Best Heat Press for Comic Books

Comic books are like the first beloved. They put a smile on a person’s face and are hard to part with for comics collectors of all ages. The comic book collection is worth thousands of bucks but loses its lustre or wrinkle with time. You can avoid this heartbreak with the best heat press for comic books. It will turn your decades-old treasure as good and crisp as new. 

Many of your t-shirt heat press machines work effectively for comics as well. It will give you the best results if it has a robust build, generous platen surface with Teflon sheet, precise and efficient heating and pressure.  

You can get a generic press for comics under $200; it works decently. Otherwise, you can purchase a more expensive model from a reputed brand for top-notch results. I have formed a mixed list of affordable and relatively costlier units so that you can select a model according to your taste and budget. 

Best Heat Press for Comic Books

I have also formed a buyer’s guide explaining all the fundamental factors in detail to eliminate confusion. Your remaining ambiguities will clear once you go through the questions people regularly ask. So, order your heat press machine today to preserve your beloved comics. 

1. Vevor Digital Heat Press, 15×15 (White)

Vevor Digital Heat Press, 15x15 (White)

The first one here is a true game-changer. I trust Vevor because the brand has zero tolerance for shoddy quality and performance. This Vevor Digital Heat Press in white steals the limelight because of its innovation, convenience and reasonable price. 

Thanks to its advanced dual-tube technology, its 15×15 heated platform is a pro at heating and heat distribution. Say good riddance to average-looking transfers and welcome revolutionised custom printing of comics and plenty of other projects. 

Its high-precision and easy digital controls offer meticulous control over all the critical variables to help you acquire jaw-dropping transfers every time. No more inconsistent outcomes to make you cry! 

I would pick clamshell over swing-away any day if I were to work on comic books and t-shirts. The reason is that the clamshell lid delivers a firm and steady press. Your article doesn’t move a micro-inch from its place. As a result, you get superb imprints to outshine your rivals. 

Another great function is its full-range pressure knob. You can twist it clockwise or counterclockwise to meet the force demand of your materials. It ensures that your transfer print emerges flawlessly from edge to edge.

The star of the show is its security function. Vevor has employed a fire-proof silica-gel pad with a Teflon sheet to erase all fire-related mishaps. Besides, it has a built-in mechanism that automatically shuts the unit down when it gets red-hot. 


  • Rock-solid and stable construction.
  • Unparalleled precision and ease of digital controls grant crisp transfers. 
  • Expansive heated platform with an anti-scorching structure enhances transfer quality.
  • Flame-retardant design with built-in protection against overheating promotes safety.
  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. 


  • Bulky size can be challenging to move and store.
  • Some users reported occasional fluctuations in temperature. 

Final Thought

Vevor Digital Heat Press (White) embraces top-notch quality with unparalleled precision to transform all your projects into masterpieces. It has a couple of quirks, but its overall strength, efficiency and secure operation make it an invaluable addition to your arsenal. 


2. TUSY Heat Press Machine, 15×15

TUSY Heat Press Machine, 15x15

Tusy 15×15 clamshell is one of the generic presses, but trust me when I say it’s a powerhouse in your pocket. It’s an affordable beast ready to rumble for incredible transfers on anything flat, whether t-shirts, table mats or comic books. 

Its digital panel is so easy and fuss-free to navigate that you feel like a creative wizard from the first task. You get a vast heat range of 32 – 482 ℉ with 1400W of beastly power. But that’s not the best part. It is the swiftness and efficiency of this unit, taking only a few minutes to burn up to white-hot 380°. So, change your dull garments and comics into vibrant-looking beauties pronto. 

I can assure you that your designs will not stick. Its spacious platen contains a dense Teflon coat with heat resistance to deliver professional-grade imprints. Not even sportswear or your pullover will get a misshaped print during the process. 

Its massive power and temperature limit suggest it can perform well with any project, whether it’s heat sublimation, vinyl or HTV. It will not act out and will give you crisp and vibrant results.

As for safety aspects, well, it’s your personal guardian angel. Its innate protective mechanism for overheating eliminates possibilities of mishaps, including scorched skin, damaged creations and accidental blazes. 


