Best Heat Press for Tumblers

Making personalised gifts is a boundless realm, which means t-shirts, bags, badges, etc show you just the fringes of this endless creative world. Tumblers can make for impressive canvas to exhibit your artful prowess. So, if you own the best heat press for tumblers, you can plant beautiful graphics, phrases and emblems on their cylindrical surfaces for customised presents. 

When I say the best heat press for tumblers, I mean the well-built ones with roomy heat plates, efficient and accurate heating and easy use. And, of course, competitive prices with excellent value for the money. I will show you which heat presses contain all these traits to demonstrate superb results when supplementing on tumblers in the reviews below. 

Best Heat Press for Tumblers

To ensure you don’t get carried away by the overwhelming options available online and on the market, I have formulated a buying guide encompassing all the key factors necessary for picking out the ideal model for your needs. I have also responded to some questions people frequently bombard my inbox with. You can read them for further clarity. 

Now, let’s find you the exemplary match for your customisation dreams. 

1. Tumbler Heat Press by Aiment

Tumbler Heat Press by Aiment

If I were to demonstrate this heat press in one sentence, I would say: It is your creative cup of tea. This tumbler heat press is an all-in-one gem, i.e. efficient, safe and versatile. Say goodbye to plain and boring drinkware and express your creative genius on personalised tumblers and cups. 

Traditional ovens are old school. This little beauty contains a detachable heating accessory that can house tumblers and cups of various diameters. For instance, 11-30oz tumblers, 16-30oz glasses, 11-16oz can coolers, cups and water bottlers are all fair game for it. 

It is time to bid farewell to one more thing too. Hmm, what’s that? Adieu tedious tumbler transfers! It offers supersonic and super-beautiful sublimation transfers on your drinking utensils. 

There is no room for assumptions here. Its precise temperature, timer – ranging from 0 to 482℉ and 0 to 999s, respectively – and consistent heating ensure you receive breathtaking results. You can activate its automatic timer to avoid overexposure. 

Aiment doesn’t take any chance with your comfort and safety. Its crystal-clear LCD with breezy adjustments and an ergonomic handle make the entire process a walk in the park. Also, there’s a built-in fuse to avoid hazards and keep your peace of mind intact. 

Yes, it isn’t the cheapest choice. But, trust me, the quality and versatility make up for every penny. 


  • Sleek and sturdy.
  • An all-in-one machine for various drinkware.
  • Super fast and precise sublimation transfer.
  • Precise controls and automation promote quality results.
  • Breezy and safe use.


  • A little learning curve for novice users.
  • Costlier. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a way to make your tumblers stand out, my recommendation is this Tumbler Heat Press by Aiment. While it’s a bit costlier, its superior build, versatility and transfer results compensate for the investment. 


2. Realkant Tumbler Heat Press

Realkant Tumbler Heat Press

Let’s get down to humbler equipment for creating head-turning tumblers and glass jars. Before you jump to a wrong conclusion, let me make it clear that I mean affordability by humbler. 

It comes in several colours, but I picked the green one because it is more inclined towards wallet-friendliness. My wife and I gifted it to my sister-in-law on her birthday last spring. It’s been over a year that she is creating perfect-looking custom tumblers. One thing she likes the most about this gem is that it can keep up with her buzzing creative energy. 

It can transform even your skinniest steel tumbler of 20oz or 30oz into a dreamy artwork. You will witness the same stunning results on ceramic mugs of 11-30oz and glass jars. It prints anything from an image to a logo, artistic design and a catchy phrase. 

It is easy enough that both beginners and professionals can have a fun time using it. No more tiring guesswork! Its intelligent timer and innate temperature correction keep the settings to a tee to deliver remarkable sublimation results. 

With its space-saving design and anti-searing handle, it seamlessly sits on your crafting table and protects your hands during work. 

This little guy includes multiple accessories in the package, including 20 blank papers and heat-resistant gloves, to increase the overall value.


