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Henry CollinsHello Readers!

It’s time to bring your artwork to life!

My name is Henry Collins, and I will help you find the best heat press machine for all your dream projects. That’s my aim and mission. Heatpressling.com has a zero-error tolerance policy because we take art and money as seriously as life and death.

You may understand where I am coming from if I flashback to that pivotal moment that gave birth to the idea of heatpressling.com.

How It Started

Ah, those bittersweet memories of the teen.

I was that nerdy, geeky kid in high school who loved to draw, sketch and tinker with gadgets and machines. Our art teacher Mr Russel introduced me to the heat press after I gave him a hand-painted shirt as a farewell present. I was on cloud nine when I got my hands on my first-ever heat press machine.

The perk of being the only elder brother – and also an artist – of four sisters is that you get a lot of opportunities to show off your skills. I volunteered to heat press the mermaid on Chloe’s T-shirt. It came out great. Next, snow white and the dwarfs also transferred perfectly to Cecil’s pillowcase.

The third one was a disaster. The t-shirt was scorched, and the temperature settings on the machine went haywire. That’s the price you pay for getting information from an unreliable source and investing in equipment that’s not worth a dime. The experience knocked down my confidence to the ground.

Then began my search for ways to elevate my battered ego. May you never fail in front of young siblings. You will never hear the end of it. That was the time when the idea of ‘heatpressling.com’ started forming.

My sole reason back then was to prevent another brother from suffering as I did. I have worked with different brands since then, such as Oprol, Gecko, Bosstop, StarCraft, Tusy, Fancier studio, F2C etc. So, beginners, hobbyists and professionals can get guidance to make the right choice when picking an item.

Why You Can Trust Heatpressling

Because Henry from Heatpressling aims to make customers happy to build a loyal customer base. The only trick to beat the competition and sit on top rank is to follow a ‘no compromise on authenticity and quality policy.’ All efforts revolve around this one target.

Hours, days and weeks are spent on testing and comparing products of different brands from diverse angles to assemble the best of the best for you. This review-testing process is not based solely on my opinions. I prefer to double-check and triple-check it from peers and experts who use the tools regularly for business or DIY purposes. That way final information you get here is informed, thorough and verified.

The journey doesn’t end here. It’s a continuous struggle. I revisit the reviews from time to time to update them to ensure the information you receive is not outdated.

The products and recommendations that reach my list come after getting a green signal from several users who either have a background or years of experience running the same business.

The testing-reviewing and buyer’s guide formation processes focus on factors like

– Type of machine (manual or automatic).

– Its size, shape and purpose.

– Whether it’s single or multi-purpose.

– Heat platen: how evenly it distributes heat?

– Timer and Temperature adjustments.

– Ease of use.

– Affordability, warranty and value for money.

I publish reviews after verifying them from a group of specialists in designs, crafts, sublimation, graphics etc.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the help I get in editing and proofreading. Remember the sister whose T-shirt I burned? Well, thanks to Cindy for lending help with her English major degree. She does a little bit of tweaking here and there in my review drafts to make them more approachable and understandable. Afterward, it comes here to assist you.

One thing that I can confidently say is that I don’t do paid content and sponsor advertisements. Whatever I choose to write is what the product delivers or doesn’t deliver. So, if a machine performs well, I praise it wholeheartedly; it gets 4 or 5 stars. If it sucks, I say it sucks and give it 1 star.

The impetus of going through all this hassle and honesty is to gain enough credibility that when you decide to upgrade your arsenal or purchase a new product, Heatpressling is your first choice to look at for help.

About The Author

You know my name. Henry Collins is just a random guy who likes to bring his art to life and helps others do the same. I was always an art and craft guy, so it seemed practical to pursue it as a career. I did graduation in design, arts and printing and started my own heat pressing business right afterwards. That small-scale business is not so small anymore after over a decade.

Another introduction is that I am the founder, employee, author, editor and THE BOSS of heatpressling.com, provided that you ignore the help I get from friends and family.

How To Contact

If you want to give feedback or have to file a complaint about any of the reviews, you can get in touch with me at –

Your words will be taken seriously; they’re always welcome here.