  • Sturdy and immortal construction. 
  • Smaller footprint. 
  • Straightforward use without a learning curve. 
  • Crisp transfer results.
  • Protection against mishaps. 


  • Some users reported inconvenience due to its short cables. 
  • Its base shakes if placed on an uneven surface. 
  • It’s not the cheapest option for on-budget users. 

Final Thought

Tusy 15×15 Clamshell is a compact powerhouse that combines precision with power without denting your pockets. Its rugged frame with efficient heating and in-built protection make transfer projects a joy for novices and seasoned users alike. 

3. PlanetFlame 15×15 Heat Press

PlanetFlame 15x15 Heat Press

At first glance, PlanetFlame 15×15 may look like a twin of the above Tusy machine. Let’s just say they are like identical twins with some minor differences. This one is 20 -30 bucks cheaper. Its wattage and temperature range are also slightly less. It can pack a punch nonetheless. So, no worries. 

True to its name, it allows you to conquer the realm of heat transfer printing and set it aflame with pristine printing results on any article you wish. Its large platen coated with Teflon ensures you don’t experience any limit to your creativity. 15×15 heated area gives you a vast plane to transfer designs on two books simultaneously. You can also exhibit your artistry on other canvases, such as coasters, sizeable tees, blankets, mouse mats and tote bags. 

With its 0-440 ℉ and 0-499 seconds temperature and time limits, respectively, you can work with various assignments, including sublimation paper, DTF and HTV, to turn your unique designs into realities. The precision of its adjustable pressure and digital settings pledge to offer exquisite results, with no pile of scorched items to discard. 

Its safety aspect stays vigilant throughout the work to keep your peace of mind intact. The built-in protection system turns the machine off automatically when it gets white hot to diminish the chances of accidents. 


  • Solid build lasts for years.
  • Crisp and vibrant transfer results.
  • Handles versatile materials with finesse. 
  • Precise digital controls and pressure regulation. 
  • Relatively cheaper to offer incredible value. 


  • Bulky frame restricts portability.
  • Opening clamshell is strenuous. 

Final Thought

If you are searching for a Hulk-like heat press at a comparatively affordable price, consider investing in PlanetFlame 15×15 Sublimation Heat Press. Its user-friendly controls, accuracy and innate protection make it the best-value heat press for comic books and many other flat objects. 


4. BetterSub Digital Heat Press 15×15, (Purple)

BetterSub Digital Heat Press 15x15, (Purple)

BetterSub Heat Press is your lucky charm, a beautiful talisman to take your DIY transfer assignments to unprecedented heights. I picked this purple machine because it adds a little colour to your crafting corner or studio.

This sleek gem delivers transfer prints as beautifully as its outlook. Similarly, you have as vast possibilities of projects as its wide heated area. With its premium Teflon-covered and heat-tolerant surfaces, your transfer design will become the epitome of finesse and precision. From your precious comics, chic t-shirts and shoulder bags to throw-pillow covers, mouse pads, plates and many other flattened items, it can change them into customised masterpieces. You will be elated to produce printing projects in bulk without having a pile of damaged goods to toss out.

What makes you love it unconditionally is its breezy use. Its glossy digital LED screen doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to punch in the desired figures for temperature and time; the given ranges are  0-440℉ and 0-499s, respectively. Afterwards, you just sit back and enjoy your coffee while this champ brings your imagination to life. Save the input to avoid spending extra time during future endeavours. 

Its pressure adjustment dial is well-greased and easily accessible, so you can effortlessly fine-tune it to achieve impeccable results on any material you choose.

Are you still pondering? Here comes safety to seal this deal. The manufacturers have incorporated special relays to ensure circuit protection. Therefore, there’s no room for short circuits or over-voltage hazards. 


  • Sturdy and resilient design.
  • Easy operation and precision with its sleek LED control board. 
  • Vast and heat-resistant platen surface guarantees superior transfer prints.
  • Advanced technology and craftsmanship for unfailing protection.
  • Smooth pressure dial ensures flawless outcomes. 
  • Cost-effective unit is ideal for high-volume production. 


  • Some users found it slightly expensive.
  • Its whistling noise is a little bothersome.

