How to Heat Press on Black Shirts?

When it comes to the clothing business, the field is pretty saturated as people have different styles and different tones they love. Talking about, black is considered amongst the most followed and favorite colors and so are some others.

But, when you get in the heat pressing business, you see different complexities, and heat pressing black fabric is one on the top. Small business usually tries not to get into black shirts but it is also in high demand these days.

Considering that and all the wrong information that is being spread that you can never get the right pattern on black shirts. So, let me tell you how to heat press on black shirts without any hard and fast rule. Moreover, we will be discussing some common mistakes to avoid too. So, better let’s begin now without any discussion.

How to Heat Press on Black Shirts? – Step-by-step Guide

Heat pressing isn’t difficult and even when heat pressing on black shirts, I believe it’s just the fuss being created on the internet. So, let’s see with a step-by-step detail guide!

Things you will need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Paper
  3. Teflon sheet
  4. Heat press machine
  5. Black shirt
  6. Weeding tool
  7. Tape etc.

3 Steps Guide to Heat Press on Black Shirts

Step 1: Editing & cutting the pattern:

First and foremost, you need to edit your print the way you like, it’s all up to you. But make sure you do the fine cuttings as whatever will be on the print will stick to the shirt. So, never compromise on that!

Due to the fact that this transfer paper is really a thin membrane of film that will be placed onto your clothing, it behaves almost just like HTV (heat transfer vinyl). This means that you must clip off the white border if you don’t want it to show on your shirt.

Step 2: Adjusting the settings:

For 30 seconds, you can set the temperature to roughly 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As advised by the paper manufacturer, the pressure at this temperature will be between mild and heavy. Other than that, you can check with your heat press machine advised temperature in accordance to other settings.

Step 3: Alignment & pressing:

After the pre-press you need to begin aligning the photo on the shirt. For that the distance between the top of the image and bottom of the neckline is about 4-5 fingers in length. Meanwhile, some people also recommend it to around 3-4 inches, although I believe it’s just the personal preference.

Furthermore, doing this you will be done heat up your black t-shirts. Before moving on, I would mention that always wash your shirt before wearing but inside out and also with cold water so that the print stick tight!

Factors to Consider While Heat Pressing on Black Shirts

1. Printer type:

People think that the type of printer doesn’t matter but here I am making my first point. Now you get the importance of printer considering the purpose of your work goes alongside. All because the type of your printer and the transfer paper has an effect on each other.

2. Transfer type:

If you are planning on starting a small business, we recommend you to go for a commercial heat press machine because nothing can match the transfer of a commercial machine. Also, this one transfer high end print especially on dark shirts.

3. Sheet number:

Estimate how many sheets you’ll require after considering the work you have in mind. How many sheets—one, ten, twenty, or more; do you require? By buying the necessary number of sheets together with a few extras, you can save money.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Heat Pressing on Dark Shirts

    1. Make sure to print on the correct surface of the paper. This typical error can be easily avoided.
    2. Just take your time to arrange the paper in your printer tray properly so that the right side prints.
    3. Avoid ironing on uneven surfaces. Your fabric transfer paper must be ironed on a surface that is entirely flat; otherwise, the image won’t be suitably bonded to the fabric.
    4. Make sure the entire image is ironed. It’s typical practice to overlook minor areas of the image during ironing, especially when huge or irregular photos are involved.
    5. Don’t wash your item until the printing is completely dry. It is forbidden to wash fabric transfer paper before it has had a full 24 hours to set.
    6. Don’t be afraid to heat the iron up all the way. Before ironing the transfer, make sure your iron is set to its highest temperature and has achieved it. Also, it’s crucial to turn off the steam when using a steam iron.
    7. Avoid holding the iron steady. The issue with modern irons is that the majority of them have openings on the bottom that allow steam to travel through.
    8. Immediately after removing the backing paper, make sure to correct the image. This can be accomplished in two different methods and that depends on you which one to use.

Final words:

Heat pressing is a generalized field, where you will see people of all ages, from different genres asking for different prints. Customers who desire images of a family member or pet on a dark garment are common when it comes to heat pressing and it’s all fun.

But, now doing the black shirts will also be fun because you have got all the right information. If you have any other questions, you can comment in the given section. That being said, I will see you in another post!