  • Space-saving sturdy design.
  • Cost-effective with incredible value.
  • Ideal transfer results on skinny tumblers and various ceramic mugs and glass jars.
  • Efficient and precise controls eliminate guesswork.
  • Beginner-friendly and secure use.


  • Some users complained about temperature fluctuation sometimes.
  • Unclear instructions. 

Bottom Line

Realkant Tumbler Heat Press is the best affordable sublimation machine for those enthusiast crafters who want to show off mesmerising designs. This compact, sturdy and user-friendly gem is the best affordable and reliable option for personalised crafting. 


3. Easydiy Portable Tumbler Heat Press

Easydiy Portable Tumbler Heat Press

This next one in enchanting pink is your budget-friendly ticket to crafting freedom. It will make a perfect gift for your DIY-fanatic daughter, sister or niece. Although it’s a 30-ounce tumbler machine, it is comparatively lighter and smaller than rival models. Its compact structure makes it a perfect partner for crafters on the go. It is small enough to fit in your shoulder bag.

Moreover, it is made of a collision-resistant metal to ensure you receive a durable, high-strength and safe tool at an inexpensive price. 

It is about time you said good riddance to complexity. This little beauty employs simple controls and a digital display to make its use a breeze, even for newcomers. You can set the desired time and temperature parameters in a blink. Their precision and accuracy will ensure the design adheres to your stainless steel tumbler, ceramic mug or cup with remarkable perfection. This tiny baby can reach a scalding 400℉ (200℃) to give you a powerhouse suitable for all your sublimation transfer needs. 

Easy DIY delivers on its promise of making your DIY sublimation jobs more effortless and more delightful with this one. It does emit a slight smell, but that wears off with time in a well-ventilated space. In a nutshell, add a little pop of pink to your crafting world with this beauty. 


  • Durable and portable.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Effortless use, transport and storage.
  • High-quality sublimation results on different tumblers and mugs. 
  • 1-year warranty with incredible customer service.


  • Not suitable for a closed space with poor ventilation.
  • The knobs are prone to breakage. 
  • Not ideal for professional use.

Bottom Line

If you want a durable, portable and uncomplicated machine to make your DIY sublimation tasks a sheer delight, nothing is more worthy than the Easydiy Tumbler Heat Press in pink. It has a few minor flaws, but they can be managed to make it the best affordable tumbler and mug press for DIY use. 


4. HITPREX Tumbler Heat Press, Manual

HITPREX Tumbler Heat Press, Manual

Here is another gem that can elevate your sublimation tumbler and mug game. Hitprex Tumbler Heat Press in glowing orange is the one I have used the most for decorating drinkware. I lent it to my friend, and he also fell in love with its results.

So, if you are zealous about personalisation crafts, this bright-coloured baby is ready to become your new best buddy.

It’s a compact and portable gem that allows you to craft anywhere your creative soul desires. So, there’s no need to fuss over clearing plenty of space in your crafting corner. Although its construction is narrow, its application is wide. From 12oz-30oz straight tumblers, glasses and water bottles to 11-16oz coffee mugs, cups and can coolers, it prints crisp and vibrant designs on any product. It wraps the print all around your cylindrical utensil to decorate every inch with flawless patterns in one go. Its heating is 20% faster than competing models, ensuring you don’t have to wait long to get your sublimation crafts.

I hate when I have to enter time and temperature settings again and again. It distracts you from the actual task. The reason why it’s my favourite equipment is because of its memory. It saves the settings. So, whenever you restart the unit, just press the sideways triangle symbol present at the control panel. The machine will automatically turn off after 2 minutes of inactivity to prevent hazards and extend its lifespan. 


  • Compact machine.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of cylindrical items.
  • Easy and hazard-free use.
  • Efficient and consistent performance.
  • Affordable. 


  • Limited opening makes loading/unloading of objects awkward.
  • Some users had trouble using it with an 11oz tumbler.
  • Beginners may require some practice to master its programming.

Bottom Line

Hitprex Tumbler Heat Press features a petite and sturdy structure with super-easy use and fast results, making it the best portable tumbler heat press for home use and business. Its versatile application and economical price make it a great value option for crafting enthusiasts. 


5. PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Heat Press

PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Heat Press

Do you want to give your tumblers and drinkware a minty-fresh makeover? Then don’t wait any further. PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Heat Press in an attractive mint green appearance is here to make your dream tumbler designs come true. 

Despite its premium price, I love this minty little guy. The reasons are its sleek construction, performance and utility. It’s a 2-in-1 unit with a separate attachment, which means its platens are interchangeable to suit your needs. 

The machine comes installed with a 20-ounce heater, but you can easily switch it with the 30-ounce attachment heater in a blink to meet your needs. As a result, it can tackle a wide variety of skinny tumblers, mugs, kids’ water bottles and glass cans. Cherry on the top is that it is compatible with 11 heaters of varying diameters. You can purchase additional attachments to create unlimited sublimation tumblers, mugs and jars. 

Its effortless operation makes crafting a peace of cake. The sleek LCD panel is at the front with intuitive buttons, allowing you to enter precise time and temperature variables for flawless designs. 

I really admire its robust but compact structure with a silicon handle. You can easily lift and relocate it. Besides, it doesn’t have a protruding gauge on the side to occupy extra counter space. 


  • Stylish and sturdy.
  • Compact and space-efficient.
  • Compatible with an array of sublimation blanks and crafting projects.
  • Straightforward LCD control panel. 


  • It isn’t the most inexpensive option.
  • Some users reported occasional uneven heat distribution. 

Bottom Line

PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Heat Press is a game-changer for those running a sublimation tumblers and cups business. I recommend it to anyone who wants to create bulks of flawless products in less time. 


6. Vevor Tumbler Heat Press

Vevor Tumbler Heat Press

Alright, fellas. This is the second last gem on the list from a brand reputed for its reliability. You cannot go wrong with VEVOR. It is the same with this tumbler heat press. Vevor Tumbler Heat Press stands out because of its incredible features and results at a budget-friendly price. The unit can become an ideal companion for beginners and hobbyists who want to etch attractive designs on ordinary tumblers. 

It’s a well-built unit that can endure your creative energy on tumblers and different drinkware without losing its shape and efficiency. The company has upgraded this handy tool to ensure it delivers professional-looking results on the newest sublimation transfer patterns. 

One thing that I love the most about this little chap is its ingenuity and flexibility. You can command it to plaster images of friends and family and attractive designs on tumblers and mugs of different sizes, from 11oz to 30oz range. It comes with interchangeable attachments and other essential supplies to ensure you can conveniently work on different types of tumblers. 

Your crafts will be nothing less than perfection, thanks to its new knob control. It’s a one-piece knob-style LCD dial that lets you set precise temperature and time on right and left rotation, respectively. 

Another great thing that I admire is its silica-gel heating liner. It eliminates all the troubling variables from your crafting equation, including slow and uneven heating and unpleasant smell. Also, there’s a double-control circuit and an auto-shutdown feature to reduce temperature fluctuation and overheating. In short, it’s an inexpensive ticket to achieve impressively-designed tumblers. 


  • Sturdy and powerful.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Innovative control dial promotes accuracy and ease.
  • Impressive versatility.
  • Built-in safety functions reduce unpleasant accidents. 


  • Poor instructions.
  • Control knob is a bit tricky for newcomers at first. 

Bottom Line

If you want quality, versatility and utility without the bane of hefty price, get your hands on VEVOR Tumbler Heat Press. It’s a powerful machine loaded with precise controls, broader capacity and built-in safeguards to ensure high-quality sublimation designs on different tumblers and mugs without a hitch. 


7. HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press

HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press

It is the last gem on my list and nothing short of the best. HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press in sleek and stylish white is elegance personified! Yes, it’s costlier than many bargained models, but its structure and stunning transfer results make it worth the investment. 

It’s not just a sublimation heat press for tumblers; it’s ease, ease and some more ease. No more manual and repetitive labour! Simply enter heat and time variables with pinpoint accuracy and sit back. The unit will automatically apply a precise force according to your tumbler’s diameter, producing immaculate sublimation tumblers without exception. 