Final Thought

BetterSub is a powerhouse that makes professional-quality transfer prints a norm for DIY enthusiasts and small business owners. It may be a little expensive, but the robust structure, user-friendly operation and enhanced safety make this gem worth every buck. If you’re looking for the best value clamshell heat press for comics and garments, I recommend “BetterSub Digital Heat Press 15×15”. 


5. ePhotoInc New Digital Heat Press

ePhotoInc New Digital Heat Press isn’t just a heat transfer machine; it is a magical spell that takes your creative works to unimagined heights of success. Its super-sturdy build and broad 15×15 platen surface ensure that your artistry experiences no limits. Its aluminium platen features a superior-quality Teflon sheet to let you boast mesmerising transfer results on any canvas you throw at it. Whether they are t-shirts, bags, garments, comic books or any other flattened articles, they will bear vibrant designs. No wrinkling, misshaping or anything like that to ruin your craft.

Its pressure knob is accompanied by sleek silicon padding to ensure homogenous heating. As a result, you get permanent and seamless transfer designs on every attempt. 

Another reason responsible for such magical results is its beginner-friendly interface. You can insert your required temperature and time configurations in an instant, making it ideal even for newcomers.

You don’t have to be on your toes around it, and that’s the part many users love the most about it. Do any other task or lounge in the meantime because it will notify you with a loud beep when the transfer execution is over. 

The machine can reach a red-hot 500℉, which suggests it is compatible with various projects, including sublimation and HTV. 

In conclusion, this feature-laden gem isn’t just an investment; it’s a match made in heaven for crafters of varying skill levels. 


  • Robust and versatile machine.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Error-free digital display.
  • Homogenous heat and pressure deliver immaculate results.
  • Economical with impressive value for the money. 


  • Pressure knob may feel a little stiff at first.
  • Some users complained about a slight smell.
  • Its weighty frame is cumbersome. 

Final Thought

Despite its drawbacks, ePhotoInc 15×15 is the best heat press for comic boos and multiple other projects due to its quality transfer designs and economical price. This beast is loaded with strength, accuracy and safety to make your imaginary designs into tangible realities without any hazard. 


6. Promo Heat 15×15, PRO-3804X, Black

Promo Heat 15x15, PRO-3804X, Black

Promo Heat PRO-3804X 15×15 in black stands as a titan when it is a matter of heat transfer printing and sublimation. It’s a real powerhouse that can convert your mundane possessions into head-turning crafts. 

For a compact machine that weighs less than 35 pounds, it exudes impressive strength and potential. This black beauty heats up to the optimal limit in a flash to let you start producing crafts without delay.

For punctilious users like me, it’s a treat that its precise timer and temperature controls eliminate the guesswork out of the equation. Its heating is consistent, letting you receive quality transfers during every session, no matter what material you print designs on.

Thanks to its sturdy and unwavering clamshell structure supplemented with smooth pressure distribution, your patterns and pictures exquisitely imprint on the substrate. Goodbye, imperfect transfers!

Its 15×15 Teflon-layered platen has a generous area to house a vast variety of items, from ceramic plates and table covers to garments and shoulder bags. There’s ample room to accommodate two comic books next to each other for increased productivity in less time. 

All is not roses and sunshine, so this one also has a catch. Even though it boasts swift heating, it does have an initial warm-up duration, which may be a tiny inconvenience for impatient users. Nonetheless, it’s undoubtedly the best heat press for the money for comic books and plenty of other DIY projects. 


  • Robust and lasting craftsmanship.
  • Intuitive and accurate digital controls ensure faultless results.
  • Unwavering heat and pressure distribution eliminates imperfect transfers.
  • Generous workspace is compatible with a myriad of projects.
  • Affordable investment yields impressive profit.


  • Limited clearance between the two platens.
  • Its initial warm-up time may be inconvenient for some users. 

Final Thought

Promo Heat 15×15 PRO-3804X is a low to medium-end starter heat press machine, yet its robust build and quality results can beat some of the costlier machines. Its accurate heat and pressure mechanisms deliver professional-grade results for various heat-transfer processes, making it the best affordable heat press machine for a starter business and DIY projects. 


