflon is used quite a lot if you are always working with heat presses. Many novices even keep these sheets in their regular use, without knowing what exactly are they and how they work. To take full advantage of these amazing sheets, you need to be aware of what they are. Read the article above to get a detailed answer to what is a Teflon sheet for a heat press.