Your safety and satisfaction are its top priorities. It halts after staying idle for 15 minutes to preserve energy. Besides, there’s an emergency stop button for extra safety. Simply press “R”, and the machine will stop and let out your heat pad instantly to prevent burning. Trust me, I would pay a couple of bucks more to get this much protection and peace of mind.

The machine is made of a top-class heat-resistant material to prevent design mishaps or machine deformation due to searing temperatures.

The final thing that the buzzing creative in me loves the most is its versatility. Its wide heating plate is a game-changer because it can elevate your crafting sport to unprecedented heights. Its capacity ranges from 10 – 30 oz to hold a diverse range of tumblers, cups, water bottles and glassware. 


  • Premium and stylish construction.
  • Automated functions enhance efficiency and precision.
  • Large heat plate fits an array of tumblers, glassware and mugs.
  • Loaded with safety features to improve the security of both the user and the machine. 
  • Digital controls are error-free and easy.


  • High-priced.
  • Some users found it a little noisy.

Bottom Line

HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press is a high-priced and jam-packed unit, which makes it ideal for dedicated crafters and professional businesses. Its durable construction, accuracy, extra safety and versatility promise professional-grade tumblers and other cylindrical objects without hassle.  


The Ultimate Help—Buying Guide to Help You Track the Best Heat Press for Tumblers

Choosing a perfect tumbler heat press can be as challenging as locating a needle in a haystack if you don’t know what critical factors to check. Don’t worry, this buying guide is your saviour and will make the task easier.

Following are some of the most critical factors you should never miss when choosing a tumbler heat press:

Tumbler Size

The first and foremost thing to consider is checking the size of the tumbler to ensure its compatibility. Tumblers are available in various sizes, such as 20oz and 30oz. Take an inventory of your tumbler stock first when selecting a heat press for tumblers. Then, check the heating platen’s size of the machine to see whether it can accommodate the range of tumbler sizes you wish to press. 

My sincere advice is to invest in a versatile machine like the PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press or Easydiy Portable Tumbler Heat Press to handle a medley of tumblers and mugs. 

Temperature & Pressure Controls

Error-free temperature and pressure management are critical for achieving premium quality sublimation results. Search for a tumbler heat press that permits you to enter and maintain the required degree of temperature and pressure. Heat presses mostly have digital temperature controls and adjustable pressure features. These are preferable because of their accuracy and reliability. 

Timer Setting

Time is another essential variable for achieving professional results. You must press the tumbler for the accurate time duration to avoid overheating or underheating. Choose a model with a timer function. It will expose your product to the heat-pressing process for the exact period and shut the unit down after the transfer process finishes. This will ensure flawless transfer of images on your tumblers. Assure to invest in a heat press whose timer function is easy to manage and error-free. 

An additional perk of an audible alarm also helps in preventing overexposure. So, choose a unit with all these time functions. 

Heating Element

You mustn’t ignore the type and standard of the heating element because both are crucial for faultless sublimation transfer. Experts say that heating elements made of ceramics are renowned for their consistent and swift heat distribution across the entire heating surface. As a result, there are no chances of ghosting or hotspots. Therefore, your pictures and patterns stamp evenly around the tumbler surface, mug or glass jar. 

Space-Efficient Design

Many a time people overlook this feature and then face trouble while accommodating the machine on their work counter. Look for a well-built but compact tumbler heat press machine like Realkant Tumbler Heat Press and Hitprex Tumbler Press (manual). Such space-efficient models don’t overcrowd your workspace to keep things neat. They are also easy to store or relocate. 

Right Power Supply

Sublimation heat press machines require heavy wattage to function accurately and efficiently. This means there is a considerable risk of electrical disasters if you are not careful. To avoid dangers like an electric short circuit or fire, check that the power circuit you use has enough power capacity to run your tumbler or mug press smoothly. Overloading the power system can lead to dangerous electrical issues, so select a power circuit that can supply higher wattage than your tumbler press needs. 