7. RoyalPress Industrial-Quality Heat Press

RoyalPress Industrial-Quality Heat Press

The last one is a true royalty of the heat presses like its name. RoyalPress Digital Heat Press is a dream choice for all those zealous craters and business owners looking for a powerhouse that can handle demanding workloads. Its robust construction will not bail out on you.

Its digital display itself is a master of precision. Imagine the accuracy and finesse it will bring to your craft. The digital display offers breezy navigation for temperature and timer with 0-480℉ and 0-999s, respectively. Therefore, it gives impressive results irrespective of the material you throw at it. I have transferred designs on denim, cotton and comic books, and the prints were flawless. 

Its thick-coated platen guards your precious articles from scorching and sticking. In addition, the seamless spread of heat with pressure customisation further eliminates any possibility of distortion. 

Banish all your worries and immerse fully into your creative endeavours because its built-in fuse completely removes the risk of overheating from your work life. Its competitive price enhances its value and offers a top-of-the-line unit to elevate your craft to new heights of success. 


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Compatible with a vast range of materials and projects.
  • Uncomplicated operation. 
  • Safety fuse eliminates hazards.
  • Exquisite transfers without the risk of distortion. 
  • Exceptional value for the price.


  • A weighty and bulky machine.
  • Some users complained about its stability. 

Final Thought

RoyalPress Digital Heat Press is a top-notch machine that can transform anything from t-shirts to canvas bags to comic books and blankets into stunning visions. Its heavy structure contains performance-grade features and hazard-free mechanisms to offer excellent value for the price, making it ideal for seasoned professionals and established businesses. 


Buyer’s Guide

The best heat press machine might not prove the best for you unless it has all the features and perks aligning with your needs. Besides, many users don’t know what factors are must-considering when selecting the best heat press for comic books. You will have no such confusion after reading this buyer’s guide. I have explained each and every factor that can impact your transfer printing and, thereby, must be checked before the final call. 

Which Type: Clamshell or Swing-Away?

I always, and I mean ALL THE TIME, recommend clamshell for t-shirts as well as comic books. The reason is that the clamshell structure firmly sandwiches the article between its platens to ensure faultless imprints. Also, there’s no chance of disturbing the original position of your craft when opening/closing the lid, as often happens with sliding the platen in a swing-away design. Some say that pulling the clamshell repeatedly can be exhausting, especially when you produce massive volume. I agree. However, you can rectify this by choosing a clamshell unit boasting effortless lifting with an ergonomic handle. Consider, for example, Vevor Digital Heat Press (White) and BetterSub Heat Press 15×15 (Purple).

Another reason for preferring a clamshell unit is that it doesn’t need generous space to function. You can place even a 15×15 clamshell heat press on your work table, provided it is durable and stable. 

Platen Size 

Some people use 9×12, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is small and can press only one comic book at a time. I recommend 15×15 because it is spacious enough to fit two comics side by side yet does not crowd your work area. It won’t cost more than $30 –  $40 extra but will cut your time to half and double your productivity. You will not regret these additional bucks because they will prove fruitful in the long run. 

Buy a Stainless Steel Piece

A golden tip to get top-class heat-pressing results on comic books is to purchase a stainless steel piece the same size as the platen of your heat press. It is super smooth. There’s not a single bump or rough spot on the surface. So, when you place the book on it and heat press it, the transfer print is equally faultless. 

Put the stainless steel piece on the bottom surface and place a Teflon sheet on it. Then, place your comic book on the top, and you’re all set to go. 


If you are talking about transfer printing on comic books, a temperature limit of up to 150℉ meets the demands of your comics of different eras. However, I would suggest investing in a machine offering a broad heat range, i.e. 0-400℉ or above. It will work efficiently on versatile substrates and materials, including cotton, leather and canvas. Most of your sublimation and vinyl projects give perfect results within 0-400℉. So, it’s a safe boundary for versatile projects.

Besides, the stability of the temperature is of utmost importance if you want to avoid imperfect transfer imprints. Check that your chosen machine heats up swiftly and consistently across the entire platen surface. Homogenous and consistent heating guards your transfer designs from ruining. 

Pressure Variation

Pressure also directly impacts the final look of your transfer design; therefore, you should pay attention to it. Many machines have automated pressure, making your job convenient, no doubt. However, it may not exert the accurate quantity of force needed for some materials. Therefore, I prefer a machine with 100% pressure adjustment manually. It allows you to increase or decrease pressure output according to the bulkiness of your chosen substrate. Also, confirm the pressure spreads homogeneously throughout the surface to attain perfect prints. As a result, you will see a considerable reduction in ghosted or charred transfer imprints. 

User-Friendly Operation

This factor can make your work session either hell or heaven. We all want to live in peace, don’t we? Therefore, choose a machine that boasts an intuitive and user-friendly operation. A low learning curve means you will quickly figure out how to navigate it masterfully, even if you are a novice user. 

A golden tip is to select a heat press with a digital control board. Its temperature and time parameters offer precision painlessly. Plus, the digital timer’s alarm doesn’t leave room for over-exposure. Digitalised controls are also easy to observe. Thus, you can tweak either of the two variables when needed. 

Wattage Power

The wattage power of a heat press directly impacts how swiftly it warms up and cools down and how much pressure output it can apply. I always advise customers to choose a higher-wattage heat press available within their budget. Since I prefer 15×15 size press machines for comics, their typical wattage range is 1000 — 1500 watts at 110V. 

Note that the heat press machine consumes more power as the temperature setting gets higher. Therefore, when selecting a heat press unit, confirm that its power capacity can handle the temperature limit you regularly use. For instance, both RoyalPress and Tusy Heat Press above have 1400W, while BetterSub 15×15 features 1300W. 


Q. What type of press do you need for heat-pressing comic books?

Comic books have flexible paper prone to wrinkling or creasing due to shipment or frequent handling. It can ruin the entire look of your treasured possessions, but the good news is that you can heat-press them to give them a new and vibrant look. They can be heat-pressed with a regular t-shirt press machine, a book press or any other flat and heavy object. All of these can iron out bumps and creases on your comic’s cover to make it look as good as new. 

Q. What temperature is ideal for pressing comic books?

170℉ is a practical heat level for heat printing on comics from the 1990s to 2000s. For modern comics, those having magazine-type paper, 130°-135° is sufficient. Make sure your time doesn’t exceed 20-30 seconds. Anything longer than that will either stick pages or pull the ink on the pages. Note that if you have picked modern Marvel comics of 2012 and later, be extra cautious because of the tiny square stickers near the end of each page. 

Also, use inkjet paper for pressing comics. Always. 

Q. What paper should I use for comic pressing?

You need extra caution when pressing comic books. A high-quality, long-lasting and acid-free is best for heat-pressing comics. The archival quality of the parchment ensures the prevention of acidic or other harmful substances that could cause long-term damage to your precious comics. Keep a parchment above the comic book to avoid sticking. 

A couple of papers best for pressing comic books are:

    1. Blotter paper: Many professionals use this highly absorbent paper to safeguard their comics from chemical reactions.
  • Newsprint paper: You can also use newsprint paper coupled with blotter paper to absorb extra moisture for best results.
  • Teflon sheets: You can use a Teflon sheet as a protective layer between your comic and the heated substance while heat-pressing to prevent any possible damage. 

Q. Can heat damage comic books?

Yes, heat can harm comics. Comic books are composed of paper, and exposure to excessive heat can cause discolouration, warping of paper, brittleness or ink instability. If you want to preserve the tip-top condition of your comics, store them in a clean and controlled environment with stable temperature and humidity. For instance, 68℉ or lower and 30-40% RH are ideal conditions. Don’t expose them to heat, sunlight or fluctuating environmental conditions. 


Comic books are a dear treasure for all the fans. It’s hard to see them getting distorted with time. However, the best heat press for comic books can protect your precious collection with its stable structure, precision and efficiency. The list above offers you the top 7 options of heat press machines for preserving your treasure. Plus, now that you have also consulted the buying guide and FAQs, you know which model can treat your precious comics well. Your darling comics are waiting to look brand new, so order your heat press immediately!