For instance, if your heat press for the tumbler requires 500W like the 1st we reviewed above by Aiment, then you cannot plug it into the power circuit where you plug your washer or other lighter equipment. Household circuits mostly have 15 – 20 amps electric current capacity, which means 1800W – 2400W at standard 120-volt.  

Painless to Use

It is tempting to be swayed by the number of nifty features at the expense of user-friendliness. A lengthy learning curve makes the task tedious and decreases the production and quality of outcomes. Search for a heat press for tumblers with uncomplex and easy-to-navigate controls. For instance, a user-friendly digital display, pressure adjustment and a comfortable handle are some features that can make sublimation transfer effortless and efficient. 

Protection Function

Your and your machine’s welfare are of paramount importance. Heat press involves working with scalding temperatures, having the risk of blistering your skin or charring your material. Therefore, I encourage customers to prefer protection traits like automatic shutdown, built-in overheat protection, safety fuse and insulated handles to ward off mishaps and injuries. In case you didn’t know, these features also help prolong your machine’s lifespan. 


If you wish to work with different objects besides tumblers, such as ceramic mugs, coffee cups, glass cans and water bottles, look for a heat press with additional heating elements. These are easily switchable attachments and enable you to create designs on a medley of cylindrical objects. For instance, the Tumbler Heat Press by Aiment and PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press Machine can sublimate on tubular items of various diameters. 

Price Point

I have reviewed mixed products above, cheaper to more reasonably priced to more expensive, ensuring there’s a machine for everyone. You should set a budget limit based on your specific needs and expectations. Although it’s a no-brainer to purchase a premium quality tumbler press, you should not go overboard. A costlier high-end model may offer additional perks and durability, but it may be too complicated and beyond your needs and skill level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time and temperature is the best for a tumbler press?

The ideal time and temperature for a tumbler heat press varies according to the type of tumbler and material you are treating. However, a general rule of thumb says the following:

  1. Stainless Steel Tumblers: Use 350℉ – 380℉ and 60s – 90s parameters.
  2. Polyester: 400℉ – 410℉ and 35s – 60s is ideal.
  3. Vapor Apparel: 380℉ – 390℉ at 45s – 55s range is best.
  4. Polyester accompanied by Foam Backing (Mousepad): Use 400℉ at 45s.

However, I always advise customers to follow the specific instructions given by the manufacturer for certain materials to achieve the best results. 

Q. Which is the best tumbler press for sublimation?

The best tumbler press for sublimation typically is the one that suits your requirements and budget limits. However, the following three recommendations are the best overall  based on customer reviews and ratings:

  1. Realkant Tumbler Heat Press
  2. PYD Life 2-in-2 Tumbler Heat Press
  3. HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press

Q. Which one is better, a tumbler press or a convection oven?

A tumbler press and a convection oven both offer excellent results, but the choice between the two often depends on a person’s preference and convenience. Selecting the best option for your task relies on the type of supplies and equipment available, your investment range and the number of tumblers you want to create. However, a general consensus of the experts says that a tumbler press is perfect for sublimating patterns precisely onto cylindrical surfaces like tumblers. On the contrary, a convection oven has more versatility and can tackle a wide range of sublimation items, making it ideal for mass production. 

Q. What supplies are essential for pressing tumblers?

If you want to sublimate designs on tumblers, you must gather the following supplies:

  1. A sublimation printer with sublimation ink.
  2. The best heat press machine for long tumblers—people also use mug presses, but they deliver limited prints.
  3. Heat-resistant tape.
  4. A pair of heat-resistant gloves.
  5. Sublimation paper.
  6. Blank sublimation tumbler, either silver or white. 


A tumbler heat press is a great piece of equipment for transforming dull and plain tumblers and other drinkware into attractive articles. The above list of recommendations reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the top 7 best heat press machines for tumblers available on the market. You can skim through the buyer’s guide to select a unit appropriate for your needs and budget. No matter which heat press you choose, I assure you that it will enable you to create beautiful tumblers and mugs with ease.